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Oh yes


I can tell you worked really hard on this song and it really shows. You’re lyrics had so much meaning and the way you’re vocals sounded was just perfect. It was an honor to listen to your song

United States, Pennsylvania, J

Impressive composition


The arrangemend characterize smooth sounds and effects from the syntheziser creating a great space. Harmonical tunes inspired by electronic modulated sounds are fantastic arranged and comes at the right time. The lyrics give an account in words about someone or something, including all the relevant characteristics. A song with melancholy feel in deep relation comes from the heart and touches the soul. I think Chris and Steve established an extraordinary vibe with this song. Overall a really impressive and professional composition and definitely very creative. I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

Beautiful performance

Hello! A nice introduction with ample and smooth sonorities. The drum and percussion score is well done. There are changes of harmony, the voice is well forward, but not too much; good. A solo part in the middle of the composition, which brings him interest. The sound of the synth used is in agreement with the entire composition... In short, an original composition and very nice to listen to. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Suits in Duncan

Funny to see a thumbnail promoting a song with two guys in suits. That is completely not something you'd expect to see for a record promotion. You look very nice. Now, on to the music... One of the things I hear on Number One Music are a variety of music I'd never get a chance to hear on any other format. This is a perfect example. I'm not really sure where this song is going - there's an underwater dreamy quality to it, struggling for life. Perhaps a backdrop for some kind of twisted drama's motion picture soundtrack?!

United States, California, Huntington Beach



Very smooth jazz pop oriented song. I like this a lot. If you like smooth jazz with a twist you will love this. Vocally it is good. I could see a sade type of vocal on this track or if a man sings it a David bowie style vocal.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Love your voice


Thanks for asking me to review your track. Love the music and your voice compliments it very well. As I played it I couldn’t wait to hear the chorus the build up of the song is very emotive but I feel as though you could have done a little bit more with the chorus to make it stand out more. On the whole a very nice song looking forward to hearing more from you i the future. I hope my review is seen as constructive

United Kingdom, Nottingham

Review of Many Faces of Duncan

At the beginning, mix sounds rather muddy. I like the pad progression and beat, but mix needs to be better. Vocal needs to be clearer, and it's a little flat. Like the way the progression changes up on the chorus, but chorus needs to be more prominent, make me listen more carefully as that's an important part of the song. Definitely needs work on the production, but good song idea. Needs some work.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta


I was expecting something much better...the melody is very static.. not much going on and vocal is not great also and on top of that is TO question for You is "what You are trying to do" if You make an arrangement on computer the Vocal has to be Fantastic or better,,, many people know haw to make music on PC .the problem is not to many are Great Singers.. any haw as it is now I do not think Radio Stations and Music Publishers will "jump" on it but it will be ok to play life somewhere in the club..I wish You good luck and I know next time You will do much better job..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Interesting Song and Sound

Very interesting song and sound. Slightly has a older electronic sound, but then again sounds newer. Over here in America, enjoying listening to this song. Has a throw back quality of Chris DeBurgh "The Lady in Red", but has it's own thing going on as well. Good luck with your music. Very different, and I like that. You go Many Faces of Duncan. Sincerely Edward "Atomic Energy Society"

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

Neat vibe

Super cool vibe! Kind of mysterious and serious at the same time. I think it might be cool to add some more fx to the vocals. Maybe some echo or reverb? Or some dramatic stereo effects? Just to help contribute to the mysterious vibe that I get from this song lol. Another suggestion: I'd advise that you include the written lyrics with this song. I would've really liked to have them while I was listening.

United States, Wisconsin

vuelta a los 80'

Escuchando esta canción he regresado a los 80', tiene un sonido y el ambiente de esa época tanto cantado como la música. La canción en si es un poco monótona, pero aceptable. La interpretación vocal está bien, aunque se echa de menos coros o que se escuchen más. Aprobado. Listening to this song I have returned to the 80 ', it has a sound and the atmosphere of that time both sung and music. The song itself is a bit monotonous, but acceptable. The vocal performance is fine, although there is less chorus or more listening. Approved.

Spain, Sevilla

Nice I like it!

You have such a great voice and I am glad to hear it. Please continue to release more music because we definitely want it for more from you. I admire your dedication. Keep up the great work.

United States, Georgia, Union City

not bad

It is a piece that recalls a lot of the atmosphere of the 70s and 80s and it is during this period that I started to appreciate good music. there is some part that frankly is not very in tune with the music and you create dissonances that frankly eliminate because they make the piece unpleasant and given the work you did you do not deserve it.

Italy, italy

I Dig this !!!!

I Dig this !!!! Technica/Electronics meet Bowie... Cool groove concept. The story line -cool as it is, begged for more...The bridge was a goods choice of chords and textures as well. The only criticism is in the mix itself. As I shared before , I Dig this !!!! Keep on keepin' on...

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles

A Retro Voyage

A lounge beat starts off this mood-based composition that rapidly brings in the vocal musical element. The song is indicative of standard verse/chorus structure and then progresses through each phase to the final ending. The mix unfortunately suffers from being muddy in certain areas of the sonic frequency spectrum with the bass being undefined. Izotope has some excellent videos that will help. They tell you how to give your track a quick mastering "shine" and "polish" with the creative mastering platform Ozone. Good luck!

United States, Texas, DFW

Providence Review

Strangely interesting. It has a different quality about it. I would have liked a little more color to the production. More sound variation BUT it's interesting. At some points of the song, the vocal sounds a bit off (somewhere in the middle). The solo in the middle does not feel good and probably could be eliminated to shorten the length of the song. There are some bad notes in there if you're going to keep it.

United States, New York, Uniondale

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