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mon cher!

Votre énergie, une tension excessive de charge de votre voix! Je ne peux pas rompre, je l'écoute et écouter vos émotions, votre voix, votre énergie, votre âme et votre cœur. Il est dommage de ne pas normaliser le son, il est nécessaire d'inclure plus fort et beaucoup est perdu, mais j'écouter et écouter! Je serais heureux de chanter un duo avec vous. Je veux apprendre à chanter comme vous! Vous êtes une chanson de drop-in très agréable, et je voulais quelque chose d'autre, et plus encore!

United Kingdom, Schaffhausen


My companion NumberOneMusic MALIKA, her voice is special and SOMETHING MORE music is very nice !!!! I think it has a whole change in front and can dare increasingly !!!!! The door to the world is open, then enjoy and follow increasingly ahead !!!! Success always !!!


Something More

Well crafted song title with strong lyrical content. The melody compliments the vocal arrangements with a timely groove. Would have loved it if the vocals were not so wet (reverb) as it detracts from the workmanship. Objectively, the production suffers from the lack of a professional blend of vocals and music as the vocals are much more pronounced than the music. Overall good arrangement that needs some professional assistance to bring it up to a marketable status. Keep going, the market will be waiting for your entrance.

United States, Illinois, Chicago


I like the energy of your song. I like feelings, that you express so good. It's unbelievable and irresistable. You are unbelievable and irresistable. I can't express by words. I like your voice, that is so nice, so tender. I see the passion in and i like it. I would be wainting for your new songs! What is ban in the song? The way to add the voice in. Its so hard to listen. People need listen your voice easy!

Switzerland, Liepaja

Nicely Done!

Yeah! That's a fire song right there! Truth is you can't deny it, I like what you did with the track I can feel it in your voice, your passion,your anger, your motivation and all but most importantly is the message you tryna to pertain behind all this. I like the vibe and the fact that you played with it,you made it comfortable to listen to. You need to drop a video off rip for this project because that will help it move a lot.

United States, Florida, Lake Worth

Nice club

I like how this song starts , it's an uplifting song it does want to get you up and dance , good vocals throughout , well produced and performed , im not tire about the middle maybe too long , some times the piano sounds out of time , but all in all its ok , well done and I wish lots luck and keep up the good work

United Kingdom, London

Something More Review

Hey Malika! First of all I like the instrumentation for the background beat as it really compliments your style sonically. I think that the production work and not the musician work needs to be upped a bit as this recording sounds a bit flat? If you feel me on that as I think it could sound fuller or warmer like the listener is right there with you guys jamming. The actual singer being you is amazing as I love your voice and I would like to work with you guys! The content and message within the song is REAL and what needs to be promoted on the radio and around the world as I make music with a message as well. Good song!

United States, Washington, Seattle

Nice song!..nice voice!, arrangement to 80s!

Like very much youre voice, but think there is to much effect in it, you have a very nice color and tune, dont need that kind of effects..., the song is good, but the arrangements are like the Dirty dancing movie....effects of the guitars are to midi, percussions too, need more and betters bass guitars and the record is very much amateur, if u can record the song a little better your voice and your musical idea will sound much better and can get much easy to the audience....kisses and keep the good work!, u can do this and much more!!!!

Chile, Vina del Mar

I like this.

It's an encouraging song. I like the lyrics, kinda like your a layed back rock star. It sounds like the song was recorded live. Though the bass line could be a little more on key. I enjoyed this song!

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

I like the positive message

This is a good song. It's always good to hear songs and music with a positive message. I think we need more of that in the world. I think the theme of Don't Stop Believing and to keep moving forward is a universal theme that everyone can relate to. Overall I think it's a really good idea. I think there might a little too much reverb on the vocals and the music. It makes the music feel distant and I think it might sound even better if you backed off the reverb. Other than that I think you have a really good idea going here! Good luck Malika!

United States, California, Los Angeles

Malika Soaring

Malik with a Pop/Rock song reflecting the ups and downs of love. The song is solid however the production suffers from an average production. The songs also suffer from a poor final mix but certainly not the fault of the artist. She has chops and hopefully will be featured in much better production in the future.

United States, California, Los Angeles

trop de points négatifs

La première chose qui saute aux oreilles c'est la reverbe qui noie la chanson. En suite il y a un gros souci de calage du piano qui n'est pas en place dans le deuxième couplet !!!! le mix est vraiment à revoir, il n'y a pas d'équilibre. C'est du travail d'amateur !!!! comment peut on laisser un piano pas en place !!!!! bref pas grand chose de bon dans cette "prémaquette" à part la voix qui sort du lot. Bonne continuation malgré mon message plutôt cassant mais c'est pour la bonne cause

France, Carpentras

Something More - For Vocals

The vocals kick off this song and they sound too "in a tunnel." Where is the production taking the vocals? The song builds musically nicely and I enjoy this. The vocals are poorly produced. I think if they were not so filtered or tunneled or whatever was done, the song would be much stronger for it. I would like to see what the artist can do with another song and see where it will take the listener.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Malika a new star

What you hear is a good oiled machine of a very fine band with a good artist ,she has a great voice. I believe there is more then she does on this particular song she has good round timbre that makes the song beautiful and rich .you have to listen to her it's a winner.

Netherlands, purmerend

Something more

Nice nice nice groove I like the the drums and guitar the vocals are quite good but I'm quarelling with the efx on the voice I think it's too much there by making the voice louder than the instrumentation so do something about that but generally nice effort keep it up the

Netherlands, utrecht

"Something More"...

Hi Malika !!! I'm listening to your song, "Something More" for the second time now. This time with Headphones. The Production sticks out as something new for me. It's different. That could be a good thing though. It's a good song. A different kind of beat also. I think you have something new and fresh here Malika and I wish you the best with your career. - Richard - Richard Danar Music.

United States, New York, New York City

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