It all began with Moe D as a youngster, receiving a karaoke as a Christmas gift from his mother. At that time he was so young (8 years old) that he couldn't even carry the karaoke, so he dragged it in the snow from his grandmother’s house all the way to his own home. Once he arrived at his house, he plugged in the karaoke and has been making music ever since. Waking up every day to record on the karaoke was all he wanted to do. It was the best gift he had ever received. As he grew into the music, he began to study it and tried to find ways he could progress and polish his craft. As a teenager, his mother then purchased a studio for him (the basic one mic/ one program) since the income was low, and this is when Moe D began to learn how to engineer and produce his own music. Having the benefit of a studio where he could record whenever he felt like it, allowed him to express his deep feelings and showcase his passion as soon as that particular emotion arose. He went on to create his own mixtapes, passing them out in his high school and all over the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. Coming back every day to a low income home and a struggling mother gave him an inner strength to excel in what he loves. He created a MySpace music page (link) where he displayed his music and began to market and promote himself. He then expanded his online presence by creating a Facebook music page, a Twitter account, a YouTube channel, and many others. He has used the internet to his advantage to build a fan base. Along with his online presence, he has also performed in various clubs, festivals and venues, all throughout the state of Massachusetts. With a sense of urgency building up, Moe D began to take more risks. He purchased his own bus ticket to take him across multiple states to Philadelphia where he would perform. He also took a trip, all alone once again, in his own car to perform in a music showcase in New Jersey. Moe D also makes beats and helps other artists’ record and release their own projects right out of his own studio. All his life, Moe D has had a connection with music and feels deeply that this is his calling. He feels that music is not something that he has to force. He feels that it comes naturally as a gift and a blessing from God. Here he is today, still following his dreams of being in the music industry and showcasing his music to the entire world.
"Music is Life...not an option." –Moe D.

Contact Info:

Email= MoeDMusic23@gmail. com









2020 "Evolution"

2019 "Moe D Music Vol 4"

2019 "The Last of a Dying Breed"

2017 "VISION"

2016 "For Whatever It's Worth"

2014 "World of Plastic"

2013 "Moe D Music Vol 3"

2013 "For the Time Being"

2012 "Skate Park"

2012 "Musically Inclined"

2011 "Moe D Music Vol 2"

2011 "Heavenly Sword"

2011 "For the Games Sake"

2010 "Golden Shield"

2009 "Moe D Music Vol 1"

1999-2008 (Various Projects)

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