NewClue / Mystic Winds / Hail To The King (Henry VIII)

Heads are Rolling

Is this song politically correct? Who cares, it is good. Vocals are decimating, percussion is timely and vibrant. Guitars and bass are exacting. Not much can be said negative about this effort other then the theme, but any band that has the balls to write what they want is on the cutting edge, as in so were necks of these unfortunate lady Queens. The rolling effect hooks you in the beginning and is continuous through the whole composition. I would of loved to hear an 60's type interlude somewhere in the middle featuring female screams and perhaps a axe sound of mayhem cutting through their pretty flesh. Perhaps they are saving this for a live version???

Another great song from NEWCLUE

That's my second review about a NewClue-song, and I must say: The first song was awesome but this song is ven better. What a voice. Who the f.... is Axel Rose? Mötley Crew-revival? Who needs that? NewClue is the new reference! A great Rhythm and an earwig-melody characterize this song. Everything is mixed very vell and the production is powerful. This has profi-potential. 80's Hairspray-Metal as it finest! I hope, that I can see thes guys live one day! Keep on rockin! Good luck!


Thank you for sharing this song with me I like to try it I love the title to bang in lyrics well put together. continuing maigret music I listen to all types of music rock Christian Gospel r&b hard Rock soft rock pop Jazz just to name a few. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a blessed New year keep on going on in 2029. Chan. Thank you again for sending this track to me so I can listen to very creative I really like your music have a wonderful day God bless.

Love this song. Energy and Comedy

I'm glad I was asked to do a review New Clue because they are a really good. Most bands asking for reviews really suck but New Clue kicked my musical butt and threw a curve ball with the Bon Scott Lizzy Borden like vocals which added to the high energy impact on the listener. They sound alot like AC DC on vocals with very fast tight band a little like Road house metal gone ACDC. Hope to see a gig one day.


Congratulations! Great song with a great guitar tone! We really like your music and would like to know more. We hope you continue your work and your enthusiasm! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro (also known as Hell de Janeiro)!

It will cut your head off

If you love Classic Metal you'll love NewClue's song Hail To The King (Henry VIII). Its more less a soundtrack to his life And the morale of the story is Don't F@#$ with Henry he will cut your head off just like he done with his wives and anyone else that pissed him off during his lifetime. Its true metal to its core. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar would be proud of this piece of music

Wild review

This is very unique. Good job it's a perfect mix of melody, rock and metal. I can tell this was produced well as well and great work pulling off those rock vocals and still sounding original.

Heavy heavy

Good music...and very heavy...The sound reminds a lot of Bon Jovi..and sometime The Queen...I looking forward to hear more from this band...I love the titel too, cause my own bands title on our cd is Hell (with) the king...hahahaha

Hail To The King Henry

Great groove, and musicianship. Two different solo sections kept the song entertaining. Vocals reminded me a little of Dave Mustaine, and Smear from Destruction. Production was great as well.

Rock On

Why do I think of ACDC when I listen to your guys music. Good cruising music thats for sure. I ride my bike everywhere and it's funny cause when I listen to this it makes me want to jump curbs, ride through red lights and stick my tongue out at cars that pass me. You wouldn't imagine how many people almost always hit me on my bike. Now they'd have a good reason too haha. Keep up the good work guys.

Balls to the wall

and into the eighties we go. this instantly brought me back to my motley crue days. Solid as hell riffing with an intense straight forward train beat behind it. Classic song structures and very era defining vocals give this song a very definitve salute to the best of the best from the hair days. Fantastic. Very accomplished writing and playing with a ballsy as hell production. One not to pass.

My Review on NewClue

Definitely sounds like 80s classic metal and that is right up my alley.. Totally digg the sound guys.. I think you should definitely keep up with this sound. Lots of people i speak to want it back. Look forward to hearing more of your band..

Hail To The King by NewClue

NewClue continue to impress with their retro-metal vibe, brilliant musicianship and creativity. On Hail To The King (Henry VIII) we hear one of the most catchiest guitar riffs and bass lines that mesh seamlessly alongside some playful but skillfully delivered vocals. Add some masterful lead guitar soloing with fun lyrics and we have a formula for yet another instant classic from this Connecticut metal outfit. Solid production values and arrangements complete the overall sound of Hail To The King. Looking forward to hearing more! 4.5/5.

Hail To The King (Henry VIII)

I love this song from start to finish, great vocals and lyrics. The band & production sounds great, kicks ass. Great original sound, right down my alley.

All Hail NewClue...

Today we will be looking at NewClue's "All Hail the King (Henry VIII)" Once again NewClue come bursting out of the gate with a retro 80's metal gem. Right off the bat I a musical comparison to XYZ, especially with the opening riff. The snarling vocal performance really help elevate the mood and atmosphere of the track and, the performances by everyone in the band are standout and this is my new favorite track from this whiskey soaked, a$$kicking metal band. The recording is tight and the riffing is sick, really helps balance the retro factor with more modern influences. This is a really good track and should definitely be checked out by anyone who is into metal, well done lads, well done :) Christopher Carrion xxx
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