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"Under The Honeymoon" is a clever enough titled for a simply,stated message. Lyrically,not a lot of frills. Just Peoples Folk-Romance. The music is basic,and makes it's point. It's okay. Romance doesn't always have to be complicated...


Under the Honeymoon is a wonderful ballad and like your other songs, they provoke an activation of the imagination in the listener (at least to me). your pieces help the brain to relax and to move towards green hills and valleys full of fruit trees and streams. I had a pleasant feeling listening to your piece and I will follow you in all your compositions because you deserve it. a big greeting from Italy and continues like this

yearning for us

This is sultry and seductive, much like you Marion! The slide guitar keeps with that theme - its crisp, clear chiming, sounds like a swan sailing across glass. exquisite and beautiful. I like the amount of reverb too- gives it depth and brings to life what the first lyrics are about. The acoustic tone is bright and clear. Also is that a mandolin? - very tasty playing. Love the lyrics and the slide compliments the vocals so well. Your vocals are powerful, emotional and dynamic - you're really feeling and living what your singing. Backing vocals are excellent and supportive. Ends well altogether. one criticism I have is your voice is quite masculine. I had trouble identifying your gender, which may be trouble for you. I'm sure you could find a way to fix that. It was a nice tune, I could imagine you in a country club singing your heart out while people are relaxing sipping a beer thinking about the loves in their lives or past ones. It really yearns of loneliness and the pain of it attempting to express it out to the universe or anybody that will listen. Yep we've all been there. There ain't a human alive that wont be able to relate to your song. universals are what makes hit songs and keeps us doing what we're doing. I really have nothing else to say but congratulations and keep us coming back for more forever!

Marion Drexter

This is the second time I write a review for Marion. This time I would like to relate to her potential in more musical style. In what I heard before, it is possible to feel sort of Country style; the songs are simple, the instrumentation is basic, and no much diversity. On the other hand, I could hear some hints for larger expression in Marion's singing - some softer sound, very nice vibrato control and more flexibility in rhythm. All of them may fit more of a jazzy style (not necessarily real jazz). However. in my taste and ears, I would say that Marion has a very good potential for "diversity program". I can tell that one stick to his/her style as it is his the "familiar property", as if he wants it or cannot do other things. I hear that Marion has larger capabilities to sing in more styles - tempo, sounds, and instruments behind. This is not to suggest that I do not like Marion singing. On the contrary. I love her singing, but I would like to hear her with more diverse styles.

Wedding tune

Nice slide sound,nice voice,words are a little predictable,and the melody is a melody used often,somewhat redundant,and same rhythm.the arrangement is saving this song,and seems a little angry,for a wedding,turning into a southern rock tune like lynard .even though this has dynamics,it just got more intense bit not emotional.its a good idea but needs to be lighter in its treatment and melodic intents. I know reviews can sting. I used to go direct to publishers in l a so I could see their faces and hear their voices I wanted to improve my craft and get the right feedback.but the truth may hurt but it’s good for you.keep working on your craft,suggestions? Study melodic writing,so many today have da da da ,....da da da .over and over,it’s maddening to my ears.and a change of rhythm,not tempo,pops it up and bit and attracts attention.good luck

A really great song

I really like this artist they have a really great voice and they are very talented i love they're music and i am an artist of this same genre i love this genre i love to discover new artist and discover new music i always really enjoy listening to new music because everybody that is an artist they're music tells a story in some way shape & form so i really like this artist and they're music keep up the good work

Thank you for the song "Under the Honeymoon".

Nice flowing tune. I enjoyed listening to the clean rhythm and instrumentation. I also appreciated the story line, lyrics and voice. I appreciated the opportunity to hear your song. Cheers!

Hello Marion My Review!

Nice song mellow easy on the ears nice lyrics good music most of all you are telling a story through words and music good job as always keep up the good work and thanks for giving the world a great song to listen to and enjoy nice also the background hope I said something in this review that will be of some use good luck from James Milligan President CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

Feeling your song

Great Song, Really like the tone and story you're telling. Got married this past June this wouldve been perfect to play for the first dance. Thank you for sharing your and art and Keep up the creation!

Review of Under the Honeymoon- Marion Drexler

I really enjoyed listening to this song with it's heartfelt and emotive lyrics- I can imagine that it was very well received at the wedding- it's definately a song that sounds like it would fit such an occasion! It sounds like a lot of work has gone into the recording and it sounds polished and radio-friendly. I loved the guitars and guitar solo and also the backing vocals that came in towards the end. It's a song that inspires hope that 'love is around the bend" - another great lyric from the song! :)


Your music is deffenentlly one of a kind and in its own lane. So having saying that keep up the excellent work . dont ever give up on your craft . feel to send me more of your catalog to reveiw. ,,DJLpeezy


Great song I really appreciate great music that is sung from the ???? well composed and well put I like the music at anytime I would love to hear more of your great music and never stop creating keep on going to the next level thank you for sharing your craft with the world thank you have a great day and may God bless you in all your endeavors keep on writing your gift will make room for you.

Under the Honeymoon

Thank you Marion for another great track. Nice intro leading into a beautiful ballad. I like the Accoustic feel and the flowing and integration of the other instruments creating a great build.. As I expected awesome lyrics, nice arrangements and everything flowing into it's place. Its like everything where it should be. You create a colour and feel that is all your own, I'm a fan of yours now, so all the best and I look forward to your next track. Helen Pallis

Sweet Country Tune

I love the wailing guitar at the beginning. It does well to set the mood. The vocals are soulful and have a nice progression. There is a softer string, which I think is a mandolin or possibly a lap dulcimer. It adds a nice element to the song. I think this style would do great in bluegrass states like Tennessee and Kentucky. The background "ohs" ad to the atmosphere as well. Overall an emotional and well-made track.

Loves the steel guitar

Very well done Marion. The steel guitar was a great accompaniment to your song. Very well mixed, and your vocals were a perfect match. You are one of those vocalists who can sing anything and make it sound good. Loved it.
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