First, Thanks for listening to my music. While the majority of N1M users are performers and here to advance and sell their music. There is a smaller group of us that are into composition only and are here simply for the music. That's me. Here's my bio.

Early in my career, I entered the Corporate jungle during the business boom of the 1980's, Quickly advancing my way into Division level Executive Management involved in business acquisitions and turnarounds.

College studies were centered toward a Business Management and Marketing degree. Then returning to college at 50 to obtain a Bachelors in Social Work and a Masters in Public Administration, with concentration in non-profit management. Hold an Honorary Doctor of Divinity and I am ordained as non-denominational clergy. My intent in obtaining these degrees was to give back for a life that I am extremely grateful and Thankful for !!!!.

Music Therapy has helped me tremendously, as I have suffered thru many years with the causal effects of PTSD and it has been a struggle,,,all of my life, acquired in my teens during my Naval enlistment being stationed in Londonderry (DERRY), Northern Ireland.....(See my Video - SOLACE). Music is my therapy, as nothing else I have tried has helped me contend with the horror and terror of that time and place....Music will set us free..

As we grow, we acquire a particular taste and a favorite kind of music, and then of course our music tastes change over time. Personally, I have acquired an extremely eclectic and wide ranging appreciation of all music, musicians’ work, composition and recording. Being born in Virginia and growing up in North Carolina has certainly influenced me thru exposure to traditional, church, country and bluegrass. But then again, living in California, Europe, Ireland and traveling professionally across America, those experiences have exposed me to everything from all the Americana to British tunes, from the 1950’s to present day. On the other hand, Rock, Pop and Easy listening have become favorite genres as well. Then there was my good friend's 700 plus LP record collection, which further exposed and enlightened me to virtually every kind of music known to man.

Whatever our personal situations are or may have become in LIFE, music is the universal language and food for the mind and soul. All forms of music provide us a great way to relax and escape, and music is truly therapeutic and helps each of us in traversing daily life and its tribulations. In the end it inspires and relaxes us by our listening, creating or just following a tune by singling along. Actually, there is a lot science and empirical research that music stimulates the brain and reconnects and re-routes thought processes and creates and repairs nerve transmission pathways that have been damaged. So Music Therapy and Research has become yet another facet in my love and appreciation for music itself.

Thru music, I support and assist various causes pro bono with non-profit and worthwhile projects, of which I advocate for. I am not here to sell you anything and due to the internet trolls and pirates, who snag our music FREE from virtually all websites, I do not post my fully edited or mastered music, it is copyrighted internationally, catalogued via ASCAP and is digitally marked.

All music is recorded, produced, mastered and cataloged via my own ASCAP label. MWILLIAMSUSA MUSIC, ASCAP. So, while I sincerely appreciate other promoters' interests, and send my thanks to producers, agents and labels, but please do not contact me in regards to services you may offer. Unless, you want to collaborate on pro bono projects that are centered towards helping the Veteran, Homeless populations or those in need and living in poverty!

Please visit my Facebook page and give a like or Fan, if you are so inclined. My fan support is sincerely and truly appreciated and I am blessed to have now well over 22k combined followers of my music, on server sites here stateside and overseas.

Stop by and say hello on my personal FB page at:

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YOUR LIKES AND FANS, and Kind Words are Appreciated!!!

Thanks So Very Much!

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