del8ney // Mark Delaney
United States, Indiana, Evansville
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I have a few tunes that are released into the wild!

Greetings to everyone as we move into 2023!

I've released several songs this year and have more coming soon for the new year. Thanks for listening to my music on N1M and please have a listen to the YouTube channel.

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Hey, do you have time to listen to some music?

Hello my fellow Earth peoples,

I hope all is well in your world. For several years I have been working on getting some of my music recorded. I started hiring online session musicians to record parts on my original music. So far, I have worked with bassists, vocalists and drummers/percussionists.

I got a website started with some great people at Digital Upgrade and it is up at link.

In early Oct 2021 I started setting up the process with a distributor for pushing out some of the finished tunes to online streaming services.

And during all of this I discovered that there are already artists using the names: Mark Delaney, Delaney and variations of my name. So I chose to make a new variety as my artist name.
Search for del8ney and it will appear on lots of streaming services, YouTube or search engines.

So come on over to link and see what I have so far. Or just search for del8ney and stream from anywhere. Here’s my Youtube artist page:


This is a ongoing experiment and wow has it been fun!
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music.

I have several new songs in progress which I hope to release later this year.

del8ney // Mark Delaney

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Terrapin Dreams V1 & V2

Here is something to listen to while driving, with or without a destination == Terrapin Dreams version one and two. (V2 starts at around 1:47)...How can you pass up a deal like that?
There is a lot of good music one click away at all times now. So, I thank you for the time you spend listening to mine. Terrapin Dreams is Mark Delaney - guitars Loop Fruity - drums and S1V3 - percussion.
Hope things are rolling along OK for you wherever that may be....
Crank it up!

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