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I'm Broke Down Again

Old School Rock, at its best. This rocker, Has Louisiana Hayride, written all over it. It's easy to imagine Scotty Moore, and the boys..Rocking it. If You Like Elvis, This is the sound that took him there. Good Production..I Give it a 4.3

Rock and roll never dies

The same melody can be interpreted softly, melodiously, joyfully, raw, playful, and in many ways sung or played by an instrument. Think of a metal song, a children's song or a romantic song. Of course, this is not a purely compositional aspect, but we must take it into account as it influences notoriously. Thinking about how the melody should sound, even the timbre of it is a very important aspect. Very good song. My congratulations.

Nice work

Really liked the song. Keep it up guys. Nice guitars rythm and tone. Enjoy playing it. Reviewing your song its a pleasure. Regards and keep on rocking and enjoy what you guys are doing from heart.

Esto es Rockabilly

Llegando al 2020 aun existe el Rockabilly y este hombre lo hace hermoso. Felicitaciones a Rob y su banda, hicieron un gran trabajo. Se siente como en los años 50 (aunque no he estado en esa epoca la he visto en muchas peliculas) Realmente dan ganas de ponerse a bailar. Me encanta que siga existiendo este tipo de musica y las nuevas generaciones puedan seguir escuchando. Viva el Rock Rob! estas haciendo un gran trabajo. Escuchen a este hombre!

A Great Song

It is difficult to find fault with this song. It is almost perfect. The only thing that is missing is backing vocals. They would help fill out the sound, particularly the chorus. Some female backing vocals would really help. I also like the fact this song is nice and short. I get asked to review too many songs that run for over four minutes, which is just way to long.


Great bar music good jam but lakes in distinguish sounds.Needs more projection on.Heavier.Dinamics & lead guitar needed.Try more personality in presentation of lyrics .Heavier snare more symbols. You want people to remember the words & more up front with vocals.

Estoy destrozado de nuevo!

Buenos días desde Jerez de la Frontera compañero! Estoy escuchando vuestra canción y aunque no es mi estilo he de reconocer que tiene un aire rockero que puede llegar a mover las caderas del mismísimo Papa. No entiendo mucho de esos estilos,pero me recuerda al twist de los 60 o 70, pero con un sonido mas actual. En fin, un tema bien construido y cada elemento está donde tiene que estar. Poco más que decir salvo desearte mucha suerte con tu proyecto y que sigas componiendo muchas más canciones como estas. Un saludo desde Andalucía!!!

Really Like the Vibe

A throw back to the past with a great groove that makes you want to get up and dance. It is fun to hear something like this in an era of synthesized sounds. Just a great groove to make you feel good.

Fun and well done!

Totally toe-tapping,booty shaking and fun all around.Enjoyed the vocals and instrumentation.Here's a story line every guy could relate to.Quality all around and a breath of fresh air. Well done Rob Walsh!

Excellent Boogie

First of all I love Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison and you seem to have captured both on this fine recording. The music is well proportioned in the mix and I like the fact the vocals have excellent clarity. I love the lyric of the song, simple and to the point. I don't know how long it took to write and compose this song but it has a great beat to it and very catchy! The length of the song is perfect for radio play. It's good to finally hear a song that puts a smile on my face. Great job on this tune!

Cool Boogie from NY

Nice cool Boogie blues , everything is in place , nice song, Fast simple, yet classic to get more when on live. I like everything solo guitar quick, exept maybe too much reverb in vocal in the mix. Congrats!

Review of "I'M BROKE DOWN AGAIN" by Manhattan Rob Walsh

First off, it goes without saying, you need to appreciate this style of music. The mix of the hard piano and the string work brings a "swing" style to this particular song, almost 'big band' style, and it works very well with the lyrics written for it and the vocal delivery of Rob Walsh. It may have gotten a higher rating, but, it's a matter of the style of the song, of which I've heard many variations. This is an original song, and I'm not suggesting anything otherwise, I'm only saying that certain styles can be done and changed up, (like BLUES to a certain extent), and as said, Manhattan Rob Walsh makes it his own! Good Song! Respectfully Dave/CHRONIC PAIN


Rob you always have fun, good songs. I like the older sound and feel. Really comes across well. Instruments are very tight, and can be well heard. Good MIX. Singing is setting a good feeling on this one. You are so right for having Americana in your types of music list, because this is true Americana kinda stuff. You just plain Rock and Entertain the Masses...which is what it's all about. Best wishes, take Care Sincerely Edward Westbrook Atomic Energy Society


I like It a Lot.. I'm happy that You keep This Style of Music a Life.. nice sound of 60's..( next time when You write something like that add ONE MORE MINUTE .. You just put Me in the mood.. and It Stops..this is not fair..)..I like The Piano in arrangement..I think that You need to send It to some Radio Stations to play..with Music Publishers is much bigger task..They are hard to please..I'm sure that many people will like to hear It life.. it has nice music very easy to dance.. I wish You good luck with pitching.. Good Job..

Nothing's broken here!

My foot started tapping immediately and didn't stop until the end of the song! Love it! Reminded me on "Commander Cody" but with a lot more style. One of those song you expect to be written 40-50 yrs ago but to your surprise, there are still ppl out there who can write songs like this today.
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