Magali Fortin / Pianissimots / En vert et contre tout (bonus track - Patrice Guers (Bass) & whales)

Magali Fortin

Hi Magali, many thankx for the review request. This song proves that to get an emotional message across, one does not need to scream out the lyrics. The song is laden with understated, emotional power, and is driven by a very simplistic, yet completely brilliant musical score. The piano playing is clear and almost minimal in it's musical approach to the beat/drive of the song. The vocals are perfectly pitched and the voice phrasing and timbre are very well done, and in perfect harmony with the song. This song proves that minimal instrumentation is in good order for a song to work .The only ''snag'' could be that it is a bit too long for radio if ever you want to pitch it to the stations. All in all an excellent song that is destined to take you far, keep up the good work. David

More than a song!

More than a song! I felt that while listening to this song in the unfamiliar language. It is very special to convey a feeling ... without being confronted with one another, without which images can produce a mood. What remains are sounds ..., sounds ... And then it depends on the emotionality of the singer / singer and his / her voice, how he / she understands the feeling of transporting emotion. You understand it very well and I thank you with a deep curtsey.


This is a Nice song..I listen It 3 times.. I just wish You make a more complex arrangement for recording.. Piano only is good for life also good idea to make It a little shorter ( for Radio Play most of them use app.2.5 - 3.5min long ).. I also like energy in Your voce..I do not know if is an original song of cover..if is Original.. send a shorter version to Music Publishers and let's see what will happen ( They are hard to please but try )...I wish You good luck with pitching You did Good Job to record It...

En vert et contra tout - Magali Fortin

Nothing moves me quite like a passionate ballad sung in French. Magali Fortins song for the planet is a piano ballad with a fantastic bass guitar augmentation contrasted with sound clips of of nature. Kudos to the bass player for his superb and delicate fretwork.The track boasts a first class production and gets across both lyrically and musically the French singer songwriters plea for the world to make smart sustainable choices on behalf of the planet blue and the next generation. Enjoyed the track and you should check it out to. Great job Magali.


Bonita canción, buena voz y una melodía muy buena. El acompañamiento a piano no desmerece la canción, sobria pero muy bien interpretada. Lo único extraño es justo en medio de la canción el solo de bajo con unos ruidos que son un poco desagradables. Bonita y sentida canción. Nice song, good voice and a very good melody. The accompaniment to piano does not detract from the song, sober but very well interpreted. The only strange thing is right in the middle of the song the solo bass with some noises that are a bit unpleasant. Beautiful and heartfelt song. Belle chanson, bonne voix et une très bonne mélodie. L'accompagnement au piano n'enlève rien à la chanson, sobre mais très bien interprétée. La seule chose étrange est juste au milieu de la chanson la basse solo avec quelques bruits qui sont un peu désagréables. Belle et sincère chanson.


his piece starts with a beautiful piano and a very warm voice in perfect harmony with the piano. the bass so I would dare to say sublime follows the harmony and completes the composition and then starts a solo that is really something spectacular. the piece stimulates my imagination and leads me to fly with my mind, through mountains, woods, streams and seas to touch the horizon and get lost with it.

Veronique Sanson

Salut Magali, your song and voice remind me of a French singer was introduced to years ago,(although she was active in the 60s and 70s I think), Veronique Sanson. Your voice, like hers, is full of emotion and sensitivity but also a great deal of strength. Thank you for sharing it with me and with the world and for requesting my review. As for the songwriting, I love the simple melodic structure of the piece because of its elegance. I practice my French so rarely over here that I only pick out a few words but I am sure that as I listen to the piece again I will understand more and more of the piece which is speaking of beauty of nature?? There is one thing I wish I could have heard more of in the composition: more presence in the piano. By that I mean I wish there could been more reverb on the piano since it was the main bed of sound for your voice. Other than that, it is an enjoyable listen and I look forward to hearing more of your work. OH! And thank you for joining my network. What an honor and surprise! Peace and love, Minka

Our planet

This is another beautiful song about our planet .to show how precious our world is.and everyone take time to show love our world be better. I highly recommend this song and she's got such a wonderful voice.I can never get bored .keep doing good work. Yours truly LS Lighter Shade

Like it

Doing something good keep it up and all your hard work will pay off sooner than you think. Good enough to be on a soundtrack for a movie I definitely will want to hear more, so keep it up now.

Magali Fortin

Simple and pure talent. Arrangement: Love the piano! Dig the Bass guitar. but add a voice like an angel, and you get magic! Vocals: She has an emotional voice. No matter the language, it shines through. Lyrics: I don't understand the language of French, but I can hear the intent. Mix: Lower the vocals down a bit, or raise the piano and bass tracks, give them more of a blend. Add some nice studio reverb and you'll have a better overall sound. All things considered, it's a nice, pleasant song. Well done! Cheers! Donivan

Unique song

This is a very powerful song from an ambitionated and very talented songwriterin. Megali Fortin has in any case a dynamic voice and also unique soft vocal projection. The lyrics encapsulating the beliefs or ideals implementing an important question of life on our earth. The chorus is impressive and make clear to protect our beatiful nature. The engaging piano forcing the song constantly on a higher level. She can play masterfull and accompaining the song brilliant. This extra factor brings moreover a deep feeling into the music. I find the composition extremely good and Megali has as a songwriterin a god given talent to give an account in words about someone or something, including all the relevant characteristics, qualities, or events. This song is an original and I´m sure, you will also like to add it. Let others know your recommedation.

In green and against everything

First off, I love your singing voice... It has that low register feel much like that of Carol King or, Lady Gaga but, also verya talented and, can reach up in places to add true power high end power and, accent to the ballad... I also like the piano melody which, has that Carol King feel to the style of the song, as well... Overall, I like the song very much and, would thoroughly enjoy listening to you sing it for 30 minutes in a live stage show but, it's way too long for commercial interests where intros should be short and, vocals begin under 20 seconds in to the song, and overall length around 3.5 to 4 minutes tops... This song is a power ballad so, the piano needs to carry the melody with more color... The bass is a nice touch but, is too busy and, even jumps into the lead focus which, is not right for this song... Violins would serve a better accent... Also, since it's in French, you should consider adding the lyrics to it in English to help the many English speaking people enjoy it... Overall, I enjoyed the song and, will listen to it again... Nicely done...

great song

really love it fell in love with it... it reminds me when i was little boy growing in Tennessee with my mom who is full blood cajun.. i lost her about 5 years ago.. and when i come a cross your song it reminded me of her thank you

Ce que j'ai entendu et ce que j'ai ressenti

J'ai entendu une chanson de caractère romantique, une belle mélodie en la majeur avec une progression initiale I IV II VI, avec un refrain en IV Vi IV I IV II VI et un passage avec un solo de contrebasse qui semble vouloir moduler mais revient au thème initial, j'ai trouvé que la conduction du temps est très bonne et la structure de la musique très bien délimitée, sa voix est très puissante quand nécessaire, j'ai aimé le saut mélodique du refrain, félicitations c'était un plaisir d'analyser certains aspects de la partie musicale de sa chanson que je n'ai aucune compétence en français pour commenter les paroles, félicitations pour le succès et le grand câlin.

Hello from Jerzy

Good Song.. as a Piano Lover and Player I must say that Piano sound Great...I like the deepness in Your Voice.. I just wish that is some part of the song You take the Melody "Up There" bad that is to long as You know MA and FM Radios like songs app. 3 min long....if possible please make it a little shorter... Great Job...
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