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Great music! I really liked the ambience and the guitar tones! I hope you keep up the good work and wish you all the luck in the world! Looking forward to listening to other songs! Congratulations!

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro


This is absolutely halloween party music material. The drums sound like someone falling down the stairs sometimes, but that is exaclty what I would be doing out of fear in that creepy house, so it is totally appropriate. Only halfway through I'm still trying to find my way out, so a little bit of a constant groove is missing, but that's still OK because by then I've been strapped to the table awaiting any number of continuous torture... Egads! A great experience in th edarkes of dungeons, I'm so sure. Turn it up!

United States, Texas, Houston

Vampire blood

Noise...and anger, theatric, first issue is the production, although the ideas are nice (bass effect). The voice afterwards shows potential, various registers. A stumbling groove, but the drum sound suffers. Noisy entry of the guitar, the bass and its characteristic effect dominates, nicely arranged, voice arrangement reminds of Mercyful Fate, a real story. A change of groove could help, but it stays noisy and stumbling, well, a matter of taste and style. The voice is still convincing, dramatic potential. And so it goes on. Very active drums, suffering from the production, the fade out seems to come too early. The sound, that is the main issue: an arrangement that elaborated with so many elements, ambiental elements (keyboards ?? and guitars) need a clearer mix, the drums need more punch. The arrangement is built upon the voice in dialogue with the significant bass pattern with varying ambient elements. There is a dark and frightening effect, the main riff is worked out and sticks to the ear. a contrasting part could have made sense, mainly for dynamic reasons, but that is also a matter of taste. My main issue is the mix, it should go hand in hand with the arrangement so that everything sounds less chaotic - don't get me wrong, a certain amount of chaos could be an element of the style, but it should be used with a clearer plan. Uuuh, difficult to explain, but I hope you understand a bit what I mean and that this is helpful for you to improve your style. Keep on working, greetings.


Good Metal style but the vocals give this a sound of its own. Very good and raw sound recording as well, fitting for the vibe of this song. Needs a strong lead to set it off. Very good overall song!

United States, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg


Rock vampiresco che ci spaventa un po Ma ha il suo senso nel titolo che parla del cibo dei vampiri cioè il sangue e deve avere questo tono musicale mi immagino le parole come saranno le urla sono veramente terribili e uno potrebbe sentirsi perfino male con questo genere ma di sicuro a qualcuno piacerà e lo ascoltera' io non sono di cero uno di questi perché mi piace la melodia comunque grazie per la rewiew ciao a tutti

Italy, dalmine bg

Interesting Song

Hi there hope is all good there, just listen to your song and I must say It"s an interesting style but... it was nice if the mix sound was better than that with more presence of the bass and drums. Keep up the good work and Stay Metal !!!

Romania, Bucharest


This morning is sleeping in but now I’m jamming to this wow. Believe me this is true metal music and has a wonderful sounds I’ll be sharing this with most of my friends. Thanks for such a great song

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Interesting, but...

Of course this is just one mans opinion. I listened to this track a couple of times and I feel that this track is more in the category of the "spoken word," with the band improvising in the background. To me, the song lacks structure and is a bit on the messy side. I think it has a cool vibe and I think I get what you were going for but it needs a lot of work. The vocals are good at times and not so good at times. The phrasing is not smooth. The production also needs some work. Sorry guys.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

Vampire Blood - NewClue

A very atmospheric, dark, twisted song. The singer reminds me of King Diamond, I don't like him that much, but yes, he reminds me a lot. An interesting solution in the composition is the bass line with the flanger. I think this composition was very well thought out, not a single note is random. Each instrument works great, a guitar solo in the background, extensive drum parts. Yes, drums are the strongest point in Vampire Blood. And the lyrics - deep, dark and terrifying in meaning. Greetings, Maciej ATRAPA

Poland, Poznan

Vamoire blood

I wish i can get a better recording.............. ....... i think the song has potential the vocals are yoo loud the m4ixong needs to be better ....................i we'd oul like to hear more from this artist ..................... ill give this a four 4. Star because of its potential......................i would like to thank the band ch or let me evaliate this song ......................thank you agzin thus is steve from voodoo dancer and th azad nk you ag as in..................................

United States, New York, Middle village

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