NewClue / Mystic Winds / Illustrious Youth

old school hardrock, very well produced

I love old school stuff, and so I love this song. It could be a production from the early 80ies. Good guitarsound and a voice, which remembers me to Gun‘s and Roses, Mötley Crue and a touch of AC DC. NewClue has a high potential to make the 80ies Hard Rock great again. More of this!

Its Metal

Illustrious Youth has it all. the catchy Simplistic heavy guitar riff with killer bass line that complements its rhythm section . the thick and deep sounding drums that sound like thunder from the heavens. Killer guitar solos that scream and vocals that demand your attention And scream for vengeance. I give this track a 5 out of 5 for its excellence in the craft for metal


Congratulations! Great song with a great guitar tone! We really like your music and would like to know more. We hope you continue your work and your enthusiasm! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro (also known as Hell de Janeiro)!

Old sound - new freshness

Like the sound, voice reminds of Ozzy, great guitar soli, straight way of playing drums, back to the 70/80s, but still very fresh, like the old-fashioned style, more of that, keep on going guys!

Illustrious Youth

New Clue have a sound that is totally new although you may think you have heard it somewhere before etc. Picturing sweat bands, cut off denim tank tops and some big hair with lots of hairspray.. This band just fits together like a jig-saw puzzle of the devil playing a game of pool with The Lord :) I am sure it won't be too long until members are treading in the same footsteps of some of the greats such as Megadeath Guns and Roses D.A.D. The Angels and Mötley. With some breaks from the lead guitarist we can only describe as contagious (better than catchy) Must take a listen / What a banging sound guys keep it up.

VERY excellent! totally awesome, really enjoyed these rockers!

I really enjoyed this! great guitar work great drumming, I dig on the vocals. it reminds me of Motley Crue or Cinderella. The songwriting is stellar. I'd mix it a little different, autopan the lead guitar so it sweeps left to right and back for a deeper stereo image. the bass could use another 6db up. the drums I'd kick up a bit, bring up the kick drum and pan the crash cymbals to hard right channel so the listener has direction. YOU MUST keep on going, do music videos, stellar music! sell merch on the web, see cafepress they cost zero to have t-shirts and more selling and you get $ from all sales. the BEST OF LUCK to the band!


Classic Nostalgic Rock At it's best these guy's sound great. Really love this song illustrious youth. Very good man definitely one to recommend. Keeps up the great work man. Hope to see them play sometime

Fun Traditional Metal

This is a refreshing song found in a metal scene that tends to be less uplifting than this tract.Kind of reminds me of Lizzy Borden back in the day.It has a good rythym section and a very epic guitar player.The blend of musicians music is a throw back to what i love about metal.Its guitar driven with short works for these guys because the guitaristnis so good.really enjoyed them and hope to see them on tour sometime.I would definately reccomend for metalheadsbaround the world

Original metal

Well first off congrats mates for a catchy, original new Metal song. Be very thankful to your bassist. (A little Bias) Great vocals love the the guitar player's right hand.Very punchy drumming which I find delightful. Overall, Great song! The Beast

New Clue

Very cool..Really reminds me alot of the older 80's Metal...I hear alot of influence in this.. Kix,Jackyl,Dirty Looks..I really enjoyed this song alot..reminded me of my younger years..very good work..


Man, this really takes me back to 1986, when the jeans were as tight as the riffs, the hair was as high as the vocals, and the songs were unadulterated rock 'n' roll! Great tune guys! Very fun vibe! This style is lacking as of late so this is refreshing! Cheers!

Your Song "Illustrious Youth"

I'm getting the vibe from early glam rock like Motly Crue verses Poison which I like and think that the early stuff is coming back. This sounds like a party band that can put on a serious show and make all the girls strip down to nothing. The vocals stand out completely with the whole band kicking in gear with perfect timed leads. Defiantly a head bangers delight and yes it was very well recorded. Hellofadeal, Write On~~~


Wow, great sound from USA, drums run too clean and brilliant. Nice tune on guitars with a great distortion for this genre. Everything in the song sounds good, clean vox reminds both Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, but still remain good! Nice work, greetings from Italy!


Bringing back the hard Rock/Heavy Rock sound. I like it! Right off the Bat it has a good solid feel, and easy to follow. Very catchy. Somewhat reminds me of KIX (Band from Baltimore) I hear all the instruments very well, so there is a good mix. The singing sounds like someone having a good time, which is a good thing. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

NewClue, No Brainer!

Thanks for asking us to review your music! NewClue's song, Illustrious Youth, has supreme drive and determination with great production! Digging the raspy vocals that brings Grim Reaper back to life, with some really great guitar melody and leads that are sure to make your head spin! The bass lines are well thought out and have a thunderous, "BOOM", going on for sure! The drums make this song pop! Not over done, but keep's everyone in line doing their thing! Really love the style this band present's, as we would love to do another review for them anytime! Well done!
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