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Very intriguing

For some reason this song was very interesting to me given alot of the artist on here sound very similar in style however this artist is not. The sound is very abstract and I can hear alot of afro cuban like percussion in this song which is different. After listening I had to find out a little more information on who this artist is and found it interesting that the person created these beats using a styleaohone and the korg kaosilators which I thought was cool. For the artist this mistah q bizz almost seems like an alternative ego of a satire form but all the same after seeing this gentleman's videos he looks to be a good guitar player and drummer and all around musician.


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You suck

You need to quit this shit sucks monkey balls my eight year old daughter could make better music then this it's hurting my ears lmmfao I played it for my two year old niece and she said to tell you that you suck


Definitely bumped this joint a few times and it's Heat rock without a doubt so keep doing your thing and creating art for the people to hear and relate to and never quit. Make your stamp in the game and leave it there.


an say I like the track I support all artist I see tryna do they thang and i will stayed tuned for more like videos mixtapes and more so definently keep up the flow and if you have time check out the music I can say I like the track I support all artist I see tryna do they thang and i will stayed tuned for more like videos mixtapes and more so definently keep up the flow and if you have time check out the music


ounds good to me. the first time u started by the way u talkin to me like that in the Bakwoods, and the best. I have been the most part of my favorite is not a good time for the next couple weeks ago. it will be


Good job sounds really good keep up the great work I admire the music you make something new and sound is quite interesting so like I said before good job and keep up the great job. You can make it far.

Needs work.

The beat is unprofessional and doesn't actually stay on beat. The actual rap (technically speaking) needs work as well. There seems to be a lack of mixing and mastering. Overall, everything needs work. Keep it up and don't get discouraged. Don't take my review for hate or get upset. Just trying to help.

Looking at your music

I listen to the song although I like the concept I just don't believe that the beat goes along with the song. defoko sound like you was unsure of what you're lyrics was it almost sounds like a freestyle. if it was me I would change a few things.


I love how raw and unique your sound is. It's such a revelation to hear people test the boundaries rather than follow down behind recent trends. I believe you will continue to flourish as long as you keep grinding.

Its All The Same

First off I'd like to credit Mistah Qbiz2 on the new track. I commend him on his effort to succeed and his will towards coming successful. I like the way he delivers his music. He has a good beat, great sound quality, a great lyrical flow pattern, good lyrics, a clear message and an overall great aspect of the music game. I've continued to follow his music and support his success as he has done for me. He will be a challenge to many some day so be ready. Mistah Qbiz2 keep doing your thing bro. Digging the style.


Keep doing your thing sounds good nice flow. Keep pushing for that dream and don't let anything get in your way. You can also check out my music on here my name is fate ranked #1 in Portland or

It's All The same Review

Honestly I think that truck needs a little bit more than that from the producers it sounds lovely I feel like the selection was fired I feel like the lyrics on there so I just feel like you know the quality is just needs a little bit more work and definitely made you can find DatPiff a great Avenue to Showcase your music you can find my music exclusively on DatPiff and we can work out something where we can work too because I know a lot of Miami artist they do a lot of work

The homie gave me something to jam to.

The intro was very mystical and country western like, if that's even a combination. It was overall good in my opinion, I played 5 or 6 times before my friends mom got annoyed by the repetition of the song. I love the instruments, sounds good to me. I love the subject and the lyrics are like early 80's hip hop rappers. They are kinda slurred but at the same time I can actual understand them unlike these dumb modern rappers who rap over autotune like a buffoon and he doesn't even sound drunk or high or confused with what he's saying. Which is good.
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