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Listening to this I can't help but hear old Witchfinder General and Iron Maiden with a hint of Lizzy Borden thrown in. I really like the disharmonious intro/breaks and how the tempo switches suddenly. The vocals are excellent and real pop on the screams as the guitars wail. The drumming is solid. All told I really like Rags to Riches and look forward to hearing more from NewClue.

United States, Pennsylvania

NewClue-Rags To Riches tested

Tested and approved! I got a very warm sensation right away with memories of my younger days or rather nights spent in plenty at The Metroplex in Atlanta GA. This song definitely brought back visions of bands such as Vio-lence and Overkill just to name a couple. With the dirty barley past punk riffs and tones and the high pitched vocals of doom I got a clear old school thrash metal vibe that you rarely find these days. The recording quality is not the greatest but I think that gives it some of it's appeal and dimension. All in all I would say if you love the early beginnings of Thrash you will not be disappointed by Rags to Riches by NewClue.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


Really nice song with a great concept of lyrics and strong message! These guys are pretty good and the music too, it's very well played, composed and produced! Well done boys! We are really curious of how far you guys are going to go and if you are going to play at (UK) at some point give us a shout and we might play together! Check us out at facebook: October Ends. Our new EP is out on Spotify too! Peace! (Y)

United Kingdom, Newcastle Upon Tyne


Hi guys, i hear your song and let me tell that, this song its really good you have great tone and that kind of generes i like it, the guitar really exquisite, great technique and the rest its really excelent, guys keep the good work. greetings from colombia

Colombia, Medellin

Nice tune

A real nice tune that takes me back to old Black Sabbath. Nice and heavy riffs with acoustic guitars also. It makes the song complete as a metal song should sound like but it would be a little bit more deep bass in the song.I like it. :-)

Sweden, Karlstad


Definitely different guys! A solid mix between 80's metal and 90' grunge in just my opinion. Definitely will recommend for people to check you guys out! Much appreciated if you do the same for me. Honest opinions are welcome. Thanks

United States, Louisiana, NIB


80's Metal Rules. Tasteful Progressions and very melodic. Well produced recording. I enjoyed listening to this. I also liked the vocal range of the singer on this track. Good classic Metal. Rock On!

United States, California, Huntington Beach


Great sound from USA. Something reminds me "iron maiden" with a good sound, pretty good recorded. Nice tune on distortion guitars, and ambient on vocals. Interesting rythmic sessions in particular great clean drum in the mix. Good also in the acoustic guitars. Greetings from Italy !

Your Song "Rags To Riches"

Nice melodic mixture of signature progression sort of reminds me of Dokken vs Accept with the Vocals and a great blend of orchestration with the Guitar and Bass and Drums following right in the pocket with the tempo changes and with the Lead Guitar slamming right in your ears. I see you took some thought into your writing on this hit and will bring Riches to your Rags on the radio. Write On~~~

United States, Texas, San Antonio, Texas


i like the classic rock feel, the vocals are great, the drums are nice and simple and the guitars are great and go along perfectly with the bass, only thing is quality. you want to be able to hear everything thats playing with clarity!

United States, California, Beaumont


I really like everything about this song. It has everything from key change, tempo change, lightening fast leads,chord structure, soft mellow to rip your ear I need to keep going...Holy crap what a pleasant way to turn an audiences head to look directly at you in awe and amazement! And the past shall rise AGAIN! Great job!

United States, New York, Corning


Right away i love the use of a different than ' normal ' chord structure...then the vocals come and it explodes! I am instantly brought back to my earliest days listening to Sad Wings of Destiny, and Caress of Steel...i hear some King Diamond, especially his Conspiracy album...and when i say i ' hear ' it, i don't mean this is a lift of that in any way, i mean i could hear him doing something like this. The whole feel of the song is late 80s metal...early Maiden, Priest, maybe some Saxon...the arrangement is killer. I am also reminded of early Helloween...this song is the perfect reminder of why i loved 80s metal so much...on a personal note, the title is a bit misleading, i don't know if the ' new and improved ' is part of the notion of going from rags to riches, or if you're saying hey we updated this tune, etc., if it's the latter, i would change it, it makes you sound unsure of yourself. Sounds great! Keep 'em coming... Sounds awesome! Keep it coming

United States, Massachusetts, Rockland

Rags To Riches

Song is good.Sounds like metal bands from the past.Vocal is interesting and composition is good.Only problem is with the mix itself.It could have sound much better.It needs remastering and more meat.

United Kingdom, Birmingham

New clue... Heavy metal in the pure form

Lovely guitar work.. Sounds clear and defined. The voice does an interesting work but in some segments it feels week in the high pitch notes. In general is a pure heavy metal song, power and wild force tune. Congratulations

Colombia, Bogotá

Not just simple Rock

Listen to this band and you know: These guys really work on their songs. it´s influenced by 70s rock and a little bit progressive. Even the singer is typical 70s. Gentlemen, respect. This kind of music should be much more popular, than it is now. I really like it.

Germany, Cologne

Not with this one

Song starts out with a nice feel and cadence and then stumbleded into a totally different beat while trying to hold the vocal rythym and rhyme. It sounded like someone fell down the stairs. This is followrd by several more breaks and changes, in which some work and some dont. The sad part is that these guys sound really good and each part sounds great on its own. This song really needs to be straightened out arrangement wise especially in the beginning. Simplify the song with fewer changes use the kiss rule and you will have a hit

United States, Illinois, Aurora


I really like the song its way rocking good well composed and put together stay creative and keep on making great music I like to hear more of your music keep In touch hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and a great week.

United States, California, Every Where

Old School

Fun song very old school sound the Richie Blackmore kind of guitar licks, Nice bass playing going on in their the changes are nice trying to get that Dio feel I can hear that in that in the vocals take care.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

Are they new

I'm not one to bring a band down but the vocals seem pushed not believable.The off keys are poorly choosen.The one okay part is the rhythm section which was okay but not catchy.Always remember if your previous songs weren't that good you can back to write new and better songs with hooks.Try some courses with Dave Kusek he can you a lot.

United States, Texas, Arlington

everyone should check out NewClue

Right off the bat the bass and riffs in this song grabbed me..Has a very old school Metal feel to it..the vocals and music fit and go well together..I def will checkout some more stuff from this band in the future..Very cool sound,i like the heavy metal feel it has to it...singer also has great range!!!!

United States, Pennsylvania, Lewistown

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