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Peru, Lima

RippOff (New & Improved)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I get it!!! RippOff (New & Improved) reminded me of sooo many tunes I've heard in the Hard Rock Genre over the years. That's not a bad thing! Vocals re mind me of one of my favorite Rock singers, Glenn Hughes! I really liked how the mood of this tune changed with each change of the time signatures. Had it not been for those changes, I may have not listened to the entire song. It really held my interest. The Vocals are STRONG in that '80's hair band style. Also thought the guitar work was tight and competent. I really liked the portion that broke down to just the bass and drums. Being a drummer myself, a may be a bit partial to that passage but just the same, it works! All in all, this tune is a throw back to the days when hair bands ruled the air waves and all was right with the world! Keep up the good work...I look forward to hearing more from this band!

United States, North Carolina, Black Mountain


man im loving this. love the vintage sound fused with todays sound. Kind of like an 80's ballad on steroids with killer solo's, a real good rhythm and bounce to it. the transitions were spot on and the vocals were awesome. I love to see groups that hang on to the oldschool and intergrate it with the new, modern, I guess you could say. love it and looking forward to hearing more

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

A penny for your thoughts!

Wow...there is a lot going on in this song. Vocally, very impressive. Sounds like the singer for a band in the late 80s early 90s called Vicious Rumors. Very good. Instrumentally, again impressive. Great drum fills, bass lines and guitar parts. The production is a bit muddy which may help create the cluttered feel of the track for me. I kept trying to figure out where it was going and what I was hearing...verse, bridge, chorus? Not that that is a bad thing at all, I just wonder whether your audience will feel confused as well. You guys are clearly very talented. I think your challenge will be containing that and channeling it into a consumable format people will "get." As a musician, its cool to me...but for the 90%+ who don't play, it might go over their heads. Rock on track.

United States, Kansas, Pratt

Outstanding Rock Mix

I could not pinpoint the style but I could hear 4 or 5 bands from the 80's in the mix that you guys have down 'Pat'. I LIKED it when you broke up the beat and then came back in with the strong lead guitar, then a break with the Bass and Drums and more afterwards to make it a 'great' Rock & Roll 'ride'. The vocals are spot on, on this song making it 'pop'. Great work 'NewClue'! Your drummer kicks 'ass'! Good Luck in your music adventure, and you deserve my 5 rating for this 'ass kickin' song...

United States, Texas, Bonham


Hell yeah. Nice jam. Reminds of that 80's Hard Rock sound. A little like Judas Priest in the vocals, but also like Iron Maiden. The guitars and drums, bass, all in sync. nice little change in the riffs midway through. The more I hear the more I like it. The last third of the song, does the trick, makes the song really give it that Judas Priest vibe for sure. Nice Job Guys!

United States, Louisiana, Lafayette

New Clue is Ruff and Ready!

Great job boys! Love the arrangement...This is def AOR...hope you guys are old enough to remember that phrase! Love it, Loveit Love it! Hope you're getting some local air play! You should be out there supporting some major rock acts!

United States, New York, Long Island


hi guys love your music , vocals brilliant is it Neil great range , guitar ,bass and drums spot on . Hate reviewing other songwriters art ,because that's what it is ,it's their creation ,who am I to criticise someone else's creation anyway great writing guys love it .peter Brady x

England, Ormskirk Lancashire


Bonjour, je viens de découvrir par l'intermédiaire de NUMBERONEMUSIC, votre monde musical. très agréable à l'écoute. très cordialement , nous attendons la suite - bises

France, arcis sur aube

very good energy

Good song - lots of energy - very prog rock 70s style like original tunes from the seventies. Instrumentation is authentic. Nice time signature changes. Nice Sabbath flavour past halfway. I hear a lot of influence from post Ozzy Sabbath . These guys must be a blast in concert. This is indeed a rippoff and a good one. Its original though but stylistically old school, but I mean that in a good way

old school energy

this track sounds like the bastard brother of Dio.....the musicians definitely have talent... extra marks for the old school wailing singer as well as the drummer...he plays with the required energy and precision to keep the song together ....there is a certain clumsiness in the segue between the first vocal section and the guitar solo which damages the well worked structure of the rest of the track...this must be fixed for this song to be serious metal .....while this is not my favourite genre I can still guarantee that I would rather pay to see this band live than go to a slipknot gig......all in all.....a metal diamond in the rough

United Kingdom, Glasgow

Interesting track

This is a cool track like, like an updated version of AC/DC. I'm sure you guys know that. I liked how you sped the song up at times and made the drumming a little more interesting than AC/DC. Keep up the good work. You bring a new outlook to an old genre, blending metal and classic rock in the best way possible. Very cool drums and guitar soloing, I enjoyed this.

United States, Florida, Melbourne

old school

Nice...liked the high pitch vocals and the movement of the music. harkens back to the 80's. Trying to figure out what it reminds me off. something like the band Trouble i think or Alice in Hell by Annihilator.

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Good Enough

Hi! This song is good enough to be recorded with better quality. The quality is not bad but to me it sounds like it could be better. About the track! This is amazing stuff! I don't remember if I had heard of you, but you are awesome! The compilation of styles especially! I think it's more progressive rock than anything else. The vocal is so great! Don't loose him :) The arrangement is the thing i like the most! I give you 5.0 rate, can not give less, it's just stronger then me! :) Keep rockin' and good luck, Donnie Donkov

Bulgaria, Sofia

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