Manhattan Rob Walsh / Half Crazy / Don't Tread On Me

Pure Americana Blues

The world renowned Plato once stated that 'Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.' I ask the reader to keep in mind that Plato lived in time when the word 'gaiety' meant happiness and carefree-ness. And correct he was, for when I listened to this piece, my mind just sprouted wings and flew to new levels of mathematical and conceptual understanding previously unknown to man. Ole John Henry is in good company.


Enjoyed listening to this swinging, catchy tune that has a cool little story line. Reminded me of some of the 'Squirrel Nut Zipper" tunes that I use to listen to. Thank you for the song. Cheers!

Manhatten Rob Walsh My Review!

Hey bro this is a really cool tune I like it and it is also cool to listen to good job on the vocals and the music was played well I think you have something here a lot of people will enjoy listening to keep up the good work I will be looking forward to also hearing more song from you from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Universal Music Group.

Good song

Interesting take on the theme and I like the retro sound. Some of the words are little bit hard to make out - place where it seemed like the music volume was higher than the vocal volume. Overall, though - I liked it.

Traditional blues roots

Reminds of the old blues ragtime with a modern sound good recording can hear instruments clearly Good story with lyrics vocals strong I could hear some soulful backing singing in the chorus would add some more colour though overall well done

Fun Music

This song was a pleasant surprise. I don't think the recording or performance are at the professional level but about 80% there. The voice is confident and has some nice character. The music is fun and accompanies the song well. The song could use a little more polishing on the lyrics. But overall this is one of the better songs that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. Nice work Rob.

Old time cool!

I really like this song, it has an authentic 'old time' feel and great lyrics. Well done Rob, simple and straightforward. Going to look up your other stuff and have a listen. Really enjoyed this, keep up the good work!

Great recording!

New York City’s Manhattan Rob Walsh has recorded an outstanding tune entitled Don’t Tread on Me. The rhythm-section is fabulous and the horn arrangement/performance is second-to-none. Bravo!

Review of Don't Tread On Me

I'm enjoying listing to { Don't Tread On Me } as I'm drinking my coffee this afternoon. I fill that this song is a really well done. I really like this song and I would like to hearing more songs from the artist!

Storytelling artist

Rob tells a story using witty comparisons to well know phrases and characters. Some really nice clarinet playing through out. I would like to hear Rob sing this maybe one key higher as the low notes of his register get a bit gravelly but maybe that is the sound he is going for. Good concept and execution throughout. I enjoyed this song.

No one's stepping on this one

Great sound on this one. A good intro followed by a great complementing vocal performance with the perfect vocal tone. There is one part where the vocal gets a little thin and could have used a few female vocals to help pull the song along. The I try part specifically. Otherwise this is a great song all around and a great tribute to that New Orleans jazz sound so many have come to love

New Orleans Meets Old Trad.

This is really well done. It has great "flavor:, is engaging and beautifully orchestrated. Really tasteful. I am in a way, surprised to find myself into the story. I might recommend adding some backing vocals during the bridge. and perhaps a touch elsewhere. The song is already in a nice package though and I am enjoying listening. Great job!


I really like the song and I like your style it is catchy and later back you lyrics are crisp well composed and well put together keep on going and may God bless you in all that you go to do stay positive and true to you have a blessed day and a great hope this been helpful for you sir be blessed.

Old fashioned chicago style blues

This is a style that wouldn't look out of place in the streets of New Orleans and Chicago. Rich and a good old sound to the voice that suits the song really well.....but, do i line it or not? Well,I do.

Great lyrics!

Love this style, kind of a Dixieland simplified. The lyrics evoke all the old American folk myths, throwing in zombies and modern day lethargy. You could draw resemblances to Tom Waits with the arrangements, but the voice is his own. Want to hear more!
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