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very good song, my congratulations. I like it a lot, you have a lot of talent. Thank you for sharing your music, your creativity and your talent. Keep going. Many blessings. Long live rock and roll.

Worth the listen

Excellent song great music and very good vocals, more on the rock side ...sweet lead guitar and good message of Love .. not to hard not to mellow it's a awesome song ... Keep up the good work... God bless in all you do

United States, California, Sheast Lake



peccato si senta male la musica perché' il cantante ha una bella voce e il pezzo non e' male ma sinceramente non capisco come mai si sente male ma il cantante ha grandi mezzi vocali per me tutto bene esclusa la registrazione

Italy, dalmine bg

Rush lovers delight

Hey, this song is musically reminiscent of the band Rush during earlier albums. The vocals are a bit of a departure from Rush but a nice melody. Overall it keeps a prog attitude. With a story of a girl who is searching for answers in her life. Everyone can relate at one point in their life, right? Im listening on small speakers but it seems to be mixed fairly well. No major problems that i can hear. I like it and will give it high marks not because it's unique but because it resembles things i have liked in the past. Music is done tastefully and so i have to say great job!

United States, Tennessee, Columbia

Mike Harry Marilou

This is great Mike a wonderful sound and superb musicianship. great vocals and love the guitar sound. i wish you well with this song .great pop rock with a slight psychedelic sound. Brilliant

United Kingdom, Littlehampton

your song

Hi Mike, thank you for sending me your song for review. I like your song very much, it sounds like the old times music, but beautifully made. The main voice is the perfect voice for this song, the music sounds very good too, the song is well done and good thought, the lyrics are also very interesting with a nice story, keep that job up Mike, congratulations and many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo

Germany, Muenster

Good playing and arrangements let down by poor recording quality.

The playing is tight and has a feeling reminiscent of the 70s and early 80s the chorused guitar at times sounding like Andy Summers from the police, at other times the band sounds quite a lot like Rush with some very interesting time signature changes. The vocals are well sung and in terms of style I find them reminiscent of bands like REO Speedwagon or maybe Journey. Maybe they lack a little in individuality,(Though this may be exacerbated by the quality of the recording as mentioned below). Guitar playing is excellent as is the general standard of playing of the rest of the band. Unfortunately the whole thing is let down by a really dreadful production. there seems to be such a high level of compression that it is pumping in a way that might even be unacceptable in a dance track. This makes it difficult to actually hear the more delicate parts of the composition which are evidently there, and it is also responsible for making the vocals indistinct, so that it is impossible to actually hear what the lyrics Are. I obviously don't know the circumstances under which this was recorded. It would be really good to hear this band with a better recording in terms of sound quality.

United Kingdom, Salisbury

Marilou in True Form

Another example of Harty's talent. I think he's one of the better guitarist i've run across on N1M. The tones are refreshing and entertaining. The harmony in this song is spot on and mutli-tiered. But Mike's guitar work is what sets him apart. Job well done here. I like the fact that the song pushes the envelop of time past the typical 3-3.5 minute range. Nice energetic rhythm. Upbeat and crisp. the downmix I find took a beating with the melody phasing a tad much. But overall a nice song.

United States, Louisiana, Delcambre


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding non stop you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin Follow my Instagram and twitter @king_james_on1

United States, Texas, Houston

A Review of 'Marilou' -- 'Mike Harty'.

A very evocative song/composition especially when instrumental and vocal harmony are combined, a remembrance of Hippies during 70's-80s typical of Rock during those years! Catchy guitar riffs. The other remarkable part of this tune is the quality of the vocals and the timbral settings of some of the instruments/guitars. From 03:30-03:32 and 03:39-03:41 and 03:48-03:50 and similar fragments sound very similar to one of the riffs of Richard Wright's works of late 70s [doesn't mean that you have pinched those portions!]. A great guitar solo from 05:04 onwards. A very authentic singing voice and professional approach.

