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Review of "take into consideration" by luckee luchi

Nice Intro. Beautiful voice, very relaxing. Inspiring. Motivating. Uplifting. Very pretty gospel song. Lyrics are nice and yes this is very phil collins ish, but still very good. Overall good job and good luck. Note: Lets connect on social network. Facebook;!/pages/Luckee-Luchi/183962798334537 Twitter;@760_Luch

Review of "Take into consideration"

Good imitation of Phil Collins. I like your voice and the song has potential. Problem is while Phil Collins is around, so don't bump him off! Love the introduction. Also Brian with his version of "I believe in Christmas". I think you may need to put some emphasis somewhere. Lovely lyrics!


That was awesome! Keep it up! Check my music out at I opened up for Rick Ross back in February! Follow me on twitter too @NileRoss

nice voice

You have a nice voice to work with, but the quality of the recording could have been better. Something about it didn't touch my soul. I think all you really need is that extra thing that reaches inside me

Review of Take into consideration by Rosiejackson

The music arrangemnt was okay i erspect the message in the song. The vocal didn't go with the message this is a mssage you trying to get out to the lost souls.I 'm a christain and i didn't feel any emotion so please pray and ask God to anoint your voice this is what i do. Much respect and God Bless All. St. Louis, Mo


Just very bland and flat sounding writing and performance wise; as well as in the production.

take me to the lion's den, Daniel!

another "christian" song ho-hum vocals are a bit buried chorus should be built up w/ some backing vocals to make it powerful and full liked the treatment on the guitar solo very unexpected like the hammond organ sound outside of the bible thumping not a bad toon!


Your voice is like Phil Collins. Needs a bit of tuning though. The song is okay, nothing special but could be much better. Most if the backing is cheesy and predictable. It does open up more half way through but your voice should also open up and give it some. That will really work


Great message keep writing!
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