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Oh Yeah ! ( Out Reach by M. Guerrero )

Yes, I could not turn it off during the review , I would not be surprised to hear this track on a radio station .. It has great format and the vocal is strong . The audio was simple and clear .. a great cut .. Honestly Swayde Cash / ToadLee Jones

Not exuberant...

This song is absolutely to the point, music-wise. Minimalist, but totally convincing. Not much is happening in here. But... music is occurring. Above all the refrain, so powerful, and vocally brilliantly performed. What I liked about this track: it's fully into rock, what is strange about this track: it revives the spirit of Kurt of Nirvana, sort of. But these days in music try anything and it will remind you of somebody else. What we pursue in music? Our own self. We try to discern it among tonnes of music footage available for us to this day. We try to personify our soul, our musical endeavor. Don't we?

Emo day

I like the Loud yelling chorus but I think the talking chorus could maybe have a little more emotion to it. I can see you are trying to bring out the emo in it but if you just stretch your vocals a little bi out of your comfort zone your music would benefit from it. There is so much energy in the screaming part of the chorus that the rest is almost too quiet emo. Good job with the composition of the song and the guitar drums. Peace and prosperity ✌????


Well.. You ask for a review..sound like the singer has a cold or something.. the vocal is not to good..and need to be rerecorded with better singer..I mean all has to be re do in order to pitch it to someone in The Music Industry.. as it now.. it has no chance to be hear by Radio Stations or Music Publishers.. there is an Good Idea in Your song but has to be "worked on " so all will sound much better and than .who know..I wish You good luck.. try Your best next time..

A Joy of Nirvana

I really like the bare lonely calm vers sound with angry undertones, that fully breakes out into desperation and connects you somewhere between Joy Division and Nirvana still creating your own specific sound. You´ve reached that kind of excitement and creates lovely tension!


Although this song is quite depressing, I think the point is made. In many ways, I like this song. It's not really well produced but when the chorus cuts in the despair of the vocalist shines through. I'm not certain that a better production will make this a better song. Overall, this song is more a song for, Miguel, than it is for the listeners. Keep working on your vocals, Miguel, still could use being more in tune and delivery. That will come with more practice.

This is hot!

Nice one, well put together..this song is big!! Splended work my friend. A joy listen to this song. Lyrics is fine.love your work ...continue making good music for your fans. Appreciate this song a lot. One love!

Eclectic syle and different

The song evokes an emotion of a sad and despondent person makin observations after some sort of an event that left him a very strong impression. The song keeps the same base and drums as the foundation and it seems to work. Simple arrangement but attractive, the vocal style communicates the sadness without even understanding the words an meaning.

always fun

I like the drum machine loop that this song builds on. It creates a vibe that puts you in a place that almost under implies the coming burst of guitars that hit during the chorus. It has a nice impact. I've been enjoying this band. It's not that it is super complex or heavily produced, which I tend to go for, but there is an almost irresistible quality to it. I think it is super creative, not too predictable, and seems like it would be particularly well suited for a fun live show.

Cool song

Cool song, choruses are effective and catchy verses create the dynamic, though i feel the song is lacking a bridge to break the ''verse into chorus x3'' arrangement... Maybe the use of the drum machine is intentional for the genre, but i feel the use a better virtual drum sound could rise the quality of the recording to new heights, Easy Drummer from Toontrack for example, once over the learning curve of that kind of software, you'll have a great drummer at your fingertips... All the best for 2018, keep them songs coming... Russel (Sons of Yesterday, Dragon Nation, BML, Rebels Cross)

Nice Experience

This one sounds to me like Nirvana with electric programmed drums. I like these yeah-yeahs - it's like "Smells like teen Spirit", but that's it. I miss the real drums, the wildness of some real dirty rock'n'roll. The distorted guitars are too tame, but are sounding good anyway. After all I feel the spirit inside this production, but you have to unchain the beast to extend your audience.

Interesting sound

Cool percussive beat. I like the simplicity at the beginning. The vocals sounds good, but at the beginning it sounds like they need a different EQ, sounds fine during yelled sections though. The layered vocals sound good, but they aren't ending at the same time all that often. The last time the chorus comes in, it sounds abrupt. Overall, it's a nice track that has some cool sounds and is well put together.

Out of reach

This is a good song..soft almost all the time , but with some agression in the peaks and the chorus. I can hear some Punk influence in the riff and the voice attacks. The soft part is very catchy , interesting song

Don't lose hope

I know this is quite a scathing review but I normally try to not have a go at something that is trying to be creative. The positives of this review are rather small and I cannot really think of any, maybe the fuzzy sound of the guitars in the chorus. Otherwise this one is a dud; the drum beat is laughable, vocals poor, lyrics two-bob and the song is fairly none existent. It is just this song doesn't really do or say anything, it could possibly send someone over the top of the cliff. I will definitely review another song by this guy as I am sure this one is just the exception to rule.

Grunge on steriods?

Wow, so Mr. Guerrero caught me on the perfect day. I feel perhaps exactly like what this song is saying. The only issue I have with this song at all is that I wish there were live drums. It reminds me very much of Nirvana, whom I love (and often feel like). I bet this one would be great live, and I'd love to hear a version with live drums. I have to give a thumbs up to this one....
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