Australia, Sydney


Mike Harty's lyrics and sound is from the womb of the dawn in heaven...songs of deliverance with instrumentation that sets the blood on fire to win back the heart and soul of those searching for that new life, that new beginning. Words that change the perspective to give us hope for a new day in a new way with The Good Guide...the Shepherd of Our Souls, Jesus Christ. A wonderful lyric that tells the story of redemption. The music inspires belief in this simple song of about how love walked in and it was Jesus! Guitar is spot on, especially the chords at the end. Wish this song would go on a bit more! The anointing on the words and the vocalist is tangible and felt in the air! .

United Kingdom, WALES

very good


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Venezuela, Barinas



The recording quality isn't great, I know tho, recording can definitely be a pain! Seriously tho, that's the only down side, this song is awesome! I'm totally feeling it. Great vocals, catchy and uplifting melodic riffs. It reminds me a lot of Rush and has a very 1980's feel to it. Very cool and well done. I can definitely see myself cruising to this song on a sunny day along the coast line. Keep making music! I want to hear more!

United States, California, Los Angeles



Very good song and message. Really like this song, it's got a great beat and lyrics. I loved it from start to finish. It's got daydreamy rock and roll feel to it and yet it's about a girl and Jesus and her spiritual search for Him. Marilou needed a brand new start and Jesus gave it to her by forgiving her sins. Love this song and sound. Very new and original. It touched my heart for living for Jesus.

United States, California, Sacramento

I can hear the potential

Hi Mike. I love hearing any original Christian rock. This review is meant to give you some ideas to help you with your future endeavors. I have to point out that the quality of the recording was really poor making it hard to hear all of the instrumentation. It is highly recommended that when you put music out there for people to hear, you should put your best foot forward. Home made demos are great as a blueprint before it's done for real. It strikes me as a song that would have come out in the early 80's. As a one man band, you have a lot of talent and I believe that you are going to create some cool music. Keep on rocking for God.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas


This song sounds amazing the vocals wow................ the guitars amazing the tone of the singers voice wow wow..... this song sounds to so good it's put together extremely well. Iove the melody and the chorus.... this song is far from boring I canister to this song over and over....I want to thank for letting me review your beautiful song just amsxing......I want to wish you the very best of luck with this song and your amazing arrangement and vocals all the best................. Steve from voodoo dancer just love it............................ .....

United States, New York, Middle village


Sorry Mike, something weird with the vocals mix on this one bro...thats all I got!!! Sorry Mike, something weird with the vocals mix on this one bro...thats all I got!!! Sorry Mike, something weird with the vocals mix on this one bro...thats all I got!!! Sorry Mike, something weird with the vocals mix on this one bro...thats all I got!!! Sorry Mike, something weird with the vocals mix on this one bro...thats all I got!!!

United States, North Carolina, Concord



Not sure if ii could get the ntro. Once it started playing it sounded sort of heavenly. There was a lot of strings in the beginning and a few changes I couldn't grasp. The vocals sounded sweet with the background but they were hard to understand at first. But it turned out to be a pretty good song. Give it a listen if you got the time.

United States, Tennessee, Greenbrier

Mairl out

This introduction appears to never remarkably how I largely envisage my twelve stringed sounding if it was put through this style or type of distortion pedal. It sounds a little unbalanced in relation to the vocal which together with the harmonies deserve much better attention and more sympathetic handling and production. Sounds a bit like T’Pau (sp) Keep witnessing in these strange days guys persevere in your task of promoting what you believe in, that’s for sure what you should be doing but stand back at times and makes one adjustments wherever necessary and where it’s needed to improve your own songs and soundscapes and performances

United Kingdom, Bridport

Marilou - Mike Harty

A slightly intriguing beginning and immediately such a strange wave - it turns out that it lasts throughout the whole song. Very bothers to listen. Composition is a cool rocking rock ballad. At some point the song gets a little harder, and a moment later the delicate verse returns. These heavier choruses definitely give energy. And finally a solo with a calming song ending. The whole composition is a plus, only this strange wave makes the effect of listening to the old vinyl record. Regards, Maciej ATRAPA

Poland, Poznan

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