Real good performance!

Catchy song for sure here Marion. I know this is not your first rodeo. I like the catchy acoustic rythym guitar that fuels the song nice electric lead and licks... strong vocal and backing on chorus. I'm trying to get my head into the lyric. Not sure if this song is aimed at somebody in particular or a general statement. I'm sure you have lots of others and look forward to hearing them too! Good Luck with your endevours!

Neon Through A Smoky Haze

This song sounds like something you would hear late at night in a bar as people laugh and chatter. There is a bit of a generic quality to it, unfortunately. It is laden with Stevie Ray Vaughn style electric blues guitar solos and boogie riffs backed by an organ that provides a nice atmosphere. The chorus tries its best to hook you, but unfortunately falls a bit flat. All said, I am sorry to say that this song is overly generic and easily forgettable, which could make it difficult to not get lost in the plethora of music that is released on a daily basis.

A Country Song for everyone.

I have to say I don't normally listen to country. However from the start of this song I was really into it. The ear-catching acoustic guitar grabbed me from the beginning. The strong guitar work kept me listening. The guitar solo, in the beginning, was great and the guitar solo in the middle after the chorus was even better. The vocals are great! The singer has a strong almost rock-like voice and its very nice to listen too. Overall I loved the song. My only criticism comes with the mixing and mastering of the track. This is definitely a radio-friendly track but in order for it to be played on the radio I think it needs better mixing and mastering. The drums and bass were a little quiet and the vocals could use some compression and reverb to liven them up. However, that is not to take away from what a great song this is. I enjoyed every second of it. Pros: Great intro great guitar solo strong vocals great harmonies nice chorus love the background vocals during the chorus the great guitar solo in the bridge strong musicianship Cons: Production needs work Needs a better balance between each instrument. Could use some more effects.


Hello Marion!!!! Well you have a nice singing voice...mature and warm ! The guitar part is really good, great solo and a catchy groovy sound... The drum part is exellent too... It is an good recording, a clean title, ready for radio listeners... For the rest, as you might know, it is all a matter of personnal taste...The only thing I can say is that every one in your band did a very good job!!!!!!

Nice song!

I really like the intro music, and the overall country-indie-pop sound. The lyrics are very nice, and the chorus is catchy to sing along. The artistry and musical composition is something I could hear on the radio. Keep making awesome songs! :)

Amazing guitar

The background music is great, powerful and spot on. The lyrics could be expanded upon more. As strong as the voice is, clearer dynamics would bring more emotion and connection to the song. Strong potential.

Into Love has the makings of a radio hit if it had a few more instruments

Another great song by Marion Drexler. This woman is from Toronto (so are we) and she consistently turns out great, if not fantastic songs with amazing voice of hers. Everything fits and every aspect of her song is uber pro but, having said that, please consider maybe adding a couple more musicians and instruments. Sorry, can't think of which ones of hand but Leona is piping in with "maybe up the drums because Marion's voice is that powerful, perhaps more instruments would add some balance and oomph?" Congrats on another great one! Gord Welke and Leona Sackaney


"Into Love" is an up-beat,Country Pop tune. The title is powerfully,relevant. Most everyone is into love. The singer,Marion Drexler,and the band sound forthcoming. Nice lead guitar work. "Into Love" is Interesting...


I like the parts when you're singing harmonies. Is that the same singer on all the vocals? This is well produced and the vocals do stand out. The guitar arrangements are catchy but not over the top. Well done :-)

pop sound

like the feel of your music but it seems to be missing something and the rock feeling is in the country mix is great and sounds good so I'm giving this 2.5 hope this helps you to keep making good music

great voice - stylistically all over the place

the production is first class and the playing slick but maybe the song is a little laboured in places and somewhat overproduced and the genre confused-the song begins with a promising single accoustic and some nice vocal work -enter the guitar desperate to get some applause and the rytymn trying too hard to syncopate that semi funk beat and then some beautiful vocals and great backing and then our old friend the guitar embellishing but somehow it all feels a bit predictable-i would strip back a bit shorten slightly reducing guitar breaks because basically the song is strong and the vocal performance great but all feels a bit elongated maybe vocally something more could be added on the chorus - apologies hope this isn't too harsh cos i know when you create something its your baby and no ones gonna tell u about any of those blemishes! of course this is my opinion based on 55 years of musical analysis and who am i to say!

Country Rock

I live in Nashville, so I hear this type of music every day In the local bars. I sounds ok, it has an late 80's vibe to it. The song writing is average, leaves you to the imagination. In all Marion Drexler is a decent band.

Artist to Artist

Into Love by Marion Drexler I found it to being an amazing soundtrack it was pleasant to listen to with a rhythmic beat that keep you moving. It was easy to listen to; indoor or outdoor concert this is definitely the groove that will keep the people rocking back-and –forth. Marion sound should blaze the globe in no time as her voice presents Grace it’s stern and perfection send it embraces the ear, mind and body with strength as she share the story of “Into Love” that confident in relationship. The song is well orchestrated well bodied fit with the chorus line in the story and it lace the music given completion to a well complementary sound. Marion Drexler should no problems finding other sound within the University of Treasure Box of unheard song as she has a gift to create a University sound that will extend across many barriers. As she as found this sound that enlighten a solution to existing form that many people go through in relationship. Marion will have the talent to solve other issue by tapping into her own lyrics. Whatever inspired her I hope that she continues to inspire others by sharing her song’s lyrics? With the help of N1M I have heard in was encourage to take notice of the artist and I’m happy to had heard her sound, I feel a great introduction to this inspiring Artist and I see through the looking glass eyes that she will be on tour and whatever tools that is needed for her to launch and get out there performing for University I hope is provided to her. She is a rising star sure to make it to the top, let support this young lady by listening and sharing what she as to offer. From an Artist to an Artist!!

Marion Drexler

I review Marion before, speaking about her huge and deep voice and her singing expression. I suggested then that I would have loved to hear more of Jazzy Nuances and thought she has it and can do it. In this song, I could hear some Jazzy sounds more than before. She has even more energy and powerful expression, that can be introduced even in a lower volume. Her capabilities in voice producing are very impressive and certainly deserve a more diversity in style. I think that some experiments in acoustic instruments, such as piano and strings may be good for Marion's enlarging her style scope.

Good sound

Nice lead in beginning and groove,nice strong voice,decent words,nice chorus,song is framed well and words are up front which is good,guitar and voice shine the most,drums are also real nice.on the whole has an earlier vibe bluesy soulful,nothing new or ground breaking,not really a hit,or commercial,but a good live song,could possibly be put up a notch for a commercial entry but well crafted tight tune that makes its point
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