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Nice Concept

Nice concept and have a good heart but hard to comprehend your words with instruments. I think you should find a studio and record and mix down everything professionally. Then everyone can critique your music justly.

Forever in my soul

I don't know what the motivation is behind this work!!!! Normally, a person would sit down plot out what he/she is trying to accomplish with their work. I don't know what direction this artist is trying to plot out.... The music is all over the place with no organization, the lyrics could have been thought out better, meaning take more time to determine what you want to say, because your words should express what's in your heart.


Hello. I am not going to sugar coat this at all. I do not think that this should be classified as rap or hip hop. I don’t see time or effort that was put into making this project. Even a simple rhyme scheme is not present. I do music and I spend time on my craft and this needs to be in its own category. I would encourage you to find your own category because you obviously have your own lane. Even tho I do not like it I believe there is a future in it because the game has changed and the rap game has been so diluted and people like lil b are thriving

Whats Missing

This is a tribute to a lost love but it is missing something. There are a couple of lines where he express' his shock when he finds out but after that i dont get the feeling that the words have enough emotion in them. He needs to find the words that will really bring out his emotions instead of just rapping around how he feels. He sounds like he is angry somewhat but he should be angry alot, life's not fair. He needs more pain in his story telling. He has all the ammunition he needs he just needs to write his words that tell of his pain at the loss and really dig deep to get to that gut level emotion where his pain is revealed through those words and he will capture the listeners attention and slowly they should start to really hear the story he is telling them.


A great song I really like the title and the message love the lyrics very unique and creative song very special song and at anytime I would love to hear more of your music and thank you for sharing your craft with the world and i hope you have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all that you go to do.

Good lyrics deserve a better beat

The lyrics I like and they could be very powerful and be moving with a beat that flows better. The Instruments used for this rap come across as noisy and distracting. There is no flow making your voice/rap sound disjointed and a little off. Also, the song is about a friend dying. I feel the intro is inappropriate for the song subject. It would be fine for another song, but for this one, it seems a bit too comical. This is just my opinion too but I think the last verse is not even needed and a better ending would be dropping it off at "Listen a little I can hear you kill". Before you go on to the verse that has "honey, baby" in it. To me, that didn't seem to fit and the last verse seemed like filler. It's only going to drop a few seconds from the song and it will definitely be a better sounding ending. I believe this can be a good song with some tweaking. I love the Miami sound. You can find a great beat to go with your lyrics that will make your rap much better. Best of luck to you!

Is there something i don't get it?

Seriously ... you still have so many listeners and you ask me to tell something (nice) about your music. Well, I really don't like it, but apparently, I do not get it all. Is this some kind of art? Sort of poet maybe? Or just doing things and se what happens, right out of the bleu.

I can hear talent here!

Bro, I really appreciate you sharing this! I can't say that I understand what it is that you were trying to get across bro. I would suggest that you get some beats from music producers. There are plenty of free downloads to write too. I suggest this because then we would really be able to see the talent you have for putting together words. Also, I am an audio engineer. I can hear that you would need some assistance with the mixing and mastering (maybe recording too) of your projects bro. I can help with that if you need me too. I just want the audience to be able to hear the real talent you have and you may have to make something that the people will accept to put out first! I think you should definitely keep making music because I do believe that you have something to offer us. I would love to hear your talent in a more clear, timely, and precise way! I pray I have helped, and pray the best for you with your music!

Keep pressing!

Hey bro I like the approach my advice is that you start adding some different beats! Plus add a more solid chorus to the song and it give the song a greater sound! Making music complete is a challenge and we must be creative especially in this time that we are in! Keep on working bro!


I would recommend to do this song over. Your beat was all over. I was really confused about this song. I would also recommend going over your lyrics again. The wording is also confusing ty

Good Message

The song has a good message, the style is definitely unique but the overall composition of the song needs work. It is very hard to follow and the melody is difficult to vibe with. It think this song has potential but it is not ready for the main stream. My suggestion would be to find some consistency in the track and build from there. The song has a powerful message but it can easily get lost if the arrangement of the song is put together poorly.


I have to say, when listening to your song.. It takes your mind down memory lane! We're Very sorry for your loss, but what a way to let your love one, friend, etc know... They will always have a place in your heart and soul! We never truly let go, but our minds are more at ease when we know.. They are in a better place. God bless. T.R.U.F & Zion
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