Moscato / Rise Above. / Heaven Will Rock On.

Heaven Will Rock On

I Like this track. The concept is a nice tribute to lost artists. The vocals are sometimes lost to the overwhelming guitar. More time should have been spent on Balancing, before the final track. Not badly done. I like the group and look forward to hearing more from them.

Heaven Will Rock On

Moscato another great track, love the sax break, the guitar is very complementary as well, an all round lovely song and recording. I see your from Mackay a great place to live, although it has been a while since I've been there. I assume your doing your recordings in a studio there....but if your not and being bold enough to try to do your own, I must recommend you have a go, we found working the material up from scratch on a reasonable music program a good way to give the composition shape. I like what you are doing Keep up the good work , your doing really well ..Mudmen

Bonita voz

Ha sido un verdadero placer el descubrir vuestra música, suena muy fresca y llena de energía, las melodías, coros de voces y arreglos están muy bien definidos, creando un clima muy cálido, los arreglos de saxofón enriquecen en su justa medida la canción. Mucho animo y seguir creando esta maravilla de canciones. Saludos desde España.

A bewildering, yet intriguing mix

Listening to "Heaven will rock on", an homage to rock greats from "Moscato", got me confused at first, because of the mix of elements thrown into this pop-rock piece. I would not tag it "Alternative rock" since in many ways this song (and given the lyrics - perhaps rightly so) takes numerous classic rock elements and throws them into the creative pot. Influences from 1960-70 rock music as well as 1990 and early 2000 grunge and prog rock are noticeable but the basic riff and body of the song are just classic, almost beaten path pop-rock. However a few things save this piece from being just one more pop rock song: One is the lead singer whose voice is a cool mix of "Clannad-ish" and American rock colors and gives the song its central point of interest, the second is the beautiful reprise that helps the song escape rock cliches. Last but not least is a sense of "groove" that makes your leg tap the floor (whether you like it or not) almost right from the start. So - what could have been yet another run of the mill pop rock cliche turns into a cool mix of styles and sounds that is definitely worth a listen. Give it a try.

Heaven Will Rock On.

Moscato you got your own great flavor so different from others.. really like this song. Your voice kind of sounds like mine. I like the fact that your lyrics tell a story and not just words. So many songs are just plain boring and not interesting so saying that I did not leave your song. Its got nice vocals, rhythm and great listening and dancing music. BRAVO !! 4 CHAIRS !

Review of Heaven Will Rock On....

This song is completely a fresh and clean song to listen to! As far as fitting in all our passed on ROCK heroes, I feel it was a idea used a lot, but this was well thought out. It is also a treat to hear an actual band playing great music and the SAX WORK is an incredible addition to the over-all music. The singer sounds great, but more importantly she sings CLEAN-no heavy effects, just a great voice! It has a 'country' feel to it (although the sax takes that away), over-all, I would buy this song....great music and a great singer! Respectfully Dave MacDonald/CHRONIC PAIN

Great song

To begin, nice composition, is well recorded and arranged, good production. It starts with an old chord progression formula but with a good feeling and the nice voice of Jo (I guess!) giving the right tone to the song, appearing to me to be with a strong folk rock influence. Then the chorus shows the creativity of the band (I'm a fan!) bringing a pleasant and unexpected melody. You are one of the best bands here at N1M! :-)

Awesome! Rock on Moscato!

The singer has the gift! A beautiful tone to her voice. Harmonies sound lovely. Musicianship is good. Production good. The song is uplifting, original has a nice melody and is memorable. I really love it!

A wonderful rock song...

A wonderful rock song. Nice guitar playing with wonderful sounds. All in all a groovy rock tune with a neat sax solo in the middle parts and insights of the afterlife adventures. Really nice singing and the performing of the instruments is very well. I spotted only a little weakness in the mix: the drums could be more embedded in the mix, they sound to me like standing apart. But the recording sound is very good and everything is very audible and transparent sounding. Keep it up!

Heaven Will Rock On

The lightening and the thunder of these song lyrics brings an amazing testimony of what can happen when you sing the truth. Put the truth in your mouth and you will rock onward and upward! Excellent Sax Solo Saxman! Beautiful gutsy vocals a bit reminiscint of Cindy Lauper. Percussion and instrumental Tempo is perfect for every word. Scintillating in it's Awakening of the Quickening in The Blood and The Waters. As the saying goes ... "It must be something in the water!" Your band has that quality. Respect and Admiration.

Fleetwood mac the new ?

Delightful vocals put me in mind of Stevie Nicks, material easy listening rock music. I can imagine myself on a beach in sunny Oz listening to this song, unfortunately I'm in wet and windy Liverpool today but this song has cheered me up. Good luck Moscato, Steve Jackson.

Really Nice

Really dig this tune in the first 30 seconds and I like the mention of Jimi Hendrix my all time favorite. Guitar tone goes great with the vocals. Can picture this song in a movie sound track or on the radio. Real trippy vibe like floating around on clouds watching life go by or something to that nature. If you ever make it to America come on out to Phoenix Arizona. Perfect song for western civilization. We will play the song around the studio. Great job. One of the better songs I have heard reviewing songs on this site. Peace

Great idea for a lyric

I enjoyed the concept of people who have died continuing their purpose in Heaven. It is a comforting thought to think that there is a better place where we can continue living without all the brokenness we experience here. The music was upbeat and thoughtful in its approach. I enjoyed the mention of names that people recognize as examples of what we might expect. It reminds me of a song from the past called "If there's a Rock n Roll Heaven". Great job and keep writing!

Another great song by Mascato!

I'm really liking this band Mascato! Another great track here. I'm really digging the lyrics too, it's a song about rock and roll heaven and all the rock legends who have passed away and moved on to that big stage in the sky. I'm from the old school of rock and I love bands who dare to keep with the old school sound, Mascato does it very well, keeping true rock and roll alive! Rock music needs more bands like Mascato, bands who have an original sound and who are not trying to sound like everything else that's out there! Love the sax in this one too...great job, keep up the good work!!

Moscato scores.. again

No matter what direction this band chooses to go, it always seems the right way.. Another catchy potential smash here; Basic in it's approach and thick with guitars, real rock in it's story telling form...We have Americana now here in the states, but in Australia? Ausimana? Anyway, I always enjoy your top quality music, a perfect ensemble and hook vocals. What's better to make a song so perfectly listenable :-)
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