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Into your presence

This song sounds a lil dated. I like the use of the flugel horn. Sounds like Lee Morgan meets Pink Floyd. The message is good. I think it could use more production and perhaps drums. Less reverb and other effects. To much is cloudy.

Review of "into your presence" by katapila

Very cool! Sounds a lot like Pink Floyd. Great melody. Simple, non pretentious lyrics. I like it!!


Nice 1 I like it ,keep up the good work you can send me more of your songs invite me on facebook streetleague and you can follow me on


I love this, keep up the good work. TommyCCT

good but

Good work in harmonies and composition but everythign sounds 40 years outdated..i dont know if this was the idea but people want to listen to new sounds..

Such an anointed song Congrats!

This is like Allen Parsons Project for Jesus! Nice horns and nice instrumentation. I think you should use an over lying harmony like Allen Parsons did then it would be perfect! Please contact me at and lets talk about publishing this on a grander scale plus new project together! Your brother in Christ Jesus JT Collins

into your presence

pretty song, not my kind of music

Review of " into your presence" by Rosie Jackson

Such beautiful powerful message and you deliver the song and I felt the holy spirit but can you do me a favor next time sing it if Jesus was present. the music production was flowing beautiful please let the new birth come stop holding back give us all of you this is your moment. Thank You& God Bless. St. Louis, Mo.

Review of "Into your presence"

Beautiful! thanks!

Threading the Needle by Janne Porraskorpi

A very well intertwined piece of electonica/techno music.From the very spacious opening the semi lyrical ending the song carries and interesting moving melody line throughout,The interplay between the instrumentation provides a very good contract and sense of movement and ambiance.A wonderfully mixed piece of electronica/techno music. Well done Janne Porraskorpi.

Into your Presence by Mark Grove

An enjoyable melodic relatively slowly moving piece of musical Christian based praise.The songs melodic harmonies are nicely done over thickly supporting instrumentation.The mix is very very well done with voicing of the wide variety of instruments used very clearly heard.The lyrical message while harmoniously well pitched, is not entirely clear,although not completely obscure.The songs dynamics provide a nice flowing texture.A very wonderful song of praise by Mark Grove.
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