Sunbeams, Oceans and Ancient Dreams ~ DIVINIUM

Sunbeams, Oceans and Ancient Dreams ~ DIVINIUM


Song Reviews

Unique, Beautiful

Okay, I'm so loving the blend of musical styles here. We've got a digeridoo sound going on, some Indian/Middle Eastern melodic runs and percussion rhythms, and some pop vocals. And it all works together to make this unique and pleasing sound. I see this working in a cinematic setting really well or if you wanted to show off your musical taste to friends ha. I like that there are male and female vocals, too. Both get their own spotlights. So many unique things here. Keep doing your thing, you've got some really creative ideas.

United States, Mississippi, Jackson

Pure emotions

A very successful composition professionally produced. Balanced and atmospheric arrangements put the listener in a miserable and mysterious mood. The singers deserve particular praise. Eugène

Germany, Mercedes-Benz-City


Very nice composition - very well performed - For a instrumental composition the music style is kind of special - sophisticated but popular - Solo instruments and voices are very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticated well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be international promoted - So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy...

Spain, Las Americas - Tenerifa

Sureal, dreamy, floating

I love this song. It is surreal, dreamy, mystifying....exciting, I really like the use of instrumation, original, and switches into other realms that could be in a real dream, to daring times in a strange altered state . The piano has a haunting appeal. Thank you so much for sharing. The vocals are pure and smooth like silk, meaning and lyrics are exceptional. I am swaying while listening. You have a real talent. I love your world. Tivoli=I love it! TIVOLI SKYE ❤

United States, New York, Pittsford

Great Soundscape

Great soundscape. The intro really sets the mood with a nice mix in the low end and a clear distinctive wood block sound replacing the typical snare. The piano fits incredibly well when it comes up in the mix. The vocals are a little tough to hear but I can tell that they are spot on. The song slowly builds until about 2/3 the way through, has a break down section and finishes by restating the original theme. In conclusion this track creates a very pleasant, relaxing and smooth soundscape.

United States, Oregon, Corvallis



Italy, dalmine bg

Music review

As im listening to the music I like how it came in really smooth with a suttle ambiance and then the singing comes out of no where. The voice sounds really good actually I really like the mix. That is a huge thing for me clarity. And then it cuts out and then the oohh ahhhs. With the beat switch up very nice. I like how you brought in the piano that sounds really good as well with that African vibe to it very smooth sound and the beat is really on point. It sound like a very well produced track. I want to say thank you for being a creator and I hope you make more music like this for us listeners to keep vibing to. I hope all is well with your family and be safe out here. If you get some time check out my music to I think you will like it alot. I just uploaded some new stuff and will be up loading more very soon.

United States, Florida, Tampa

For Connaisseurs Only

Intersting artist name because Misdivine sounds like "Miss Divine" but is written like a "non divine". As unusual as the artist name the music is. Before all it is experimental. Don't expect pop chart ready sound, just audio experiments, Very much reverb what is ok, it gives a spherical touch to the sound. "Instrumental" in the description is not really correct, there are vocals. Listen to the end, there is no tradional structure like verse - refrain. It is more a wall of sound. I give five stars because it meets expectations Promise (from what I expected) fulfilled.

Austria, Vienna


ENIGMA -Return To Innocence. Misdivine , you got a great jam on your hands. This German band has been successful back in the days with this cut, I too believe you got what it takes, continue pushing this jam. I use to listen to this cut every time it was played on the air (even downloaded it ). It helped me when I didn't fit in with my surroundings and seen to be friendless but I kept going , only to return to myself, be cool love and keep it straight.

United States, Florida, jacksonville


The song has atmosphere, it takes you in odd & different directions but it works. its sounds like The Weekend took some good stuff & started writing with a Tribal style percussions with middle eastern & electronic music. The music sounds great, it has good production quality & I'm digging the vibe. I'm giving this track a well deserved 5 out of 5 for its artistic direction and atmosphere

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

Light & Airy and Mysterious!!!~~~

Very cool song!!! The intro begins as spacey and airy as a song can be. When the vocals come in, the lightness is still there. The song draws you in and begs you to listen. You feel safe and sound. This is a trick. Something happens, some weird instrument comes in and jars the peacefulness. I can't identify the instrument. Then comes a rocking drum beat. The icing on the cake are the girl vocals! They make a great song even better. I'd like to hear more.

United States, Illinois, Hillside


I hadn't come across this artist until today and as everyone knows I love a great and inspirational introduction to a song and piece of music, as it sets it up to the listener, there's nothing worse than when a great song or piece of music is let down by the invitational offering. Well this is an introduction that certainly paints a picture and entices you in completely. There is a vivid indigenous ambient aura that envelopes you, it could be the indigenous areas anywhere I the world, Middle East, the Aboriginal people of the Australation continent as well as the Indigenous tribes of the Americas. What a beautiful voice too, such ambience that transports you on a cloud of inspiration and serenity, together with the memory and reminder of the pains encountered over generational traumas. I wish you well with this there is a real awakening around the earth, footsteps in the sand! a great awareness guys, thank you and love the sound of the ocean at the end washing over these endless sands of time. Thank you

United Kingdom, Bridport

Appreciative of the Ambience

Unique combination of textures and vibes. Spiritually uplifting. Your experiment is a success. However, seven minutes is a hard sell in the virtual world, if that is your intent. Thank you for sharing. Peace from SSsongs

United States, Purvis


Gorgeous textures throughout under layed by a solid heartbeat. Voices remind us of ancient times and the feeling is of an enormous landscape peppered by the tremors of nature. The song feels like a tribute to big skies, searing deserts, lost peoples and ancient rituals.One is easily carried a long by this cinematic soundscape. An impressive song full of beauty and feelings of ultimate respect for nature. Bravo Misdivine.

United Kingdom

Sounds great!

Listening as I write this and just enjoying the ride. Sounds absolutely awesome. I liked it so much I went ahead and subscribed to your YouTube channel as well. Looking forward to hearing more awesome sounds from you. Keep up the great work!

United States, Oregon, Portland

While listening to this music my vessel is the rhythm track. I’m traversing culture and time and all senses are activated. Vocals are phasing back and forth between minor, dissonant; and dimensional. Then off to another time. Very nice signal processing

While listening to this music my vessel is the rhythm track. I’m traversing culture and time and all senses are activated by the fine music and strange samples. Vocals are phasing back and forth between minor, dissonant; and dimensional. Then off to another time. Very nice signal processing by the way, and the mix is a Masterpiece. I highly recommend Sun Beams, Oceans and Ancient Dreams – DIVINIUM. Well played Misdivine, very well played. I look forward to finding more of your work.

United States, Washington, Lakebay

Sun Beams, Oceans and Ancient Dreams

What a beautiful introduction on this song. The arrangements all over the song is very captivated. Because I felt something strong..I liked very much. The lyrics combine perfectly into the context of the song. The Piano on the second part of the song is very beautiful. I would like to hear more backing vocals over all the song, because it got very beautiful. I hope you continue to write songs like this. Loved very much!! Thank you for your music! Aira Winterland

Brazil, São João

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