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very pure vocals! keep it up!


Keep on doing your music, one day you will hit it big, step up each on tel you get the big one. Tommy CCT

your in control

Awesome opening, full sounding guitar with very cleanly played chords. Vocally very strong, no errors in pitch and clear pronunciation of words. The song is easy listening and the sax solo comes in at a perfect time, provoking strong emotions, i felt myself get lost in my own thoughts throughout it. Well Done! love the song

mmm mmm good

Phil Collins!!!! haha Great music.. Great message.. Christian music always has the spirit!! love the double stops on the spanky guitar… The saxophone is absolutely beautiful… over that progression in particular.. the soft piano and guitars in the back… magical.. keep up the great recordings!

I was feeling a Phil collins thang at very first

then I hear your vocals are more spiritual... good quality....oh wow now im at that sax lead.....mmmm OK!!!!!!...HAHA someone else said the Phil Collins thing too ..great good job.. good production/composition...and again the sax gave it that extra touch


nice mellow track

your in control

good song, easy on the ears

Guitar Chords Power

This reminds me of Phil Collins. The guitar chords are nice. The chords sound like the Beatles or some from 1965. It is effective and powerful and has a fair sound. It is easy to listen to and has a good recording balance. I like the progressions and the sound of the guitar. I could listen to it again.

Not My cup of Tea

Well, i like the vocal , sounds good. Maby some harmonies? Mix ok. Keep one doing your thing;-) cheers IDM


The transitions in the verses could be better. I would use adlibs or something to fill in all of the empty space. I think the song is ok.

I am in Control

Nice mellow sound - the vocal reminded me of Phil Collins

I AM in control

liked the intro needs to be some movement during 1st verse(and 2nd) perhaps the bass to do this mix is a bit dull sounding where sax is playing there should be movement also very dead where it should be energetic

Review of "your in control" by WC

Nice Song ..


Keep up the work

Your In Control Review

The intro is clean sounding, able to pick out all the instruments. The groove is very nice and is relaxing, as well. Your tune sounds very, professionally engineered and produced, nicely. The saxophone is out front, where it needs to be in the mix. Lead vocals are easy to understand and your message gets across, very nicely, as well. Your vocals sound a bit like Phil Collins, too.
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