MULTIDRUID Cosmic False Flag

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MULTIDRUID you have made me a fan of your music


The samples talking about UFOs nd aliens is a cool and original. The music is heavy as hell .It reminds me of Slayer, Fear Factory and early Rob Zombie/ White Zombie. MULTIDRUID you have made me a fan of your music. I give this track a well deserved 5 out of 5 for its quality in production and awesome performance. I wish to hear more from this band and I applaud them for this musical masterpiece!!!

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport


rokkeggiante buon tiro di rock con voci ed effetti ma di più' il parlato cantato niente pero' e' progressive e il giro di accordi e' anche bello e magari un grande vocalist. trasformava la canzone. peccato pero' si può' migliorare

Italy, dalmine bg

Beauty Of Conflict Metalized


When you Rock, sometimes you want to step back, take a big breath and think it all out as far as how it's all coming down. That's what's great about these guys. They make a cool report that ROCKS while you're getting the full report! I dig every part of this project and this tune, because I know exactly how to enjoy it. If you don't take yourself too seriously, it's a blast to rock out while you drive to work or wherever you're making your important destination. The reports on here are great for newsworthy stuff, too. Keep Rocking!!

United States, Texas, Houston

Don't really get it

I always try to remember that musicians put their heart and soul into the projects they record. They believe in what they are doing with hope that others will join them in this vision. So, I do not like to give a negative review, but honesty is usually the best policy. With that said, the track started off pretty good. The voice was pleasant and professional sounding. I was waiting for the build up with some cool vocals but it never happened. Just talk throughout a very long song. The recording was pretty good and the double bass was driving. Overall, repetitious and long. Recommend you try adding vocals with a shorter rap in the beginning. Don't really get it.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas



Od dłuższego czasu N1M podsuwa mi tego wykonawcę a ja nie słuchałem bo nie miałem czasu albo coś innego mi wypadło. Dopiero teraz zrozumiałem co przeoczyłem ponieważ ta muza jest zajebista i kopie, kopie tak mocno że ciężko się otrząsnąć . Mam szacunek do kanady bo przecież z tego pięknego kraju wywodzi się FLA.

very very Cool..


AWESOME!!! the simplicity of this is mind numbing yet awe inspiring. what a great idea!! wish i would of thought of it, love it , the driving beat, the kick your ass guitar progression. the commentator in the background tops it off,, i mean who doesn't like woodward right ? keep rocking brother. take it easy, take it as it comes. hell yeah without a doubt F**KN TAKE IT

United States, Arizona, Show Low



Wow 5 STAR ON THIS SONG AMAZING this reminds me the music is fantastic .....the sound is amazing I truly love the melody line it has a beautiful reminds me more of the nineties songs but with a little more groove.......... The vocal sounds are really good and uptofate...... I would definitely recommend this this song and shar it with my friends on my Twitter and facebook account.....I want to thank this artist for letting me review his song I really appreciated......this is steve from voodood dancer thank you again..........great vocals and harmonie..

United States, New York, Middle village



Great music! I really liked the ambience and the guitar tones! I hope you keep up the good work and wish you all the luck in the world! Looking forward to listening to other songs! Congratulations!

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro



great work by all involved. Talented musicians that have soul in their art. I would recommend their music to anyone. Great job, keep rocking out and melting faces. Keep up the great tunes.

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

False Flag Truth


I'll be honest, Metal is not my thing, but your composition has enough of the elements I appreciate, as typically found in techno. You have a good drive that doesn't let up, but the attention is definitely on the oration eluding to the false flag(s), an unfortunate element in controlling Society today. Very impressive your track made it to Global#5. You should look into Beatport for market potential.

United States, California, Mojave Desert



La introducción no esta mal. Las atmósferas están geniales.desde mi punto de vista la destacaría un poco mas en la mezcla. La batería suena muy bien. Veo que no utilizas voces guturales, solamente en algún momento puntual de la canción.,recitas las voces y eso es muy original dentro del genero metal, sobre todo hacer una canción de seis minutos. El sonido de las guitarras es muy característico. Creo humildemente que esta canción en concreto tiene elementos de fusión interesantes, teclados en toda la canción, cosa que no es muy usual en el metal. Las guitarras son sencillas, creando una base que no cansa. Veo mucha creatividad. te he clasificado con un 4,6 porque creo que la mezcla se puede mejorar. Aun así es un trabajo excelente. Espero que sigas con esa racha y te pueda ver dentro de poco entre la primeros a nivel mundial. Un gran trabajo.. PD He escuchado la canción cuatro veces y no cansa, al contrario, la originalidad te engancha. Un saludo

Spain, Huelva



Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.Super treep.

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Cosmic False Flag - MULTIDRUID


Monodeclamation at the beginning - modern, but not so often used ... interestingly followed by heavy motor riff combined with vocals. An experimental electronic note in the middle of the song. Death metal drums and monodeclamation back with the main theme of the riff. I didn't expect such a strange composition in a very good way. You really need to discover MULTIDRUID from VOIVOD country. I'm recommending. Maciej ATRAPA

Poland, Poznan



Im reviewing this because I don't have to just like the things that are very comfortable to me and to my genre preference. In doing so I don't commit to the or any sort of acceptance or cohesion with the messages interpreted throughout the lyrical or expression of belief expressed here in this piece. That said I do appreciate the wonderfully powerful musicality and interpretation of the message conveyed here by the narrator whatever that might or not be. Such powerful percussion drumming, I really hope that that was performed in real time in the studio and not the artificial creation from a downloaded drum beat package. Love the Tharash guitarist too, so consistent and driving throughout . I love too the imagery at the end cosmic and transcendent.

United Kingdom, Bridport

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