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Innovative Textural Rock Song


From artist Mike Harty, it's a progressive rock piece filled with textures, contrast and passionate performance. This is a compelling instrumental that builds from the first sound. At only two and a half minute this seems to just get going and already you have to start it again. but it's fun and interesting to enjoy. The lead guitar takes the melodic duties while the bass and drums keep the driving rock groove going. I enjoyed the arrangement of this as it seemed every time the section built up it switched gears to a new and contrasting section. I see a lot of potential for this if it gets into the hands of some good music supervisors in Los Angeles for movies and television music applications. Even video games could well use this. And these folks are just down the 134 freeway from Glendale. I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist.

United States, California, Studio City




United States, California, MOJAVE

Fusion Song Air Drop Rocks!

Loving this instrumental. Takes one on a journey of epic proportions in rock! I loved all the favorite riffs and combinations putt together from many past favorites. Great fusion with the crystal air keyboard sound effects in the introduction. Calls to mind Leonard Skynnard in a few bars. Nice finale too! Well seasoned guitarist!

United Kingdom, WALES

Dense "Air Drop"

Very exciting track, so intense! The synth samples not seems the maximum and, perhaps, could be better (eg. the initial voice sounds too fake). The atmosphere is intense but the track is too short...

Oh yeah !!!!


Hooked from the haunting intro. This is playing like I love to hear, well crafted and not always trying to break the sound barrier , something I am trying to learn. Love the different textures in sounds and the interplay between them. Always loved guitar and instrumental music and this is one more reason why. Kudos. MHD

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale



Bonjour Mike Harty, Suite à votre "request for review"... Mon Commentaire:Electric ! “Air Drop” Très Bon Instrumental avec la Guitare....... Carine Dito (Parolière/Lyricist) Ma page Facebook: ............../carine.dito Like & Share on Facebook

France, *

Air Drop Review


Very creative beginning. I love the first main guitar part, the power is amazing. Where you lost me a bit is from 1:15-1:33. It just doesn't seem to fit the song. You capture me back right after that. The lead guitar work is absolutely amazing. I love the way the bass supports the guitar. Somehow I wish I could hear more bass, foot drum and snare to kick up the power of the guitar. It may just be in EQ. Really like this!

United States, New York, Uniondale

whooosh goes the time

sounds kinda la cienga....for those who know what i mean..but for me thats good...i like ambient chaos as it always leads to a promise of better things....busy afternoon laid back night...i do like the guitar riff it really takes me back to alice bowie...i think this band could work well with an extension to this song...well played

Australia, sea lake

Instrumental should be focus point of genre


FIrst I liked what I heard.. BUT>...I think you are doing yourself a disjustice but not picking a closer or correct genre for what this song is . Classic Rock I do not see that. Progressive yes but here again an instrumental first and foremost . Your song otherwise I enjoyed quite a bit and would have given a higher rating if I knew it was an insturmental instead of waiting for vocals to come in. If not done yet and you will add vocals sorry... Otherwise good stuff and nice recording and enjoyed the musicianship... genre is just my opinion but important to put yourselves where you get most exposure .... Not that I always follow my own rules but I try to be correct for exposure and it seems to help us...

United States, Florida, Spring Hill

Rockin the Melody


Great energy and dexterity in the lead guitar playing. The melodic lines of the guitar are dynamic. Drummer and bass are right with you. Transitions are sonically interesting. The spacy lead into the song goes a little long for my tastes but, the largeness of the payoff at transition can't be denied. Good work!

United States, Illinois, Arlington Heights

...hmmm.... well no sh-t!


Mike Harty brings us Air Drop ...and yeah, from the first beat the energy level is ramped up and then tossed overboard to achieve terminal velocity... more in terms of energy than speed. From a producer's, and if I am to be honest also a listener's persepctive, my only real complaint is that the song is only 2:31... with the careful manipulation of the energy in the song surely it was worth going a second verse and hook back. Something at this intensity and focus should roughly 4:35 or so. From an engineering standpoint this export should be run through a mastering project so it come up to a level strong enough for volume matching to occur when played online. The compression is a little high but that can be let out a little bit in mastering. I really liked the swing back and forth between Steve Vai and Eric Johnson and some Joe Satriani type riffs. Very cool!

United States, Texas, Houston

Heavy picking


This is a wash of glorious digital delays splashed all over metal guitar work of the heavy sort. Somebody has woodshedded the licks and harmonies to levels of excellence and placed the sections over powerful drums and bass. That all being said, there doesn't seem to be any focus to this music other than to show prowess. I personally would prefer to hear something more thematic in the way of a melody or a rhythmic structure...something to grasp beyond generically strong playing...something memorable...some stick-to-your-ribs music. The potential is here to follow that path. Here's hoping to get more focus in future listenings.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Air Drop is superb from start to finish!


"Air Drop" is a track that is very reminiscent of the days when progressive music was the latest and greatest think for those seeking a real musical adventure. Composed much in the same style, Air Drop provides and never ending flood of mentally picturesque images that seem to flow with the music. The progression is excellent with sufficient musical and mood changes to make the piece interesting from beginning to end. The guitars are well played and the sound is extremely well balanced. The supporting rhythm section is superb and definitely keeps the drive going. Air Drop is a superb piece of music from beginning to end without a dull moment between. Excellent work!!!

United States, Arizona, Sun City

guitar virtuosity


The instrumental song Mike Harty shows all guitar virtuosity , combining the influences of the old rock n 'roll with modernist arrangements of the years guitar heroes 80. The pace goes well with the textures sometimes angry and other melodic moments . A beautiful balance of alternating passages and climates that the song features . Finally , a song with great purpose. Congratulations beautiful choice and good luck , great future and much success for Mike Harty !!!!!!!

Brazil, Mandirituba

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