A Resurrection of all things Rock&Roll

Well, to be honest I do not remember listening to a song like this one for a couple of decades or even more!! This song, though a bit much for my taste, is pure talent, beauty, harmony, everything is in its place and still amazes you with every beat! I know some of my friends who kill for such innovative rock style. I will definitely send them the link. Congratulations! A unique approach in rock music is just born! Two thumbs up!

Power sound! Full of energy!

In a stunning mood, Nexxt creates an special energy able to impact the molecules, energizing body and soul simultanously! Yes, I will bet: no doubt that it's a strong and very well played music. Ready to be a big success!

asleep and snoozing then this song came on my player i had not heard anything original for years

it was very distinct and wowing to the ears a great sonic sound with alll the bells and you wanna talk about tight playing ability these dudes are onto something just like 40 years ago when v halen and boston came out it was like wow i gotta have more of this crisp guitar worerk and leads were superb vocals were awsome for sure it had a bit of a haze to it but it sounded like it was meant to be and these guys will be big Lord willing they will be NEXXT

good stuff

like the song reminds me of five finger death punch a lot meeting the band that did "head strong " really great mix too rock on!!!! anyways hope and wish you the best out there its a struggle sometimes

Tight Rock Song!

Finally a well mixed and good Rock recording! I enjoyed the fact that this song is multi faceted and the stereo sound separation is great. Love the guitar work on this song and the drums and bass guitar sound killer right in the pocket. The vocals are amazingly clear and well arranged. This song is tight in all aspects, very well performed. The dynamics are excellent as they seem to happen in all the right places. Well done. Was this recorded in a music studio or home studio,just curious?


It is what it is: the highest quality and the highest possible musical performance. Absolutely great stuff, well done and immaculately manufactured within the studio framework. Everything is to its lieu, be it arrangement, vocalizing or availing musical instruments as such. Believe it or not, you rarely get to deal with such a great attitude being outcome of some immeasurable art of being a man of his craft. Definitely, NEXXT rules!

Equal balance

This song has an equal balance of melody, heaviness ,and rhythm that's undeniably good. I wish I could hear more songs like this on the radio but unfortunately radio sucks. But this song is still great and I believe this band can get a audience of followers. NEXXT has made me a fan of there music. I give this track a 5 out of five for its good straight forward song writing and I wish to hear more stuff from this band n the future.

Great faced paced rock!

Glad I opened this up. Lots of elements that resonate with everything I think rock should be. Great guitar work throughout and killer tone! Hit the highway with this one and try not to get a speeding ticket! I dare you! Thanks.

Unbridled energy and passion from the very first note. Sure hit material!

I love the syncopation in this piece and the way the music arrangement has a very direct connection with the vocals answering the emotional intention intensely and precisely. The whole song is one bundle of focused energy. The vocals are crisp, clear and perfect for this genre of music, and the short chorus lines really do add to the dynamics of this song. The lyrics like the vocals are also clear and pointed and genre perfect. The arrangement is full of excellent and very dynamic drum and guitar work. This is a great rock song with super hit potential. The “NEXXT” great chart buster!


Great song Great arrangement Awesome vocals Not my genre to sing but I love all kinds of music Keep up the great work sky’s the limit You guys ROCK HOPE THIS HELPS OUT I ALWAYS TRY HARD TO SUPPORT REAL TALENT

Taking me back!

I love this song! Finally something with adrenaline+++Putting my listening ear back to Blink182, but you definitely have your own style. This is probably going onto the playlist soon...A+ on my list.

NEXXT Review by Souldread

Nice track! You've got a bit of a rock band "Chevelle" sound going on. Which is a good thing, I like their music. After listening to "Will You Bet", it made me want to hear what the next track would sound like.

Nexxt Heavy

Sounds great a little metal a little pop nice writing keep up the good work dreams do come true work and practice the writing you will get better in time good luck The Stormy River Band

Will You Bet - Wins

My only criticism is the song ended, I found I wanted more good rockin tune, everything that makes you want to put your player on repeat ... D. Solomon Liquidmusicblogosphere Music channel

Dope sound

The music that you put out there for the world to hear is always an awesome thing to do. Keep up the good work and never stop believing in yourself. Only you can be the best that you can be with your artful skills. Peace and Blessings to you and whatcha doing.
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