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Miguel guerrero is a great punk rocker, i like his stuff ,..not pretentious..well produced,..good songwriting and good performance on record ..it reminds me of the SEX PISTOLS a bit,..the vocals are good the guitar is economic and it rocks ,..very british sounding,..i would play list his stuff ,,becuz he wasn't reaching for the sky on this one, and based on his previous work i will give him a 5 star rating on this one for a job well done

Punk sound in alternative rock style

Yeah - that rocks! I feel compelled to listen again and again. The ruff distortioned guitar sound and powerful drums puts one immediately into the right in the mood. All the way from stanza to the refrain are accompained of brilliant rock-guitar sound and melodic bass lines, straight concentrated on the base drum. That´s not simple especially in the fills and mark a professional bass player. Fantastic song from Miguel Guerrero as guitarrist, on drums, bassplayer and vocalist. His unique vocals brings really a strong feeling into the song. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul. The refrain is the message and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. But the whole song is more various. The imaginative transitions from the stanza to the chorus makes the song lively and creative. The fantastic played e-guitar solo in the bridge increases this tune and is another extra factor. This song is from a musician, who understand what good music is about. Also the mixing and mastering is professionell. This a powerful arrangement influenced by alternativ rock and punk in perfect orchestration. I can´t stop listen to this song and I´m sure you like to add it, too. Let others know your recommendation.

Brittish style pop punk

Nice guitars and sound of the singer remi ded me young Iggy Pop. Couldnt help connection this song to british style pop punk genre, which is intresting genre. Only minus comes from the singing melody, which was too familiar from some where else. Vice of the singer fitted nicely for this song. Also right mixing, so keep on doing quoality songs!!

Review by Z

This statement is simply my opinion. What i will say is clearly constructive criticism. I enjoy the melody created for the song. The instruments harmonize very well with your voice. Its like nostalgia when listening to your song. 2:03 might be a lil 2 long. Maybe 1 minute n forty two seconds next time.

Diggin' that retro Surfer vibe !!!

Howdy- I'm sure Diggin' that retro Surfer vibe !!! I like the use of the guitar as a supportive back track that drives this puppy , pedal to the metal !!! The whole listen ng experience was so much fun ! Thanks for sharing :-)

Works For Me

Short secret story. I'd classify the song as Punk myself. It will do very well as a radio song. I can imagine this being used as a radio show intro. Passion and convictions we state can never fully be abandoned. My imagination is piqued wondering what the stand of the artist is about, so this is good left for each of us to define for ourselves, from drifting to standing in the river. My stand and your stand become the same. We can tell that ethics drive the stand from the tone of the delivery, yes? Hence why I say the song will live long as it lends itself to introductions of stories of stands. The song sticks in the head. You will ask yourself what you stand for. Good & simple.


Well this song is an odd one, but having said that, I really like it! I had to listen to it a few times to really get into its grove. It’s a strange combination of punk ,rock and roll and New Romantics . It has elements of Sex Pistols, Bill Halley and then half way through it suddenly sounds like the Killers, I wasn’t excepting that. I think this is a great track, if somewhat obscure and by that I mean it’s influences It’s banging, the vocals are at times a little poor( sound wise ) but all in all this is a great track. JC

Great structure

This track has awesome structure from beginning to end. The chords change up in relevant places and the voice is very cool! The mix is a little off in that the vocals get lost in the mids of the guitars. The drums get choked out in a section as well but, overall: this should be in a movie!! It's got the perfect kind of vibe for something like that. The lyrics themselves are strong and juvenile in their feel so there's a bit of a punk/skater overtone. Really dig it!

Make A Stand Review

The intro catches you off guard. Didn't expect that from the title. Guitars are awesome. My only problem here is you can't really hear the vocals and not enough attention was paid to drums and bass to make this a kick ass song. I really would love to hear it with the vocals remixed to be a little more prominent in the mix. Right now I can't understand what's being said. Sonically it sounds good but I need to hear what the lyrics are. Good energy!

Brings back the sixties seventies and even Elvis's Rock around the Clock

Well performed and arranged. It does remind me of tunes I listened to in the 1960's and 1970's. No harm there as those were interesting ,musical times. The thematic quotation from Rock around the Clock createsa certain sense of urgency. It may be a fixation of mine, but I'd have preferred the voice and words to be foregrounded more.


Se parece mucho a los Ramones, sobre todo el principio. Luego cambia y esa parte me gusta mucho menos, pero regresa al principio, a los Ramones. Canción divertida, para pasar un buen momento bailando. It looks a lot like the Ramones, especially the beginning. Then change and I like that part much less, but return to the beginning, to the Ramones. Fun song, to have a good time dancing.

You must be....

....a toy dolls fan. This sounds a lot like how I would imagine a more laid back Toy Dolls track going. The vocal is pretty reminiscent of this as well. I would have to call this a compliment, as who wouldn't like something that reminds them of the toy dolls? I sure as hell do! As always, the music is fun, to the point, and does what it needs to do. At risk of sounding repetitive, as I am guessing I have pointed this out before, this band would be a lot of fun to see live.


Hello! A big sound, certainly, but a song is poor ... The melody is simplistic, as well as harmony. The small solo of guitar in the center of the production is interesting and welcome. Thus, yes, I do not like too much this piece of music. It's a pity the group has certainly of the potential! Can be another composition it will make for me have a change of mind? But, the main thing is to take some pleasure by playing, in a group, a composition! See you soon!

Making a stand

Make a stand by Miguel Guerrero is sharp and perky.Its direct and rocks from the get go. The mix ensures that the the individual instruments stand out with clear distinction that overall makes it a pleasure to listen to Nice one Miguel, keep em coming. Jon, at the downtown Detroit Dublin.

Hello from Jerzy

Finally I'm hearing a nice piece of Classic Rock...Good job...I just wish the recording will be a better quality.. but is ok for life play..I also hope that end of the song You will fade.. not just end like is now...if You will make a Radio Ready Quality Recording I'm sure it will be play on FM or AM Radio stations... Jerzy..
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