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Music has great start up and build and it goes mellow nice and soothing . You do have a gift for people would love to hear you while they're on vacation relaxing

The Greatest Treasure

Good Vocals. Particularly towards the middle of the song. I love that the writer loves his Lord and it comes across in his delivery. I'm not really a gospel kind of guy. This seems a more freestyle rock to me which is actually easier to digest.

the Greatest treasure

I like your style of music keep it move forward. I like your arrange and the lyrics Great job I can also listen to music and production I really like. Great job

This song is "Great"

Keep going hard in the music bro. God loves you! And he has big plans for you. I'm serious... I love the beat. The drums are tight, and that's all I have to say. I rate you a five!

tu tu's for ta ta's

intro guitar in overly compressed vocalist must be related to Phil Collins over all mix level is a bit low outside of the unnecessary bible thumping, not a bad vibe


Good message I like it its simple and nice


Just basically a plain track; not very creative or well written. I love the message, but from a purely musical point of view this is just a bit below average. Sorry, nothing personal.

Review of "The greatest treasure"

Beautiful introduction, nice voices too! Reminds me of Phil Collins. Just joined you on Reverbnation/taba. Thank you very much. Sharing your music around and will send you links. God Bless!

Greatest Treasure

i wrote this song a few years back when i became a Christian , we have the greatest treasure in this world a hope of a relationship with our creator , who just continues to bless us ,and bless us !!
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