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Street People

The song street People is an Up Beat blues song. It appears to be mastered with compression on the Dems that is centered in the Mix. The Guitars are also compressed and effects on them that let them ride well within the mix they are clear and not muddy. The Vocal line has a reoccurring line about the life of people on the streets and the way in which they live. overall I would say that the song Street People is well thought out and put together well in the studio. The lead vocal tells the story of the way is on the streets. I would Give This Song a 9 out of 10 I hope that This helps Michael Clark Sax Man Mike Clark


The title is great. Guitars even better. Good vocalist and nice lyrics. All and all,verygood. I have to look for more information about your group. Thanks again for the opportunity. Magic

Street People

This particular song took me somewhere. I rated the song like I did because I believe in you and I understand the concept. Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing more of your music.

Rocking in style

This here is a very tasteful attitude in terms of mastering the authentic rock sound the way it always sounded at its best during the whole of the 60s and 70s, and I am personally deeply convinced this really is the only way to actually approach the whole thing called ROCK, seeing how it all evolves these days. To be honest I truly believe there is nothing better in this world than the kind of root, corny rock'n'roll music dating back to the days of Woodstock. My sentiment. Absolutely.

Firsthand music

This music is a corny reminder of the traditional sound of the 70s. Believe it or not, but the best music had been produced back then in 60s and, of course, 70s. The dry sound of the mastering approach only proves the fact this is the root style to be inherited to hold out for decades to come for one simple reason: there cannot be anything better at all in this genre. The style will be preserved basically unmodified after generations of youngsters tried everything possible. Novelty shall emerge only as a new song out there. Street People is a new song performed by good musicians catering to the right genre. We only are to enjoy all that, which I honestly did.


Street People review. this song is a strictly Indie Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Indie Rock style as I said everything recalls the Indie Rock genre . personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Indie Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Go Guitars

I love songs that have the drive like this song, ruled by strong guitar strums. You may not hear the vocal so well, but you can tell the song writer and singer is deep in his groove with no disingenuous message to his drive. Like having his wings spread out, waiting for the wind to pick him up so he can fly... And it does, LOL. Good job. Nice song.

"Street People" by Missing in America

Upon the very first listen to "Street People" by Missing in America, I am reminded of several of the great pink rock artists of the 70s, which is not to imply that this band's sound is entirely derivative. Indeed, they have a very unique and distinctive sound. I am also impressed by the arrangement and production - in addition to the writing and performance. Looking forward to hearing more!

music not missing

a nice bluzie tune with good bass and horn and guitar backing him up vocals a little light but not too bad . Drums pick up the pieces pretty good and guitar keys on the edge keeping the listerner ingaged . I would have liked to have nheard a little harmony included anmd the horn I thought I heard was a guitar but that guy did a decent job of keeping it all together , If they play in your area go give them some support . Drive on brother.

On the street

Good drum beginning,words are kinda missing the mark and melody,lead is amateurish,but the overall sound is really retro nice change up there,need to work out those leads better and get something a little more lyrical and universal about the poor lost souls,but it’s cool to jam and good to write song so keep working if you want excellence,this is too repetitive but reminds of tunes we played in our garages back in the day,and probably sound much worse than this so I don’t mean to be a downer have fun practice and learn.

Un titre frais et sympatique

Manquant en Amérique est un tire léger. Celui-ci pourrait être un peu plus précis. Peut-être que dans la variation des suites couplet, refrains il pourrait y avoir des éléments qui créent une surprise. Mis à par cela la partie solo est fraîche et sympatique.


I like the Guitar play... but rest not so much..vocal is not good ( You need to found a better singer ) or take some voice class it will help..any haw vocal just ruin the song.. it will sound much better as a instrumental ( specially for Guitar Music Lovers )..at it is is ok to play life but I do not think Music Publishers and Radio Stations will like it...I really like to know what They will say.. all I know that many people looking for a Good Guitar Musician so try to found a Band...Good Luck.. I wish You all The Best..

Sweet Tune

If music was food, this song would be five warm pounds of smoked bacon cooked just right in a pan of maple syrup that was extracted from a fresh, budding young pine in the glen. And, on the topic of maple syrup, this piece slowly oozes from the bass players instrument like sweet, savory molasses. The way the different melody lines flow together seamlessly offer up a decadence of grace that can be experienced by all five senses. Once I listened to this song, it inspired me to forever be a better person.


When the song starts, the listener is taken back to a time in the late 60's or early 70's when you'd have great guitar groups and, in particular, Santana comes to mind. Then the vocals kick in and the song begins to unwind from here. The effort is appreciated, but the singers voice lacks "something" that should match the rest of the song. Whether it's in mixing, production or something else...

A special rock performance...

Sound of the recording is a bit better then the playing abilities which are presented here. Song writing is OK, but has some lacks to improve of getting professionals. Overall a mastering would carry the whole song into other spheres. To stay on the ground, here's a lot to improve and gain, but this is a song indeed, which will find follower. But it's a long way from here to success. Keep on working!
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