my way 2009--review by Starla

first off--way cool cover--next, well arranged and well thought out song--good vocalist--recording is first class--I really zoned into this song--the lyrics however are typical he/she relationship retoric with no substance--write from the heart

My way 2009

Well, honestly I think the song has potential but needs better singing. I'd rather hear a heavier vocal on this instead of someone with a high voice trying to sing low... The only thing that is nice for me is the intro sound, maybe you should to repeat it in the song a couple of times. That would make the song a lot more interesting and more unique....

My Way 2009

It has that urban/electronic 4 bar intro and outro that I thought was inventive. Could make it heavier in feel to blend in. The other main comment I have is that the vocals need bringing through stronger. Backing vocal could hardly hear. Good rhythm section & guitars. I enjoyed the track and it grew on me with each listen!

My Way

Remember to give an electronic review to give reviewers credit for the review. Love it suckers. Nice to hear Russain Metal. I felt their needed to be a heavy break down somewhere in the middle. Good recording. I will watch for you guys.

it was nice

hey guys Great job! this song relates to people the lyrics are great and it can it has meaning and can be played in most places. the MIX is NIce!!!!! i don't even listen to much of this music but i'd put it on my ipod for when i feel in this kinda mood

Review: My Way By Next

Honest review huh lose the intro, sets up the wrong mood for the song. I have to say first of all very good guitar work. The percussion kind of reminds me in parts of of the band Asia made up of former members of Yes. Good transitions in the music. Vocals are well done. The lyrical content in this song is awfully redundant. The message obviously clear but does not take you from one point to another. Not a lot of hooks in the song to make it memorable. When I hear a song I like to walk away with something in my head that clearly defines the song. That element seems to be missing. Again on the positive side, technically the recording is extremely solid and the mix fantastic. I listened to some of your other work on your My Space and was much more impressed.
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