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Review of ''your love(and now i know)"by Rosie Jackson

This song lack only one thing to get signed from a christain record lable I want to buy but this song. Thank you for raw talent and bringing the gift of God in your song which is love. I love your voice so refreshing, soft and reassurance. God Bless You: St. Louis ,Mo.


I like the Idea and the structure could use more mixing but as far as the music goes it has a very classical feel

This is Wonderful

Thank You for taking the time to put this piece of work together this is Wonderful to hear to bad i can't have the track or share it with people but this is Beautiful Thank You for taking the time God Bless - ScarCity

your love review

Nice feeling you put on your ballad, not my style of music but it listens well done.

your love( and now i know)



This is a great masterpiece getting closer i love this where can i get this at let me know @

Great Job!!!!

That was awesome! Keep it up! Check my music out at I opened up for Rick Ross back in February! Follow me on twitter too @NileRoss

I like the message

Love the lyrics Im a born again christian myself so Im working on a Christian Rap album now. The production was good your voice is nice but just sounds a little bit nosey. I would just say keep it up & keep practicing cause you dont have a bad voice at all I think you will get better in time the more you record. Keep it up & again love the message in the song may Jesus bless you.

Review of "Your Love"

Gorgeous introduction. Love your voice. Very nice song. And if you are on reverbnation/taba is where I am, I will definitely promote your song. Be blessed!


yea this format you'll either love it or hate it. coming from my perspective, I think it needs to be more dramatic. in the beginning, the reverb is not correct. it should be a little bit less there but it would have been better to give it the David Gilmore treatment--- keep the reverb around the same volume as the vocal, just pan the vocal all the way left the verb to the right. listen to the vocal mix with verb only through a single mono speaker, then make the reverb dryer to get the mono strong. then keep pan reletive to that but move it from one side to another once to recapture a dramatic feeing 3/4 into the song. the rohdes needs to go to one side instead of oscillating in the center.


As much as I love the message, the songwriting and track lack much in terms of inspired creativity and profound expression. Doesn't mean you don't feel what you say, sing, and write; but I don't feel that it's musically relevant.


I forget about - I like your mix of strings and piano;) Your music make me beloved;))

Salut toi!

Now i know too! Simple and geniuses song. I feel the love in your voice and it has high priority! I like your music and hope, maybe one day we make something together;) About music - like a cloud, my fav arrangement! About vocal - unbelievable! I think - your girl believe in wonderfull and beautifull! Best wishes! Christian Van Boollen (

my love (and now i know)

very sappy like the choice of instrumentation nice vocal phrasings too bad its wasted on religious drivel respect one's belief but when its categorized like this music-wise, its preachy keep it to yourself you need it most like phil collins but not quite so nasally vocals need a limiter as they pop out too far at places nice melody
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