Hammer of God *.

Mike Harty

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Martillo de Dios

Buen trabajo en las baterías. He tenido que escuchar la canción dos veces. El juego con las guitarras puede mejorar sobre todo al principio de la canción. Momentos de intensidad y luego momentos de calma. Creo sinceramente que la canción se puede constituir de dos maneras: un momento normal que vaya cogiendo potencia a lo largo del tema y tenga su zenit antes del final. Por otro lado los cortes que haces yo los definiría más, en decir, diferenciando que quieres expresar en cada momento. Es mi humilde punto de vista. Es muy raro encontrar a un grupo de metal cristiano y sobre todo metal progresivo.

Spain, Huelva

Good work

I didn’t know what to expect when i saw christian rock on your profile.Got to tell you that I’m impressed by your song!At the beginning it came loud like a trouble song for a few seconds!Nice solos!Keep going your great work!

Canada, Quebec, Pointe-Au-Pic

Totally Enjoyed This, it rocks!

I love the crunch of electric guitars in this, they cross over in stereo as they play, NICE TONES and sweet solos! the drums are very well recorded and played, nicely tuned and stay in beat throughout the song! The bass rocks, I can feel the fingering. Overall the stereo imaging is very good, keep on rockin' it sounds awesome. I prefer instrumental rock and this is sweet!

United States, Florida, miami


The same melody can be interpreted softly, melodiously, joyfully, raw, playful, and in many ways sung or played by an instrument. Think of a metal song, a children's song or a romantic song. Of course, this is not a purely compositional aspect, but we must take it into account as it influences notoriously. Thinking about how the melody should sound, even the timbre of it is a very important aspect. Very good song. My congratulations.

Mike Harty

A very strange, crazy and interesting track.Instrumental full of strange melody and vibe.Lots of place for imagination.This is oryginal idea and this is a good idea in my opinion.I want another song.

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Excelente rola

Muchas felicidades, es una excelente canción, el martillo de fondo como realizando un trabajo duro junto con el abrasivo sonido de las guitarras realmente te transporta a otra dimensión, tendrás Miles de reproducciones ya que tú trabajo debe ser escuchado por todos los amantes del metal progresivo, me gustaría escuchar más canciones tuyas, la batería y el l acompañamiento de bajo realzan la labor de las guitarras

Mexico, Estado De México

Hammer of God

nice and short little instrumental. Guitars are staggered just enough and the solos are definitely Mike Harty endorsed. If You're are looking for a cool driving tune through town this one will do it

Canada, Ontario, Orillia

Well recorded and very original!

A very well recorded sound where you can hear each element and all instruments. A very free style of rock. The clarity of the instruments is fantastic. A free time composition mixing rock, jazz, alternative in a very progressive footprint. Something new in the music market. Congratulations on the work. I've never heard anything like it. That sounds very original!

Brazil, Guarujá

Review of "Hammer of God" by Da'NiSh

Hammer of God by Mike Harty is a sonic rush of the mind and uplifting for the soul. Your message date 2019/12/19 adds to the occasion by uplifting the spirit. Lyrics are just not required for this instrumental piece. Your instruments talk the talk. Well done Mike - how about more like Hammer of God.

Australia, Melbourne

Sounds good

As i listen to this i feel a nice and calm feeling. It gives me nice vibes and the sound is good. I like the guitarwork and basswork. That temporise gives the song a real kick in the ass and then you slow it down. Well done!

Sweden, Karlstad


Great music! I really liked the ambience and the guitar tones! I hope you keep up the good work and wish you all the luck in the world! Looking forward to listening to other songs! Congratulations!

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Hammer of God

Woow! Metal with many melodies. Big surprise. Interesting main riff, solos playing in this same time in oboth channels. Complex melodic lines, based on an extraordinary dose of progression. It is an instrumental song, although with an interesting voice it could be even more interesting. A little bit out of listening to this composition are the inserts of moving something or someone. At first I even wondered if this was a specially inserted error in recording ... However, not. This is a deliberate procedure, I just wonder why it was used. Because I like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai very much, that's why I like Hammer of God and I can recommend it. Greets, ATRAPA

Poland, Poznan


I like the production sound and originality. Good job!! I can feel the heart in this showing you put in some dedicated work.I like the guitar and the energy of the track, I can dig it!!! Sounds like the studio vibe was chill!!!!! More artist should study the roots of their culture of art more to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

grande rock

grande rock progressive con svasature al di la' di tutto nel senso che sono veramente da chitarrista virtuoso arrangiamento fenomenale musica veramente ricercata con gran bei effetti bravo

Italy, dalmine bg

rockin in an abstract way


Heavy tune. When it started, it didn't go the way I thought it would. That is good. It's different. However, I note there are some parts in it where it seems like the riff is delayed or the beat is off. It can be frantic at times which makes for a compelling listen, but In the future, I would ensure the playing syncs up with the drums better. Nice instrumental otherwise.

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa

Rocking On For Christ

thank you for that way to your song I really like the lyrics and the title keep on giving God the glory piano music no matter what. I grow listen to all music Christian rock soft rock rap r&b just to name a few. Never stop showing me to give us a chance with the world continue being blessed with other people and never be afraid to connect level. Hope you had a wonderful weekend enjoy your upcoming week thank you again for around the tree give your music and really enjoy please keep me posted I'm coming out in the future God bless you and I to go to do to create for him cuz Jesus name God bless a

United States, California, Every Where

Bringing on the onslaught

Reminds me of Zappa. Some good humors sounds of any kind will help round out this project. I love the deliberate force of the idea. Keep it coming, Keep on rocking. If you add some crazxy drums on the absolute edge of obnoxious vitality it well really feel good while you take in the craziness. Like I said, keep rocking.

United States, Texas, Houston

I'm not understating your vision

Please take no offense MR. Harty. But I've been listening to this track and its some how confuses me its hard to listen to. There some cool stuff about this track but its not clicking together. As if it doesn't know were its wanting to go. This should be a shorter psychedelic filler track or turn into 2 different songs. It sounds like there is to much going on with no direction. No offense but I'm not understating your vision on this track. I give this a 3.6 out of 5.

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

Review on the Hammer Of God


Mike, I have listened to you instrumental & found that there has been a lot of work to construct this piece of music...But, as a Ballroom Dancer & a Line dance it doesn`t have a beat that can be used for either. Ok to sit & listen with a couple of beers. Keep up the good work

Australia, Manjimup

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