great sound , great mix . love the way the two guitars interact . Soft , light , beautiful interlude . One of my favorite instrumentals so far . These guys (girls ? ) are some of the best writers yet . Much luck on this tune , it belongs in a great movie , Cliff


This tune is Timeless without a doubt, a beautiful melody that will be enjoyed forever and will continue to grow it's listeners with ease. A wonderful composition that keeps you wrapped up in it's soothing grip of relaxation


The song lifted me into a space of tranquility and easeful thinking and was soothing. A time to reflect on thoughts needing attention. Soulful melody line and supportive back patterning. Nice. real nice.


Wishing I could be JST hearing this rendition of a beautiful instrumental about their bright and beautiful spirit. The guitar composition is inspired and truly lovely. The guitarist Trips over the chords like the guitar is an extension of himself so that the music flows without premeditation.This melody reveals a true friend and is a lovely expression of your love for this person. Your talent is Unique, an unprecedented creative expression.

pretty acoustic guitar sound

dreamy acoustic instrumental that just floats on down stream with no particular urgency. I like that. It is pleasing to listen to without trying to analyze the structure or chord changes which is something I try to do when reviewing or composing. I just relaxed and let it go while typing away. I wanted to hear another part or voice join in after awhile but I don't know where I would have put it. thanks, I enjoyed this piece. B

Tiresome cobblers

For a start, I find it inconceivable that he has any friends or knows a "great person." I am only guessing, of course. One of his previous efforts consisted of backing music for a dodgy mate who sang about going to bed with his young 'daughter.' One shudders at the thought. His wishy-washy note playing puts me in mind of a nancy boy mincing on the catwalk. However, I can almost understand it appealing to those of simple tastes and tiny expectations. I hope this helps.

Good song for motion picture.

Its not a grabber, but as i said good for motion pictures. The acoustic sound is very clear, kind of dreamy. Its a good song for food markets or airplane ride, But as I listen it can make you feel sleepy.

Christo's Review

The atmosphere of the song is very nice! It sounds positive, maybe because of the the major tonality. It'is simple and nice, for me there is not a lot to say. The interpretation is also clean and fine. Well done!

Great instrumental music,.

Very challenging to write music only, yet still have a feel to the song. By all rights, this should be incorporated with a great play scene, or as part of a soundtrack of a movie. Keep up the great work!
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