Manhattan Rob Walsh / Half Crazy / Douchebag Blues

Yeah, that´s it!

Classic Blues, not really "new", but well played. The lyrics can easily be understood and the mix is clear. I like the voice of the singer, very pleasant to listen to. Live on stage this must be THE Music for all occasions. I like it!

cool song

Hard to take this song seriously but all the instrumentation is spot on and I find so much truth in the lyrics that I must say I like the track. I bet it goes over great after the crowd gets a little buzz on!

Old school, but the real thing

A piece of blues rock as classic as can be. 12 strokes as usual, no experiments besides the instrumental part in the middle which jumps into a different tune. Quite a good production, nice wall of sounds with the different guitars talking to each other. I particularly like that there's not the typical guitar solo that many listeners might have expected. Instead, the number of instruments seems to increase in the course of the song, creating a dynamic arrangement. I surely like this kinda stuff!

That song

We like this blues song very much, guitar and drums sounds good,band play very good too. Vocal is easy and soft just like blues sound keep running. We don`t know what studio this is recording but studio sound is very good.

What a Douche! :-)

Manhattan Rob Walsh should be called Deep Blues Rob Walsh. I love the blues and it's fun to hear Rob put his spin on the song. The technical aspect of the vocal mixing/mastering needs work, but the lyrics are fun and it's a catchy tune. Like the guitar, organ and drums all working together for a sweat it out performance. I enjoy lyrics which add humor to the song and this charms.

Kinda Zappa Blues

Real western Blues reminds me the Doors of course! Jim Morrison pathos it's trully authentic. Atmosphere of rhythms, music & lyrics are very picturescal. This guitar sliding is so bluezy - it's can happen only in Manhattan! Somebody maybe thinking the Blues is simple - but just try to play it so jucy, so professionally on the other hand so sexy & alive. Just the real man from Manhattan can do it for sure. That's why my word is about it! I don't know how many pancake-coins i'm already won, but anyway!!! Long live the Manhattan Blues by Manhattan Rob Walsh!!! King B. - glad to know about you!!!


Congratulations! A very good song to listen to. The energy she spends is indescribable. All this accompanied by a Blues rhythm with a vocal well arranged. Guitar and bass is a musical based on keeping any expression of music. The song is very good, as well as a sensational harmony, it has its own identity. A very well cadenced battery and a sensational dynamics. Really a quality song.

I LIked It...

Catchy 'hook' title, Manhattan got 'me' to listen to it, and I liked it. Classic Blues Rock is right up my alley and it 'all' sounds good with all the bells and whistles. I was waiting to hear a killer guitar solo at the bridge but it didn't happen...why? That's all that it needs to make it 'pop'. The slide was nice, but something about a good riff in a song like this, is what makes it go over the top 'kicking butt' and taking names. Good catchy 'all' around, song.

Good Blues and great funny lyrics

Thank you Manhattan Rob Walsh for writing stuff that is talent filled, humorous, and entertaining. Oh Yeah, and the guy can play too. This website is filled with douchebags but not the case with this musician right here. Good blues, masterful playing, and fun to listen to. I didn't cringe once and that is saying a lot given all the crap I've reviewed here before. Keep up the good work Rob. We need you on this site to help keep afloat in the cesspool.

Great blues that will leave you smiling~

Douchebag Blues is an excellent track that stands on a long tradition of great blues progressions. Rob's lyrics present an interestingly refreshing perspective on how the blues and feelings about those things that give you the blues can be expressed. With a bit of humor, wrapped in excellent lyrics and a unique vocal styling, Manhattan Rob Walsh delivers a thoroughly enjoyable song that will leave you smiling. Great work Rob.

Douchebak blues

Nice melodious blues song. great guitar hooks good song melody and lyrics.keep I particularly like the rock efx on the guitar solo with the contry efx nice effort keep it coming .limit is the sky

...the blues are the blues...

Manhattan Rob Walsh brings us Douchebag Blues... a preeminent I, IV, V blues tune. From the listener standpoint it is a typical parody of all things blues. This song actually sounds like it was done by Mickey Jones of the Double Bogey Blues fame... From a producer's standpoint I have to give props to the tracking, mixing and mastering of this song. The depth and separation of instrumentation is top notch as is the slide guitar sound. About the only thing this song lacks is some harmonies or back up singers and perhaps a longer and slightly more creative slide guitar solo.

Manhattan Rob Walsh - Douchebag Blues

a windy blues song by Rob Walsh, guitars that hit the electric blues road, running on a standard riff...i like it! I can hear a taste of Derek Trucks style in the slide guitar and some Jim Morrison vocal style ...good!

Rocking on

Great recording, thats start these days and great playing by the way, soothing vocals, hey felt like it should have gone on, as I couldn't finish my review in time so I had to play it again, no seriously if you dropped the vocals back in the early mix and then compressed the final master mix harder like the old days, and thats all I can say, no wait "great recording". :)

Give me the Blues

All Blues lovers will find in Douchebag Blues what they love about Blues. Blues rhythm and schema, nice guitars spiced up with a good slide guitar and some organs with lyrics about the difficulties of life. I actually relly like how the guitars are recorded, the panning and the guitar sound overall. The song could further gain by letting every inch of pain coming through the vocals (as a form of catharsis). I am thinking about playing around with different voices, expressions, and phrasings or even testing out some weird sounding effects like distortion on the vocals.
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