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Lots of things changing ...

Lots of things changing ... My wife is recovering from long term COVID-19 and I joined a new band.
I also acquired new mastering and audio restoration software so my final product should be even better.
I have new songs and I hope to finally start tracking the demos soon ... this batch of material has taken far longer than anything I have done before. Sometimes life gets in the way .... Thats the happs! - Tom

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year,

Covid 19 hasn't gotten me and hope it doesn't gets you either.
It has, however, put a damper on the recording of the new album.
So all the new music I have written is still waiting to be recorded.
And during this time I have written a few more things but they still need to be finished.

I hope the new year is better to all of us that the last one was.

May all the all best find you and yours in the coming year.


PS I attached a video that I did as part of a Facebook Group thing - The massive Blind Jam
This is one of mine - The backing track is not me - Hope you like it!!!

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New year and things are begining to move forward

Moved into a new house ... studio is up and running ... guitars hung on the walls ... closet full of gear (guitars, amps, and effects). New songs in the works and finally some time to work on my writing ... rebuilding my chops and my voice (gonna be a long slow road but at least I can still play and sing a bit). Still going through some medical procedures but nothing major this time. The newest song that I'm working on is a bit angry than usual. I guess I headed back to rock n roll territory for the next couple. Let me know what you're thinking ... who knows what could spark to the next song. That's the happs ... Tom

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Some very old tracks ...

A long time ago in a garage far away in that garage I lived. I had a lot of time on my hands and some mediocre recording gear ... the Madman in a Monastery album ( not sure these tracks deserve that name ) were the result. I was heavily into textures and I had a synthesizer and an echoplex ... uh oh!!!
Listen at your own risk. These tracks may cause drowsiness, thoughts of suicide, or the uncontrollable urge to go bowling ... You have been warned!!!

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Triple Bypass Surgery

Yeah you heard correctly ... on 05/01/19 I had triple bypass surgery. Went in for a routine check up over a little stiffness in my chest ... no pain just periodic stiffness. They thought maybe I needed a stint (or two) but once on the catheter table they found the blood supply to left side of my heart (upper and lower) was 90% blocked. I was immediately transferred to hospital with a cardiac treatment center and the next day I was in surgery. Never had a heart attack or even any real discomfort.
When in doubt get checked out. This probably saved my life. Recovering well ... rebuilding my guitar technique as I am fully retired now so I have time to play, write, and record. Getting drum tracks from Mike (my partner in the bay area) so things are finally moving in the right direction. My wife was happy she bought me a Gordon Smith guitar (based on my preferred options.
That ought show up in a month or two so looking forward to that.

That's the happs ... Tom

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