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Rest in pain

This is a great song, like the beats and the vocals. I like the tempo that's was powerful. I wish they make more songs like that. All the musician are pro. You can feel in the execution. That motivated to write my on song

United States, California, Burlingame

Great Heavy Metal song

Great heavy metal song, I like the changes throughout the song, the guitars are good, excellent tone reminds me of King Crimson in parts, could do with a guitar solo though, the vocals are very well sung with a scary edge which suits the song, the mix was great nice and powerful, well done and good luck.

United Kingdom, Limboland

ironmaiden voice

Great vocals, quite heavy metal piece of work. But it is not as fast paced and sounds more solid because of the slow paced real hard hit drums. excellent music for headbangers and for some special time when you feel like aggressive driver and just flooring the pedal to the metal. cheers guys keep up the good work.

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

WOW! Blast from the Past.

The sound of this song reminds me of Dio. Also, a early 1970's or mid 1970's Rock Band. I mean this all in a good way. Kinda cool to hear this type sound again. The Singer is Rocking his Ass off. I like the Bass, Drums, and Guitar. This song is a headbanger for sure. Love it. Keep Rocking. Towards the end sounds fairly complex...Good. Sincerely Edward Westbrook

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

Wicked Bad Ass Band

For starters these guys would be the ULTIMATE Halloween show. Wicked, powerful vocals infused with a truly impressive band ! The vocal range and raw power this guy has is extraordinary, this is a must see band!!! I will be adding New clue to my playlist. Will A

United States, Oregon, Portland

And Now For Something Completely Different

I found "Rest In PAIN" to be a very interesting track from NewClue. Immediately, the lead vocalist reminds me a bit of Dio but in a far more theatrical way. The music is intriguing and in many respects is a metal version of the type of material that Meatloaf performed... but much heavier. I enjoyed listening to this track a few times. It has many excellent qualities that are not found in most new music today, and displayed a lever of creativity that's hard to compete with. Rest In PAIN is an excellent track for those looking for something a bit different.

United States, Arizona, Sun City

Attitude Plus

Bringing a Black Sabbath style riff with Iron Maiden inspired vocals NewClue reunites listeners with an awesome era of rock/metal music. This song hits hard and also adds a very progressive writing skill set with many distinct changes. Rest In Pain shows the new school rock/metal song writers where the music originated and how the old school created a path for aggressive guitar, vocals and a powerful punch from the bass & drums. A must listen on N1M !!!

United States, Colorado, Denver

A powerful song

A powerful song and an amazing arrangement make the differential NewClue band, the vocals at times reminiscent of Rob Halford in the golden phase of Judas Priest. The rhythmic cadence sometimes runs away from the conventional, which makes the music more interesting and shows that the band is full of technical musicians, there is a particular section where there is a stoner rock texture, highly recommended for good rock fans. Good luck and success to the band !!!!!!!

Brazil, Mandirituba

Your Song "Rest in PAIN"

Nice work and great recording sort of reminds me of a cross between accept vs overkill on the vocals showing a range of technique and the Band is just killing this tune with the drums rolls inflicting Pain and strings searing some heavy riff-age power of the night Rock and Roll. . In Layman's Terms you Guy's Grand Slammed and knocked this one out from dust into oblivion meltdown. Write On~~~

United States, Texas, San Antonio, Texas

NewClue Review by "LadySondra"

Another great song by NewClue- "Rest in Pain" Is this the year "2016" or is it 1980 something. This band has brought back that classic 80's metal sound in this song and many of their other songs. Not too many bands of today are doing that.. It is actually refreshing to be taken back to that era through NewClue. Take a listen give your review on this band.. I think anyone that does review will definitely have to agree!!! Thanks for reading my review. Look forward to hearing more of this band.

United States, Connecticut, Naugatuck

Unique and creative

Rest in Pain clearly creates the right mood with an outstanding vocal expression and crazy drums, thumbing guitars and bass. The song structure pulls me right into a rock opera setting and I can see basically see the band acting out the song while listening, pretty cool. The speed changes and underpins the whole show. Excellent use of effects on back vocals. Al in all very unique and creative. Thanks for making me aware of this song, and once again love the vocals.

New Zealand, Hamilton

Old School Metal

Holy shit guys. This track sounds like old school Metal Church from The Dark cd. Singer has a great range. Band has a bit of progressive style to them. I really dig this . Would live to hear more.

United States, New Jersey, Garfield

The sounds of Rock Star live!

New Clue brings us Rest in Pain. From the first measure I was immediately reminded of the band Steel Dragon from the movie Rock Star in all its classic Heavy Metal glory! The sound is amazing and the textural application from a recording standpoint is quite impressive. The engineering is top notch. The song itself is a journey in and out of many different voices of metal. The harmonies bring out that extra theatrical influence and that level of drama needed for a classic Heavy Metal song. Well done!

United States, Texas, Houston

Sounds like the real deal

You guys sound as good as any thing out there. the lead vocalist sounds great and very believable. The bass and the drummer work in well together. The lead guitarist is spot on. I am sure all the metal heads will love this one. i like the vocal harmony that creeps in now and then. Keep blasting away and keep up the good work.

Australia, lockhart

Rest In Pain

I knew as soon as this song started I was going to like it. I was right. It is a pleasure to write reviews for songs and bands that I actually like. These guys are awesome. The vocalist has an amazing range and tons of power. The guitar tone and technique is great. I would love to see this band live. I highly recommend NewClue for your metal listening pleasure. I'm off to hear some more!

United States, Missouri, Poplar Bluff

Rest in Pain review!

Thank you! Insane song in good meaning, just perfect for hard rock genre. Rockers will definitely love it. Singer is awesome, liked his manner and power. I think the song is rather catchy and has a good rockish drive!

Canada, Ontario


Wow! I LOVE ALL THE ELEMENTS IN THIS SONG ! I am a BIGTIME Metal Fan as well as a Musical Colleague ! I would love to hear YOU LIVE IN TEXAS! You WOUKD BE WORSHIPED HERE ! it's THE MODERN AND METAL VERSION OF. "FOUST "!!! Love the Darkness and 5 octaves the Singer has ! FRIGGIN ' KILKER !!! Monica Solis - DSR

United States, Texas, San Antonio

Rest In Pain review.

not too bad of a song. kinda of like a mash of different heavy metal styles blending into this song. vocals sounded at times like Iron maiden, and at times like sammy hager, then like a little cooper madness to it. all in all, nicely done. leads could have been a touch louder with a few more riffs, but, truth be told, liked the song very much. thanks for giving me the opportunity to hear your material, hope to hear more stuff from NewClue in the future. RLB-Live

United States, Louisiana, Lafayette


quite a rocking tune in the vien of bands like Trouble. high pitch vocals with some verocity. some great guitar work and drum playing. decent production too!

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Rest in Pain by NewClue.

This reminds me of the old school British progressive rock. Shades of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Uriah Heep, etc. The lead vocalist has that real theatrical sound. Great range and execution. The musicality of this act is quite solid. Some great guitar stuff going on here. It's not quite my cup of tea but it is very professional. For those who are into this type of theatrical rock, it should be well received.

United States, New York, Queens

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