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It seem like you not taking your music career seriously, continue working hard and focus on your music stop joking around with it you have talent trust me I know you will need to soon in


idk?maybe you were just having fun or its a song or artist with a new flav.i like the track and the background was hot but I just couldn't feel where the artist was taking it or going with it.everyone has there on taste out there and millions of ppl who feel different types of music.not the type to diss anyone or hate,i wish you the best...BOSS


Its dope mane real talk everyone. Has a talent and I think you should keep it going your very good at it and I suggest u to keep striving and reach to success on your music career. Goodl luck.


Shit real straight bruh keep it up how long you been rapping..... Where you from, we might kan do some collab type shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really wit doin a song wit any body that's not from around my way word!! Hmu

Feedback on your music. ..

Hey Mistah..just giving you a feedback on your music..I shouldn't judge because I'm still trying to perect my music..But I didn't like the song..The beat was alright but the rap and your flow wasn't there..much success to you in the future. .1luv SB


I jus listen to your song it's a nice you got a new style keep up wit tha good work nice beat to something to you can ride to keep making music fam one day we'll meet up hit them radio stations up too


First I would like to say i listened to the track and it sounds pretty dope. Keep up the good work, as it may seem you are a very talented. Check out some of my tracks as well and let me know what you think as I seem to know a little more than not it seems that corrective criticism is one of the keys in life an growth. Much Respect on the track keep it coming and hopefully one day we will meet in the lime light and maybe even collaborate on a track or so. K.I.T CNote(ThaRealistTrealistEva)

This track

This track is all the way different I like it with music you have to be yourself and have your own style your own style is what u got never heard nothing like it that's why you the best in your class


Hello hru I luv yr music it has a lot of potential. I like the vibe, itscuktural and the beats are inspirational. I would recommend this song to everyone who likes hip hop and rap.u. The lyrics are nice and upbeat it has an upbeat tempo. Where can I buy your song pls send detailed information.

Head bobber

That track is official. You can't help but bob to it. I would suggest some serious or playful written lyrics. The girl's moans are on point. Or you can have the girl do a sexy chorus. Just an idea


ok. the beat is dope, got an old school vibe to it, it had me bumping my head, the lyrics is ok i see where you was going with the song. never heard something like this before its different, real different. got me curious to hear more from you.


I thought this was a waste of my time to hear this! Was sorta hilarious Idk if that was ya motives for this track but it definitely needs wrk..you may also want to change your genre listing to something else because this is not hip hop or rap this like some porno soundtrack music but for comedy Central or sumthing.. Well I needed the review points but not knocking ya vibes but jus deff wasn't my cup of tea! Gud luck with ya craft bro!

What the hell was this

This is got to be a joke the only enjoyable about this was the girl moaning was you doing her in the vocal booth just asking LMAO this is something other than DOPE what has music gone to Im Done taking up space for real artist this shit is terrible


Great work keep up the great hustle I will appreciate it if you chec out my page and latest music video #WALK2IT an Download the single thnx in advance also my latest single #THEYGONEKNOWABOUTME

King1Revsconie 2cent

Nice beat, hot track! The only thing it was missing is a REAL Lyrics on the track. Who eva that is trying to rap on this track needs serious psychologist help if they think they can rap.. I just took the trash cans out for garbage day tomorrow if only I could put the artist that's on this track trying to rap in with the garbage that would make my garbage cans full of trash & Bullshit. If you can rap pretty please don't waste my time listen to your garbage that's REAL TALK.. King1Revsconie 2cent
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