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We want to apologize for the late review but we have been very busy and not active on here as we should and we are going to change that. Your song isn't of our pick, but that doesn't mean its not a good song. We all have our own type of crowd we will attract. This sound is a very popular sound more so of Kiss very great artist. Keep a postive mind frame Mistah you will go far


Not bad,just needs a little extra on the beat to give the vocals better support.I like the lyrics and your delivery on the verses it’s definitely a song i can listen or jam to but like i said a little support on the beat can add power to it.

Tha Believer

I like that beat bro and your flow sounds really really good. We got alot in common. Collabs go be done bro fasure. You got a style that I can get hip to and a flow that I can relate to. Fasure we gotta get something popping. We gotta take over the charts bro. Not just me but my boys to bro. I feel we can all vibe with each other. They got some fire and you got some fire so we gotta get something done. Keep it up bro. I like what your doing and you'll get far I guarantee it


Lmao this so funny...this is not serious right?? I dont know what the the hell this is but i guarantee you if u do a video for this u will go viral and become famous..lol whatever you do if this is what you want dont stop. But if this is not to be funny you need ALOT of work honestly. Start with your flow and better beats!!


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For one, me personally I wouldn't classify this as hip hop and rap. It sounds more like one of those old geezers doing rock and roll at an open mic night. I am not sure what type of shaker you used to create the beat but it sounded like you were burping at first. Maybe it's the mixing? But in all honesty, this isn't appealing to the ear. Like at all. I like how you vibed and just allowed yourself to flow but other than that I'm not sure what's really going on here. Lyrically it sounds like a bunch of rambling from the first play, and on the second play I thought I'd find out what your direction was but... nothing. Maybe you're trying to be like lil uzi and all these other rappers by being extremely out of the box, but it still has to sound good. And I'm sorry this doesn't sound good. But there is a market for it, because there's a market for EVERYTHING. But me personally, I'd never buy this. Keep working and growing. Delivery, lyrical content, lyricism, and just overall presentation needs a LOT of work. This could go in a comedy show though. Definitely.

real feedback

This is absolutely horrible!!!! I am sorry but there's not even a way to play yes man in this situation. The beat is off, the vocals...omg lets talk about the vocals. I am sorry that you have to hear this, but real is real and this is real garbage.


Very different style I like the uniqueness of vocals and cadences. it is a song I can sit and listen to straight and definitely wouldn't mind listening to again, I can actually see it being played in a movie scene

got somethin to say

Nice one , i can see that you are really working hard to push your music keep it up and i like what you are doing, great work G ill keep on check your music now and then its ya boy SLASH-D BEATss


Finally some real Hip Hop to review on here! There's a lot of people doing it all wrong but every once in a while a gem is discovered. This track came close to having the complete package of a perfect Hip Hop /rap song. The beat and vibe was golden era and the Rap flow and voice was on point. The instrumental was accompanied by ambient sound effects and overall created the mood for a true banger! The lyrics were abstract and storytelling without the use of profanity and typical mainstream dialogue. This is real art and I genuinely enjoyed the listen. Would have gave it 5 stars if there was tight record scratching turntablism involved as well. Overall this is the best song so far I've encountered on this site to review. Peace and Blessings in Jesus name .

drumming on ya head!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just don't understand are you drunk when you record a song just saying i done get bruh just cant understand production is off rhymes are off but i think this is whats popping in 2018 oh well

Keep Working

Let your music define you. People relate to what they experienced. Today a lot of artist are focused on what sound good and not what feels good. Let substance be your guidance. Keep working homie. Big ups

Old School.

Its kinda funny! The entire Song doesn't seem too...informational. I don really get the message. If it is just to be entertainment. You hit the nail on the head. But i wouldn't call it Hip Hop (Concious Movement).


From New York to Miami. Great Music. Keep up the great work chase your dreams. We all have to look out for one another andnkeep each other on the right page with music but keep up the work man. Patience is key just keep doing what you do. 100 Respect.

A really great song

It was ok there's allot of work & improvements that need to be done the artist needs to work on his rhythm he's very off beat and he needs to really practice & work on his vocals and he also needs to find better quality of his music and find a really descent and really good nice place to record his music so it sounds a whole lot smoother & very neat & organized but what i really like about this artist is he is an artist of my genre and he is alright but like i said he needs to work on allot of things his outcome is gonna be better than the way he is now his results are gonna be epic and he really is alright though like i said he's just gotta work on allot of things and then when he gets those things worked on he is gonna be very awesome and he's gonna love what will happen and he's gonna love the really epic & awesome changes & results
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