Madamina - Mozart

Mikhail Evtyukhov

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Very well excellent brilliant idea Iove the strings how they attack the melody this piece have a very classical feel to it would like to hear more high and lows of the music and the songs builds to take you on ride with the music may could also add a little percussion here and their to complement the volin but that was a awesome very well musically executed and put together it will be very exciting to here this piece played live but keep up the good work

United States

asfut listen

This is a big band sound with and nice vocalist. I loves the syn between the vocal and the instrumentals this gives you a movies feel. I would loves to hear parts of the track featuring another top colorful instrumentals but as a whole i think this is great recording for it purpose. goto A Showcase for Unsigned Talent and get our free app and stay updated.

United States, Georgia, Greensboro


You have a very Extraordinary vocal presentation. The Orchestra reminds me of AIDA the Play and the only one I have had the pleasure of performing in. I love your rendition of this song. You are fabulous and I hope that you're going to perform this song and many others in a theatre in the USA. The Orchestra is awesome and Production is Arranged with precision. I would love to see you LIVE in the future. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

United States, California, Los Angeles

What a Voice!

I love opera and this singer has the voice for it. I'm a blues/jazz guy but learned much respect, admiration and an appreciation for opera and opera singers from when I was taking voice lessons from an opera singer. What a voice! It's an uplifting Mozart piece "Madamina". I believe that singing this is demanding and the vocals fit the orchestral track exquisitly I love listening to this and am really enjoying this.

Canada, Ontario

A Solid, Commanding, Richly Passionate Performance...A Majestic Piece...Not-to-Be-Missed!

Mikhail's voice commands your attention from the first note, and his deep passion and buoyant presence carries you along from there to mountain peak crescendos and through peaceful valleys of gentle persuasion to the gentle, yet glorious conclusion, supported beautifully by an orchestra that is obviously directed very sensitively and exquisitely matched to his strong vocal lead. Certainly a heart-lifting, soul-enriching performance not-to-be-missed by any true lovers of classical music and opera...but even for those of us who are not exclusive, regular listeners of either, his presence still commands your attention and, I must say, has a way of keeping it at every note...all the way to the glorious end of this truly majestic piece!

United States, North Carolina, Asheville

If you think classical music is not fun - think again…

Experience the rich artistic tones, the magnificent expressive vocal dexterity and range of Mikhail Evtyukhov in this rendition of Mozart’s Madamina. Madamina is a witty and delicate master piece from Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni and Mikhail flawlessly and effortlessly renders a crisp and precise performance of this gloriously delicious, mischievously amusing and scandalous master piece. Wow - and what a wonderful performance it is. Great music! Lots of Fun!

Trinidad and Tobago, Diego Martin

Absolutely beautiful

The vocals in this composition are absolutely flawless and extremely enjoyable. Listening to this composition allowed me to realize the sheer dexterity and beauty of Western Classical Music. Of course I do not understand the lyrics however music is one language .

Canada, British Columbia, New Westminster


I enjoyed this very much. You have tremendous vocal control and great resonance. You reach the high notes and low with great ease.This is a very professional performance, done with great style.You must have been singing for a long time.Keep the songs coming.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville


that wonderful, a nice surprise for me to hear you Make wonderfully played this masterpiece of Mozart's Don Giovanni opera some small things could comment, but is nothing compared to your warm and bright voice phrasing, long notes at the end of phrases, keep in mind that support the notes with breathing to avoid losing strength notice how a small crutch there, sounds like a super small falsetto and with your accent, it sounds a little weird for the rest, I think your work is beautiful congratulations and you continue to reap success!

Paraguay, Asuncion

Madamina/Mozart.....Mikhail Evtyukhov

Wow, what a big, round voice.....effortless and sounds like the perfect pitch to me. Thank-you Mikhail Evtyukhov. I would be able to listen to anything you sing. Bravo!

United States, California, santee

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