I dont mean no harm but being from Florida where there's plenty of talent at why would you do this to your state because this is not what i expected i would not wasted my time in the studio doing music i dont know if you were playing or what

My thought

Good morning my name is Jeanius. to really honest with my friend this is not going to make noise. The intro is too long the quality is not 100% so I know whoever your engineer is you need to drop him or her . I suggest maybe hooking up with a production team


I think there's too much going on with the beat and I don't really understand your message. It seems like your just saying "white trash with cash" forever. Maybe you should just try telling a story about an experience with white trash with cash.


It could b betta but u hav plenty potential i waitin to hear more music you bring to the table. Im tring to see if there is anywhere i can hear more of your music some where. We need to work together.


Guess its whatever floats your boat but this sounds as if you just was saying the first thing on ya mind but hey its your thing do what you wanna do right lol how long have u been doing this

I'm totally lost with this track

At first I just thought that the intro was too long. But once the actual lyrics came in I was more grateful of the intro itself. This track is not anywhere near quality to be called a song. The lyrics are poorly written and poorly expressed throughout the track. I don't think music is the avenue this artist or group should be pursuing if this is really something that they intended on being a good song. It's off tempo, poor quality and just bad to be honest. Hopefully this pushes them or him to really evaluate their music goals. Six minutes and six seconds of this was way too much. Way too much.


The song is alright I like the lyrics the beat needs some work tho. Overall you need a little work but in not mad at ya tho. Just keep grinding and keep your head up for real. I'm in no position to judge you.

trash with cash

very diffrent style i like it even tho the beat needs to be polished up more it is a departure from the everyday shoot em up hip hop thats way too common nowadays i hope to hear more from this artist in future music


Keep it up ..look me up show love spread the word let's spread this music shit ..I've been doin this a lot time and still got a long way to go haha it ain't easy coming up in an over crowded industry


this is very different what kind of genre is this and the production needs a lot more work done to it and the vocals need to be turned up seems as if it was done at home but if u go into a professional studio it may sound better it sounds like a lot of things are of in this track did u submit the right one I know some song writers on my team if u need help and production we could try and help you very much

feedback from a artist

Honestly. ...u can't b serious. .now not be mean jus being honest but u need to work on your rhythm learn how to get on beat learn the four count and your bars....a verse can be 8 bars 12 bars 16 bars. ...everything is on a four count.....

No cash for this Trash!!

Dude please don't send me another review. Go listen to Rick Ross or Trick Daddy for the next 3-5months get your skills up. You are disgracing Miami putting out this GARBAGE!! The beat is horrible, lyrics are the worse, and the subject matter is all over the place. My dog can spit better than you and he's a 3 month old! If I could give you a rating of -5 I would, you should be banned from posting on numberonemusic for a year minimum.


Sorry man .. this song is trash.. your not really saying anything plus the recording is norton of the barrel. Sounds like you just got on the mike and proceeded to say anu and everything that makes no since


I gave this title a listen and got about 30 seconds into the track. I spent another 30 seconds trying to figure out if you were serious about your craft. I'll encourage anyone to pursue the dream but this ain't it. Experience comes with time, Keep working.

you gotta love it.

This is best rap that I heard in along time. It reminded of when I bought my first drum machine all off beat 100 different sound and friend trying to free style. Keep doing your thing homie music should always be fun.
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