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a new year

thank you to all who have supported me and i wish you all a great new year..despite of where you live we must remember to be kind to each other..wether you be pro trump or not...we are all free people and must be ever vigilante to that fact...they work for us and not the other way around.. fro those who have lost governments this week the fate of your country is now in your hands ..choose wisely..you will be in charge...stay calm , love your families and your god and remember chocolate is a food group...peace and love ...

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well hello

i am sorry for ignoring people but now i'm not ...first off i am putting up a couple of tracks...these are just obeservations...i am australian so what happens in the US is irrelevant to me...but its just observations..so ...hello to bobby vice from ilinois...stay warm...jason from asheville NC oooh writers writers..thomas woolfe...creative people..boom...ken form LA watch the landmines...amadi jae...from the new hollywood georgia....well anyway...the tracks i am gonna put up here are Q related...now i'm not saying it's real but look at stuff..and think ...all companies and people are connected in some way....but some of you are in a country facing crisis....but remember the whole biden thing goes back 2014...who was in charge.....and does a war effect your bottom end...and who can try to fix it....so any way that kinda explains the track i am putting up...grain of salt ...grain of truth..research and decide for your self....

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happy easter 2019

hello and thank you all for your support....

i have just uploaded a new / old track concerning easter...
it may not be what tou agree with but i think makes a point.....so there you have it...now as stated in the past i do have albums for sale...and you can get them form me for a small price of between 2 - 5 dollars....email me at paypal and i will send them to you via my dropbox...

hello to carrie from manitoba and samuel form alberta and jaime from quebec..stay warm..
lynn brown and keith norman from auburn in washington...i used to live of auburn road in melbourne...i bet you have great food there ...
jon hasset from illinois...
anna gurajao from leicester..uk
karlos from brisbane...

i hope this easter finds you inviguorated wiht a sense of being usefull..we all need that...
remember sports fans END GAME is upon us...and thanos may have something in his butt...
specatacular or just S*&#@$#@Y...can't wait..IMAX and 3D WTF....

well have a good one

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purchase of music

hello once again i do not use amazon or itunes as yet ...should you wish to buy songs send me an email


request song and i will email you an invoice...2 or 5 dollars per album....get the song buy the album

the reason i do this is that i have a lot of content and jeff bezos is rich enough....and i am not sure how much in fees a bank charges for small purchases....So if you email me i send an invoice and send the album form my dropbox to your email address.....so that is how i am doing it at the moment.....be kind to one another ....love form me

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hello from the desk of dire straights

my subscription has expired which i am remedying so i do not know how this will effect things
but as always i thank everyone for your support and hope you are safe and sound and not in lava's way...i hope you all have jobs or get one soon ..me well i am still looking but that's small town life for you ..anyway thanks for everything and have a good week

hello to the new people on my subs list

10west in london
hey if your old enough keep an eye out for an exotic dancer named martina markota she just arrived in blighty and i hope to be working with her soon link ..she is not your average person who appears semi naked she is an artist....

miss maryann swink in salzburg ...yay doppler ..i named an album after him and of course the space man felix...wow and my son's crush is named maryann ..so good onya maryann's and good onya salzburg

kelsey from new hamshire ...1st for independance and four astronauts...wow
kristina from boulder colorado ...home of jello biafra...
craig Jackson from new york well everyone goes there

peace in the middle east..and eat healthy


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