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Rocking song

Ok I really like the song and I like the creative writing well composed and well put together and I love the guitar and thank you for sharing your craft with the world and at anytime I would like to hear more from you have a wonderful day and may God bless you

United States, California, Every Where


nice piece.Love the guitar work and the pace . .composed and performed very well but the recording is a little noisy and a little too much treble . . Love the song but the production was a little off Good luck with this , Cliff.

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

Elise review

Good hard rocking sound with a fairly descent singer and a short to the point song. I think however it needs a little work. Change the beginning to have the guitar hook start the song instead of the abrupt start it now has. Then focus on the mix. All the instruments are fighting over the same ear space. Once you address those issues you may want to add some background vocals and build up the arrangement

United States, Illinois, Aurora

Beyond awful

Maybe it was a good idea to put the singer outside the backdoor. It's hard to tell but it is obvious that whoever produced this garbage had no interest in what he was attempting to say. Personally, I could not care less. I doubt whether it was of any importance. The guitar playing is excellent and the unwanted, barely heard, singer probably spoiled their performance. Anyway, he was irritating to say the least.

United Kingdom, Twickenham

Not missing this band's great music

Great sound with a blues rock underpinning. Almost like a 50's style, but more driven and closer to punk rock. In some ways reminds me of a B side from The Clash. I love the guitar solo throughout the song. The vocals are so loose and emotional that it really draws me in and makes me listen to the lyrics. I'll be listening to a lot more from this band, I'm sure. Great job.

United States, California, San Diego

Elise - by Missing in America

On a first listen it annoyed me that the rhythem guitar is not in tune on this recording. Further more the singer is not an example of good pronounciation. I did not understand one word of what he sang. The recording suffers from phasing issues - the song is pretty annoying because the solo guitar kept on played during the singing, witch takes the attention from the vocals away. I did not enjoy this very much.

Belgium, Leuven

British Punk Reborn

This is a great tune which reminds us all why British punk of the 80s and early 90s was such a pleasure! Bands like The Stranglers and The Clash were so successful and such a pleasure to listen to. This songs has an amazing energy and is well written, well recorded and well performed by the band - I will keep an eye on these guys and listen / watch out for more recording from this because I simply love this sound! Well done guys - you rock!

Spain, Madrid

Indianapolis rocks

I've heart << Elise >> from the band Missing in America today for the first time. The sound and the rhythm have something which makes you happy, and a little bit nostalgic. I would like to know if these guys are fans of The Clash or something from this period and mood. I am sure that they have found a way to explore this mood and this style. Maybe I am wrong, don't be angry against me, it is just my opinion. I really hope that this band is gonna work more and more to reach something unique and at the same time something that every rock fan like me enjoys. Thank you for this song. We are waiting for more.

France, Toulouse

Raven review

Alternative sound mellow and sweet. Good lyrics, Midwest roots, sounds down homegrown and organic. I would say it reminds me of the 60's folk music from Woodstock era. Can't wait to hear some more.

United States, California, Hollywood

Catchy Tune

Catchy Tune,Sticks with you after you hear it..But drums could be a little louder in the mix..especially the kick drum..overall sound may be slightly distorted..Maybe the final mix was a little to loud...The chorus and the lead guitar riffs are the strongest parts.. Maybe raise the bass a little in the mix a little too...

United States, New Jersey, Manahawkin

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