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The minute that piano starts playing, I get goosebumps all over my body. Then you start to sing and I feel like i’ve been transported into another dimension. I love country music and this makes it extra special as it has a religous aspect to it too. It’s wonderful. The lyrics are amazing, lots of colour and vibe. Please continue to make more music. I would love to play some of these tunes in church.

United Kingdom, London

Walk with me

What a lovely voice, I love the riddim too. So great sound and cool music. I'm proud I found this cos it's definitely gonna be on ma playlist. Thank you for making such nice sound. I really enjoyed

South Africa, Cape Town

Walk With Me

This is a beautiful song with great vocals. I really like the music arangement and the lyrics are very strong. Congrats! on the producing such a nice song. I look forward to hearing more songs by Melanie Shifflet.

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Kenneth Warner

Great song and great vocals you are awesome keep on doing what you do and check out my single Love that lasts a lifetime by Kenneth Warner and our Band page Suthern Accent Band and keep the songs coming

United States, Virginia, Fort Blackmore

Spectrum of Colors explode


The imagery in the lyrics of this song are unbelievable. So much imagery rushes at me, I have never experienced this before expect in strict poetry. The melody is haunting and invokes a Celtic feeling , which could be intensified dramatically with strings, nevertheless the piano is well managed, and does a good job of setting up the emotion of the song. In my opinion, your voice would be bolder and more powerful with the addition of EQ and slight reverb, to echo in reverberation with the soulful lyrics of the song. That said, with the tools available, Beautiful. Well Done. The right producer could have this song in film. Keep writing and singing.

United States, Texas, Stockdale

Walk With Me

Melanie, your voice is Beautiful and this song really reaches the soul deep with your sweet voice. I can listen to your voice all day long. You really know how to reach your highs and lows and sing from the inner which a lot of singers don't. I can only imagine what else you have in store for the World !!

United States, Maryland, Frederick

Walk With Me....


This song is a gift to the world that brings enlightenment and revelations of heaven and it's King. Right from the introduction of the piano is so anointed with a beautiful voice that is so heartrending. It calls us to a New Door of Appearing....the place of Ardent Ardor of Audacious Adoration. It has a special anointing for worship. Laden a s a talble with a Royal Feast this song has so many words that feed the soul. You give honor to the Wonderful Counslor in my heart I see The Lord Jesus Christ reaching for you to dance a two step while clothed in rainbows of His Living Colors. I hope you will continue and put this in the Genre of Christian Music. Then your Sisters and Brothers will also dream of heaven and their King of Kings perceiving Him in new ways through these heaven sent anointed words of these lyrics. I would like to hear this song in a re-mix with fiddle and percussion. .

United Kingdom, Wales, GB



WALK WITH ME is a strictly Country piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Country style as I said everything recalls the Country genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Country piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy

review of alk with me


A unique voice and well done in a story telling song instruments keep song together and linds to a nice performance pnio holds your attention ND THE VOCALS JUST KEEP TOUCHING THE EARS WITH THAT SPECIAL UNIQUE SOUND, TAKE A LITTLE TIME TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG STORY TOLD FROM THE HEART. You will like if you listen and its a new sound to me AND ITS a ok ENJOY THIE LITTLE TUNE BY mELANIE AND JUST nEVER LEAVE HER, WALK WITH HER, TALK TO HER AND ENJOY THE WORLD AS YOU TRAVEL ALONG LIFES PATH WAY GREAT PANIO PLAY AS WELL.

United States, Texas, Cushing

Awesome song

Beautiful you are an amazing singer omg, beautiful voice, so blessed to hear this, your voice is so angelic, beautiful. love it. made me feel happy. hope millions of people see your songs, excellent

Australia, Wallsend

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