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Notes that say to me, ,"And only if we knew what was ahead we would not struggle with the now...we would just Accept the Way and The Truth and The Life given us in the now and trust and believe, "That all things work together for good who love and walk in Love and know The Author of Love." Calls to mind the song "Raindrops....keep falling on my head...that's why I'm me, Nothing's worrying me..." So a beautiful instrumental in every way because this music speaks words to the heart and plucks the heart strings and brings the soul and spirit that is down to a better and higher place. Just like the song "Feelin' Groovy by Simon & Garfunkel same feeling...The Repetition of notes at the end also helps to settle one there and rest for awhile in the "Crystal Blue Persuasion" of the atmosphere of Love Hoped For and Won.


My mastery of the English is very bad, but I am liked a lot your score. Melancholy and original. There is the feeling of the time that passes and that he doesn't return back. Also the execution on the guitar is very good.

Gone with the Wind

This song reminds you of sitting on the outside watching the trees sway and the birds fly. Like being on a beach watching the children play. So relaxing and calm. Reading a book and just no one but you with no worries.


I wish You make a better Quality recording .to tell You truth I do not hear much ..because of that it will be hard to put it on The Radio.. They ask for Radio Ready Quality Recordings ..try to rerecord It and when You do that ..put some Heart and Energy IN TO...I think it will be ok to play It life but to Found a Publishing House it will be hard..not many MP take a time to listen a Instrumental Music and if They Do..has to be something Much Better..I wish You good luck..try to make It Better..

My walk...

Best friend, Your attempt to compose music is very respectable. Keep it up and try to make it out of it. I went for a walk once. And on a field I met four horses that were standing there. They were so beautiful that I could hardly pull my smile back... But at the same time they were very dirty and unconcerned. In addition, they had their starts tied together. In addition, there was a young man and he tried to get these horses to train... Then I thought: - If every horse should release and wash clean, if all attributes on it and put on… Then only a horse will like to go... Good luck.

Pure Guitar

This composition is one that will bring peace and tranquility to your day. Excellent tone and structure to this composition. The player transfers the emotion he’s feeling into the peace so the listener can instantly pick it up! Very nice????

Review acceptify

A blues tune just slow steady picking a melodic slow moving tune, nothing added you have to listen close and try to gather the hidden meaning in what artist is trying to do, it is there you just have to listen and give it a little time to soak, it’s like he is seeking acceptance and maybe it will take you a few takes to get involved but it is worth the time to lend an ear.. The music is smooth and unassuming and delivery is great, it will grow on you, as it progresses

Natural guitar sound

If you close your eyes, and listen this music, it is as if the sound was played in living room. A very long improvisation of arpeggios, sweet and calm. With out form only with played with heart.

My review

I love yout work yhink you have great talent and are going places kweo uo the hard work it will pay off and keep all your fans posted so they know you have something new out. Im looking forward to your next track.

Little sincere song

I hear a peaceful song and a pleasant way of playing guitar in this little piece of music. The musician is not presenting something unimportant. The change of rhythm moves the sonic scene in a cute way. The short coda fits well here. I would still hope another continuing part after this little song that would maybe present new audible views. So, this one could be part one of a larger work. I give the chosen number to this sincere presentation.

Acceptify review

Hey muonbluze, I really enjoyed your playing nice chord changes.. I can imagine drifting on a boat listening to your music. Musicality speaking it's the sort of music that should be licenced for use in a film or television show.. Best of luck..

Review views

Nice soft guitar start,is this an isrumental? Okay it must be,not a driving melody,and lacks harmonic drive.but pleasing to the ears as far as background music goes,strange rhythm change but I understand the mood.i would suggest studying great solo acoustic guitars check out my songs on music rd.and romantic evenings on cdbaby Mike Corry,or Thom Bresh on line he is one of my mentors and Merle Travis son.i hear your splices too by the way,work on that too. But good luck and keep picking


I love the guitar a lot and I like the way you play it. the piece is a lot and I think it could be tranquely like a soundtrack in a movie, I do not know in a western movie or even in a romantic movie

Too long

Peaceful atmosphere. Well played guitar. It is a piece for a solo instrument, and can not count on important timbrical variations. It should, therefore, have a more adequate structure, and develop and evolve. For example, it would be advisable to introduce harmonic, rhythmic, melodic and dynamic contrasts and variations so that may arouse greater interest in listening. Instead, despite a small rhythmic change in the middle, the song remains essentially the same as itself and this threatens to make it rather boring to listen. The formal structure does not have a clear becoming. For what it looks like, and how it develops it could last forever. 4:22 are more than enough. It is instead appropriate if you use it as a background for reading, or a walk on the seashore, or a massage session. Do not even disturb the conversation, so good as a backdrop to a romantic dinner.


This is my first time listening tonthis artist and in listening to this composition, I felt the mood as it was described in the description. It is a well written piece that really portrays the sadness. One thing that I really liked is how the melody has a gentleness as the music starts builds it hits a nice dynamic and then lets you out gently. Well done! If I had to say anything, I would say that adding a female vocal harmony would really add a whole new to this piece! All in all an exceptional offering from Muonbluze! Well worth a listen!
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