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power Rock

I like the song and the vocals. The rhythm guitar in some places reminds me of some Judas Priest licks. It is a fun song reminiscent of the 80s rock I would listen to . Good Job look forward to hearing more from you.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

New Clue Rocks

Very nice the guitar work..very eerie..i hear a touch of old school Heavy Metal in there,as well as DIO,and Black Sabbath influence..Very good sound,and i love the arrangement..the end is very cool too

United States, Pennsylvania, Lewistown



My friends this song i hear many times because have great sound , you cover all the necesary to be a great metal for all, the guitars, the voice, all sound excelent, my friends please, again, keep the great work my dudes, greetings

Colombia, Medellin

Dark sounds

Reminds of Rush mixed with Mastodon. I like the use of the slow, cryptic riffing and the overall feeling is very dark. The name you guys chose for the song fits very well with the atmosphere. Keep up the dark work, good job y'all

United States, South Carolina, Beaufort

Hard Rock

New Clue sound very seventies like Led Zeppelin meets AC/DC to me. I like the dark melodies they put into their riffs and the way they walk the edge between heavy rock and actual heavy metal. The vocals are great, with a very personal touch, like Bon Scott meets Robert Plant.

Denmark, Copenhagen

Vibe for days!

I love the atmosphere of this track! It reminds me of a punkier Death Angel or something! Very cool guitar lines and unnerving vocals as well! This definitely gets your attention! Great job guys! Unique for sure! \m/\m/

United States, Missouri, Joplin


Just wanted to let you know that you guys sound great! Keep it up, wish you all much success now & in the future. Again keep the dream alive lol. Anyway I wanted to just say great job keep it up Peace

United States, California, Los Angeles

Mystic Winds

Cool song, fellows! It sounds like Black Sabbath all over again, but with a slightly new twist. You guys really do take it back to the old days how heavy metal used to be played. I never hate on the old school way of doing things, because truthfully the rock 'n' roll and heavy metal world today needs a pick me up. I gave you guys 5 stars! Keep 'em comin' with more great music material, fellows.

United States, New York, Flushing

Classic Rock Dilemma

Screaming guitar surrounds the vocal melodies in this artful classic rock piece. “Should I leave or should I stay? Asks Neil, the troubled singer. Asking the mystic winds for advice makes sense in the surroundings he finds himself within this driving band, called New Clue. This is a band that’s been through a lot. Neil’s passionate wails in the song may well be the built up tension from years of recovery from a near death disaster and the reformation of his band of many years ago called No Clue. With the newfound hope and ambition to reach their destiny, they reformed and renamed themselves, with the optimistic moniker New Clue. Holding firmly to that classic rock sound, the New Cluesters rock out with this Hamlet-esque query of Mystic Winds. If you love art rock, Album Oriented Rock or classic rock, this may well be a great addition to your library.

United States, California, Studio City

Many and nothing ...

Very nice production ... but tasteless ... very flat ... well and nice vocals but without personality ... drums and basses the same right and fine ... impeccably technical ... but under the heavy shadow of one musical motif that sadly adopts many musical groups, copying up to the slightest detail ... the guitar has something in her play that pleasantly excites me ... maybe because it reminds me of my beloved Jesus Lizard ... in this song I will put 5 stars Because he deserves it objectively ... it's a flawless musical work ... but without imagination ...


I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music I will keep in touch with you have a great week.

United States, California, Every Where


Great sound form US, every instrument seems clear and distinguishable. Great Tune on guitars in particular, maybe the lead one should worked more. Mad voice brides this kind of rock even if maybe should be more specify. Greetings from Italy!


This track from NewClue reminds me of Old School 80's metal vocals with the sound of 1990's Alice in Chains. I love the music but if it was me I would tweak the lead guitar a little bit and produce the vocals little bit differently but the song is cool and worth checking out

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

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