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Review of "oh Lord we love you" by Kris Gilmore

I thought Collin Hay was singing. Nice voice. Great message. Keep up the writing.


Come on man, this sounds like it was recorded in the 80s. Time to get current!

Oh Lord We Love You

vocal and music style brings Phil Collins to mind. nice work

thank you

Goodluck! God bless you and your music :) Youtube "Dream Pepsz" Pepsz


This is awesome! Keep it up! Check my music out at I opened up for Rick Ross last year! Follow me on twitter too @NileRoss

on oh lord we love you

Bless his name, excellent work on this spiritual gem.your vocal production is a plus by the way.................Spice.

Review of "oh Lord we love you" by WC


Review of oh lord we love you

Hey Mark, Nice arrangement,

Review of oh lord we love you

Nice heartfelt song liked the guitar and vocals sounded good and well recorded, keep up the great work and spread the message.

Oh Lord We Love You Review

Song sounds like a long intro. Waiting for the song to go to a chorus that will bring the message home. Production decent but I think more thought needs to be put into song structure.

Good one

Keep doing what you love good song


I love the tune you created, you have done a great job on the recording. The music is on point and the vocal is set just right.You have that Bob Dylan type of sound. Good work
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