Marco Rauch
Austria, Vienna

About Marco Rauch

Marco Rauch (expired link). Smokey, produces music with love and passion to inspire and energize soul, mind and heart.

Melodic sounds combined with modern beats & breaks. The new album "Tipping Point" belongs to the genre electronica, liquid drum & bass and downtempo ambient music.

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For an inspired 2. lockdown
(expired link)

enjoy the new Album „Tipping Point“ mixed and visualized on YouTube:
(expired link)

Wish us a nice isolation!

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Hell-o-mg, I have something fresh for you ears
because of my personal and global

► tipping point ◄

lost job - third week corona isolation
- but time for some essential things -

uploaded my 2 longest tracks here
full album released only on bandcamp
[to generate some income]
albummaster done at home isolation
[with Apple earpods, TV and HQ headphones]

tell me your favurite track
[you want on N1M]

Buy the album on bandcamp [or part],
make a screenshot
send it to marco@(expired link)
you will get an exclusive 1h mixdown
and some unreléased bonus tracks

-!Try to keep well!-

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Marco Rauch
2 years ago

here is something to warm up and relax! Take a big sip!

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Marco Rauch
2 years ago

Enjoy Smokey's "World of things" with the summer videos on YouTube for free and please help me to get my own URL and custom thumbnails by subscribing to my YouTube channel. I urgently need support to get 100 subscribers. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

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Marco Rauch
3 years ago

To get through the winter mood easier, I made my "Schlaftablette" (In English "Sleeping Pill") available for you to download for free. If you'd rather stay awake, I recommend watching the video "Coffee Break" on YouTube.

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