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Old school to the new

This song reminds me of old Iron Maiden, Accept and Ac/Dc in the vocal department but sort of has a modern pop feel in the instrumentation. The riffs are not very complicated or memorable but compliment the vocalist and song in general. Overall, this song is fairly original sounding and might lead to a cult following for the band.

United States, Massachusetts, Boston

Symphony of Steel

One could say it is generic sound, but the mixture of strings and sounds make this composition extremely lucid, satisfying both, the commercial enthusiast as well as the discriminating populist demanding originality. Great vocals and guitars with solid rhythm, drums and bass. A well thought out composition that gives you an appetite to hear more. It could be said that this band could shake loose an new metal sound that will change the direction of metal and related genres. If they manage that, watch out.

Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay

New Clue Impresses Again

Once Again New Clue takes you back to the good old days of ballads,and what metal meant to people,when metal stood for something!The guitars are very classic metal,and takes me to my younger years once again!Very solid band and great metal vox and licks!!

United States, Pennsylvania, Lewistown

Your Song "Homeless"

Let me start off by saying this song probably hits home to alot of people who can relate to a well over populated state of Homeless people. Other than that what a great story and the band is right on spot note for note and recorded pretty well at that. This song could very well be played on a rotation for radio or online music as well. Keep up the great writing skills and the music ears will have a Clue to what's New. Write On~~~

United States, Texas, San Antonio, Texas

Metal with a Message...

Today we will be taking a look at NewClue's newest offering "Homeless" I've reviewed some of NewClue's music in the past and I thought that they did a very credible job recreating that killer 80's metal feel. "Homeless" is another indicator that the band is continuing to deliver quality cuts. NewClue has decided to change up the party rock for something a little more socially conscious, which is a welcome addition. I tend to have a lot of respect for bands that incorporate socially relevant topics into their music. It shows that they are more than just a one trick pony and are prepared to talk about things that tend to go unnoticed in everyday life. Musically, the band slow it down a little on this one. I like the guitar riff, the singing as always is a mixture of Bon Scott with maybe a dash of David Lee Roth thrown in for good measure. The recording is pretty good, but I will admit, it could be a little better. It's a little grey and is missing that extra little punch to really put this track over the top. Don't get me wrong, the overall sound of the band is well represented but I feel like the overall production could have been a little brighter and a little tighter. This of course is just me being too nit-picky but with a slightly better recording this track would be devastating instead of just pretty good. NewClue has always presented the listener with great tracks and a solid sense of quality and musicianship, "Homeless" continues that tradition. Well worth a spin and I was diggin' the track all the way through. Nice work boys! Christopher Carrion XXX

Canada, Ontario, Kingston

positive messages are appealing to me

bon scott,cinderella,or motley crue ... a mix of all i think, you kept my attn for entire song, not easy on here, verse vocal sounds a lil forced to sound needlessly angry,or intense some spots but otherwise comendable effort :)... i am obviously partial to high register vocals haha... esp. now days when its "too hard" for everyone to try hard for anything... music arrangment is equally refreshing breaking from droney 3 chord repeater but still simple, and seamless blending of differnt progressions, with a touch of syncopation which i always thoroughly enjoy, all while conveying a much needed msg. with the perfectly understated yet powerfull title, thank you for giving me something to write an honest review on, id just as soon not earn if i have to lie to do it...rock on ! \m/ :) \m/

United States, Pennsylvania, Johnstown

check this out!!!!

Hallo New Clue! We are REMEDY from germany and we just listened to your song Homeless. We all like it very much and we hope that you will upload some more songs!!!! Keep on rocking!!!!Greetz from germany!!!!

Germany, rimbach

True song

I really like the song it has meaning to it it is a really nice song keep on going and I hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and a safe holiday God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where


Kinda sounds like Dio band,well the vocals sounds classic.The cover art is cool and the yellow sky is on the cover fits the sound in my way of hearing it sounds like Black Sabbath....

Canada, Ontario, Kitchener



My friends of newclue, greetings well i hear your song and let me tell, this song sounds great, really good and the rest your genre its peculiar but i dont try to say that this sound unlike sounds very good, my friend please keep the great work and continue with this great proyect and don stop to create more music for whole world, greetings and really, we need more bands like you.

Colombia, Medellin

more interesting

I listen to some other tracks like for example Rest in pain, but just like Homeless, It's kind of getting bored. The musicians are good, no doubt about that and also the singer, he has really an amazing voice, but he can do so mach more whit his voice. I imagine that he do more voice in between the lines, A sort of a swell to an other part in the lyric, not all the time, but here and there to give it more life in it. For the music it self you should put a part in to, something completely different. IF you do this you will lift the whole track up to more interesting music.

Netherlands, Breda


I love the music and the meaning of the song. But what I think is hurting the track though is some of the vocals parts. Its sounds like he is straining his vocal chords in certain sections and its making it sound a little bit off. its a good song and the group has great potiential

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

Rock ON ! Keep Creating

Rock ON ! Keep Creating Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Plato I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. Billy Joel One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley Music can change the world because it can change people. Bono

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Yeah!!! \m/

Congratulations! A very good song to listen to. The energy she spends is indescribable. All this accompanied by a Rock and a vocal climate well arranged. The guitar is a musical based on keeping all the music expression. The song is very good, as well as harmony it has its own identity, that is, is a song that does not look like any other. A very good battery and a sensational dynamics.

Brazil, Guarujá

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