Hello and welcome, I'm from Paderborn, Germany.

Thank you very much for subscription and support. That's what makes me going on.

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I write lyrics and poems and compose music for many years, now. Since my youth I have played in various local bands and projects. For some years I also cover songs of other musicians / bands.

My lyrics reflect personal experiences from my life. The one or the other companion can be found in it again.
My songs are available for purchase via digital download worldwide in over 150 shops.

I play guitar - acoustic, electric guitar and bass - keyboards and vocals. My genre is wide ranging from Rock, Progressive, Folk, Pop to Classical. I like to experiment.

I've been producing my own songs as a sound engineer for a few years now, and marketing is also in my own hands. That sounds like a lot of work, it is, but it's just fun for me.

Since 2010 I also work as a guitar instructor at music schools or privately. In my Facebook group "guitar lessons" (Gitarrenunterricht) there are always cutting and current information about the music.

In 2018 I will produce and release more already composed and finished songs. Much material comes from the days of my previous band Anaxagoras. I will produce this material together with my keyboarder Uwe Kleymann. I think that three albums will come out in the end. Since the band officially does not exist anymore, the release will take place here. These works are mostly pure studio activities, unfortunately at the expense of live events. Later, when everything is ready, I hope to find fellow musicians who will then perform the music live with us.

Released Discography:

Corinna - (c) 2007 to 2013 (remastered)
Proud of you - (c) 2007 - 2013 (remastered)

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